How to Become Filthy Rich as an Entrepreneur

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As i’ve been blessed enough to have more and more financial success in my own life and i’ve seen others have such great financial success in their lives as entrepreneurs there are two base fundamentals i see from them and these two base fundamentals when understood can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profit or millions of dollars a year in profit

I’ve seen it done time in time again in real life by entrepreneur after entrepreneur but you’ve got to understand these two base fundamentals fully once these two base fundamentals are understood fully everything will start to come together everything all the tactics come after these two base fundamentals are understood i used to kind of understand these several

Years ago i kind of understood the way things were going and then as i’ve had more and more financial successes throughout my life i’ve seen that these are the two most important things and everything else comes beneath them so i hope you guys get a ton of value out of this this is definitely a life-changing video for some of you out there some of you guys that are

Already doing great as entrepreneurs and are already filthy rich that maybe there are a few you guys watching this you will understand every single thing i say in this video so the first one i want to share with you is actually the easiest one to understand this is the much easier one in my opinion to understand for most people okay and this first one is what i

Like to call better better better keep okay better better better keep what this one basically means is when you’re in business okay you’re an entrepreneur you’re really going to come out with a product or service you’re selling okay whatever it may be whatever your thing is whether you’re trying to sell a product to consumers whether you’re trying to sell product

Our product to businesses whether you’re trying to do a service for consumer type customers or whether you’re trying to do a service for businesses okay whether you’re a b to c or b to b no matter what you are you’ve got to always be in the mode of you’ve got to create something better better better until you get that thing where you need it to be and how do you

Know where when you need to be well when your customers are coming in and flocking to you each and every time and you have what’s the best in the market or one of the best in the market that’s when you know you’ve got to be willing to make it better and better and better constantly it can never be something you just like you know chill back unless it is if that

Great that then you can keep it in the keep category but unless you’re already having massive financial success you always need to be in the better better better situation okay for instance okay let’s say you start a burger chain right you start a burger chain your burgers better be freaking phenomenal okay if they’re not then your customers that are do actually

Come to you they’re not going to come back so what do you need to do you need to make those burgers better and better and better and get your whole recipe down get it where your burgers are freaking phenomenal and people keep coming back okay once you get that then the proof will be in the pudding at that time and you can just keep it there and if you can keep

It there then you will keep continuing to grow your business think about in-and-out burger in this situation okay in-n-out burger is a perfect example they found what is supposedly a perfect burger right that’s what a lot of in-n-out customers say this is the perfect burger right and what do they do they just keep it at that every single time you go to in and

I’ve been in and out a hundred times every single time that burger is equally as good as the time before the lettuce is always fresh the tomatoes are always fresh the onions are always perfectly cut the patties are just perfect the meat is delicious every single time i go there it’s the same exact quality where a lot of businesses fail is they fail once they get

To that better thing right they fail to keep it at that level okay which is why when you go to a lot of fast-food burger places right there their burgers are always like maybe you get a good one this time and then maybe you get a garbage one the next time and the lettuce is all brown on it or whatnot right so they weren’t able to keep their way in and out burgers

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A perfect example of a company that was able to keep their way and that’s why they can pay store managers 120 thousand in the local other fast-food burger place rate can barely afford to pay their general managers like thirty five thousand right it’s a difference they are able to keep it some companies are but you’ve got to be in the mode of getting better better

And better until you’re at such a place where you are so far above the competition that you can you can just keep it at that place that’s the first one that’s the easiest one that’s actually the easiest one but most people fail here most people fail here a lot of people start businesses or start whatever whatever type of entrepreneurial adventure they want to do

Right and they never really get better i mean i cannot tell you how many you know people that are on youtube right and they have dreams of growing on youtube just so the example since we’re watching us on youtube they have dreams of growing on youtube and they’ve been at it for years and years but their content never got better their thumbnails never got better their

On-screen presence never got better their channel strategy never got better they never tried to get better and better so many businesses so many businesses that are that are started out there they never focus on that we need to get better today we need to get better the next day they just they just don’t understand that and that is why the majority of businesses

