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Casual Games are very carefully designed to get your to become addicted to their game so that you keep on coming back and play them. This causes you to eventually spend a lot of time or make you buy coins to improve your game. For those that are interested in breaking this addiction habits, I would like to share the methods I used to break the habit and become a more effective individual.

Probably going to brady’s doesn’t beat the bush today i’m going to talk about braking casual video game addiction often times people get invited to play these casual games from their friends and then soon after you start playing a little bit on you’re dead time on your break or whatever you play it more and more and before you know you’re really really addicted to

These games these games you have to understand it’s designed to get you hooked it’s designed to keep you in the game and spend as much time on it as possible and possibly spend some money on their in-game products now today i’m going to offer you some tips and advice on how to break the habit and hopefully use this time for something much better on this channel i

Often talk about how time is equal to money and time really is equal to money in fact time is equal to your life if let’s say in one day you spend two 15-minute increments playing a video game and then maybe right before you sleep you play for half an hour this is not too terrible but when you add it all up it’s about one hours worth any of you do this every single

Day for the rest of your life well this is 1/16 of your waking hours that you spent on playing this video game some people might say when you play these games you’re actually spending idle time and that’s kind of ok if that’s all you’re doing the problem really comes if you get more and more addicted you start to take away time from other activities and put it on

To these casual games in instance maybe you have some idle time you pull the game out and then you cannot stop so that you play for another 15 minutes and you can constantly do this you’re going to be burning a lot more time or another could be that you’re playing the game right before you sleep and normally you play half an hour but then maybe you get a little

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Bit more addicted so you then play one hour and then later on you play one and a half hour or two hours it really adds up if you get more and more addicting why do i say this is a waste of time because i’m sure most people after you play it you’ll agree that you basically did not gain any skills and you did not really gain any life experience i personally played

Several very addictive games and at the end i’m like okay after you remove yourself from the game completely you realize you have no more incentive inside the game anymore nothing has been accomplished really it’s just sitting idle you just burnt up a lot of time if you do this throughout one year and i noticed generally for casual games you get hooked on them

For maybe a year or two and then you move on to a new game that they have so it really does not depend on which game you’re just going to constantly spend one hour per day it might be one game or a different one but every single year you spending about 365 hours on this casual game 365 hours is actually equivalent to nine full weeks of full-time work imagine how

Much time that is this is nine holes is about two months of full-time playing a game if you just keep on whipping out your cell phone to play these casual games and if you find yourself not playing these games you may be stucked a little bit you might be a little idle because oh i don’t have anything else to do well you can really find things to do find something

More constructive to do find something that you really really like to do do something that would improve your skills which would in turn improve your life as well i personally been addicted to these video games before number one is diablo 2 i got really really addicted to that a long long time ago i play candy crush as well as bejeweled what i noticed myself doing

Is that i could not even stop myself and i consider myself to have pretty strong willpower i noticed that the urge to keep on playing just that next little game maybe just a few more minutes you know it’s so strong so i completely understand why anyone playing it would be hooked playing this even if they really want to stop i equate the strength of this addiction to

Really kind of like cigarettes or gambling even because it really is that strong so emmy and after playing bejeweled or candy girt or any of those games what i did is i used all my willpower to delete the game it was extremely extremely difficult when i was talking to my friend who was addicted to a different game she actually cannot actually delete the game herself

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Even and they make the game in such a way that even if you delete the game they upload the game data to their server so when you delete the game later on you can just reinstall the game and you would get back your total position from where you left off they do this on purpose so that you can come back very easily deleting a game is not an option where it’s kind

Of like nuking the whole thing and you’ll never see it again which would be actually a good thing if this was actually possible talking to my friend i realized that there is a weak point in all of this addiction now the point of weakness at which you can attack here to get yourself off this addiction is to not play the knicks game the level of addiction here is

Minimal there and it’s easiest to break the chain there however i realize that some games actually offer you incentives to play their next game maybe they might give you some points in the current game in order to play the next game so for example they offer you to play the next game and they give you i don’t know a hundred coins or something for the current game

So you go oh wow i get a 100 coin that’s a lot of coins so then you can go to the next one you just play it just to get the coins for the current game but then when you play the new one you actually get addicted to the next game so if you’re playing a current game that you are addicted it’d be very very wary of trying out a brand new game because this is the thing

That’s going to get you hooked it’s going to get you from one game to another so even if they offer you a very very good incentive try your best to not move over to the next platform aside from this weak point of this chain i do not think it’s really possible to stop playing a game right in the middle because i certainly tried myself it takes a lot of willpower to

Delete it and if you decide to go to cold turkey on something for example if you’re a smoker and then you can go cold turkey this does not work for a lot of people and you can imagine this will not work a lot for people who are addicted to video games so thanks to this method where i’m adamantly not playing the next video game where i know if those kinds that gets

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You addicted i haven’t been playing since those games were available this has been several years already and i feel really great not playing those because i now know that i’m not wasting time doing those things and i’m using my time in much more constructive manner like making these youtube videos of course i think if you have some idle time is really good if you can

Find something that we like to do first so that after you stop playing your video game this is something you can switch your time to doing instead this is very important so you won’t just sit around and go oh i’m