Feel they don’t understand you’ve got to get better and better and better and tell you’re up to such a high place that then you can keep it and keeping its key if you don’t keep it then your business is gonna fall back down and you’ve got to build it back up from that point okay so this next thing i want to talk about is the five level so the five levels of what

You go through when you try to sell a product to somebody sell a service to somebody try to put whatever it is you’re doing out there in the world whether your youtube or whether you’re a musician whatever it is okay we’re gonna go through a lot of different examples and i’ll kind of share with you each category okay now the way you the main reason you want to

Understand this is for the laws of probability and so you don’t get too frustrated and give up because what happens to a lot of people is they give up on whatever their dream is because they get too frustrated cuz they don’t really understand the levels of things okay men probably they didn’t even understand the better better better and then keep philosophy right

But what happens is the majority of people okay are not gonna want whatever it is you have okay the majority they just don’t want whatever it is you have okay whatever your product is whatever your service is whatever you’re trying to do out there like the majority of people are not going to be interested okay you’re not gonna sell the majority of people out there

Okay this is it could be eighty percent it could be 90 percent could be ninety five percent could be 99.9 percent and in most businesses cases most social media people’s cases right it’s going to be 99 percent plus the ones that if you can sell twenty percent of population on something like you’re gonna have one of the biggest companies in the world right we think

About apples and the googles and whatnot those companies are so freaking massive because they can sell a good portion of the united states and china in different markets right but the the fact it matters you would understand the majority people don’t want whatever it is you’re doing okay when i started my real estate marketing company i was sending those emails

The majority people they didn’t want what i was having to sell they’re not interested okay they just weren’t interested maybe they had somebody there already use it for video and photos and things like that they were not interested that was the majority majority like 95 to 99 percent plus of the people were just not interested at all okay the next one you have is

The the some day okay this is a somewhat of a possibility some day these are hard sells but maybe someday you can get in there okay maybe someday they can be your customer maybe someday you’re interested okay when i think about like like my youtube channel right the majority of people that watch my videos don’t end up subscribing okay but i know maybe one day they

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Will subscribe maybe one day they will become a true fan on the channel and whatnot maybe that first time they just didn’t connect with it or whatnot but i understand the laws of probability and i understand that there’s a lot of some days out there okay and by the way the majority of people like i understand like they’re not going to be interested in my channel

That’s fine i understand that and so i never get too frustrated about that because the majority people aren’t they’re not going to be interested in what i’m doing here okay that’s the bottom line next kept taking a category down you got to understand is this is the the the bare lee’s i like to call it okay this is the bear that like barely your customer i hope

I spell this right i never spell barely two i suppose so bear barely right there i don’t know if i’ve ever spell barely for my life but this is the barely category okay these are people that are be really your customer okay i’ve had people in my real estate business that were like barely my customer like trying me out one time and like this was going to be really

Hard to do and really hard to get them as my customer you know whether i’m on youtube or something there’s a lot of people that watch my channel like it that are barely here right like they might watch one video here and there and like you know who knows they could forget about the channel forever tomorrow or something like that that’s gonna be a huge segment of

Your population but these are potential bigger customers okay they’re they’re technically your customers now they’re just really really small ones okay and they could be easily lost these are the ones that could be easily lost the next category down is very small one but it’s called the throughs okay so in your business and your product you’re trying to sell these

Are ones that are are definitely down for it okay these are these are ones that are definitely down forward and they’re gonna support you and all those kind of things and whatever you go through they’re gonna support you and and they’re do a lot of business with you okay so they’re gonna buy a lot of your products and services and things like that these are the

Truths okay and you have a very small minority down here which is the best one for you which is what i call your biggest fans okay these are your biggest fans out there these ones are just like crazy supporters of your business or or your company or whatever you’re doing okay you know when i think about this for youtube for me like i have a lot of people that are

Like such big fans that’s channel that they will buy every single product i launch they buy literally every single thing i’ve ever launched which i think i’ve only launched three or four products ever but they bought every single one i’ve even had four people four people that literally bought my stock options course after they had already joined my membership group

When the membership group has the entire stock options course in it they went out of their way to purchase $197 product just to extra support me because they’re that big of fans of the channel these are like you know the rare rare rare opportunities okay and you will have some of this sometimes in your business like in my real estate marketing company i have one or

Two customers that literally i could say anything to them like oh we should do this such an thing and they’d be like let’s do it let’s do it like anything you could say they’re like let’s go let’s go let’s do this the biggest fans if you’re a musician right these are the people that are like paying for backstage passes and to like meet you as an artist and like like

Do a picture with you and whatnot they’re your biggest fans they are your biggest biggest supporters they’re like crazy about whatever it is you’re doing whatever you’re selling and whatnot like nothing could change their mind like they’re down with you don’t matter what okay i mean there’s a lot of people in in the business world right it’s a lot of people that

Don’t understand if someone’s such close friends with another person like it doesn’t matter how great your product or service you’re selling is you will never be able to sell that other person because they’re great friends with that person and like it doesn’t matter what you do what pricing you have what type of competitive advantage you have you will never sell


That decision maker because guess what they’re best friends with such-and-such person and that friendship means so much more to them than saving money here or even having a better product or service something you got to understand so with these five levels here you cannot get frustrated if you truly understand the way they work okay the majority of people aren’t

Going to want what you buy or aren’t gonna want to buy whatever you’re selling okay they’re not gonna want whatever you’re doing there’s gonna be a lot of people that are gonna be here somedays okay they’re not interested today maybe tomorrow they will maybe next week they won’t maybe next month they will okay you’re gonna have a lot of beer these these are your

Customers but they are barely your customers okay they’re clinging on by a thread you know you’re gonna have a lot of people that are going to be your truths okay that are that are really with you that are really supporting you and you’re gonna have some people that is just your biggest fans of your company or business or whatever it is you’re doing where where

They’re gonna support you don’t matter what and they’re gonna support you to the maximum level they could possibly support you so if you understand this if you understand this and you understand that whatever you come out with a product service wise you need to get a better and better and better and better until you get it up to such a super-high level and then

Keep it at that such high level you will be filthy rich you a little bit because all the other little tactics you will understand because everything marketing wise pricing wise all those type of things that’s what you’re gonna apply the better better better scenario to that and you’re gonna figure out okay i need to come out with even a better marketing scheme and

You’re gonna keep getting better at that pricing i need to be even better priced in how do i get cost down on this but still keep quality up and also the things all the little tactics that go into business as long as you apply the better better keep philosophy and as long as you understand this everything starts to come together all the little stuff and business

Start to come together but if you don’t understand those two basic fundamentals laws of probability what the customer levels are right and if you don’t understand that you need to keep getting better until you get up to a super high level like nothing ever will work okay it’s once you get those two together is when you can just go and go and go so much higher than

You ever thought possible so i’ve seen it done time and time again with entrepreneur after entrepreneur seen it done in my own life and it can absolutely happen in your life and i think a lot of people that will kind of understand this that maybe aren’t filthy rich yet but kind of understand this already installed and believe me one day they will be filthy rich

Because they’re gonna adapt this apps absolute philosophy and they’re getting better and better and better and they’re i’m not gonna ever get frustrated or get depressed or something because this works out even in stock market investing this is still the same kind of type of idea right even the stock market investing except as long as you’ve got a good plan you kind

Of can flip the script okay so if you even flip the script and stock market investing you’ll understand the majority of things are gonna work out for you the majority of stocks will work out then you understand there’s gonna be you know some that maybe someday will work out they just haven’t worked out yet they’re gonna have you’re gonna have some that are barely

Working out right and then you’re gonna have some that truly didn’t work out and you’re gonna have some that just win disastrous once in a while but as long as you stuck to your philosophy and you stuck to it you’re gonna have the majority be phenomenal you can flip the script and investing but i hope you guys enjoyed this day this is definitely a video that can

Make you filthy rich as long as you actually apply these things out there in the real world and by applying these two things and really fully understanding it you get all the tactics all the tactics start coming to you because you never get satisfied and things like that guys so i hope you enjoyed this thank you for watching and have a great day

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How to Become Filthy Rich as an Entrepreneur By Financial Education

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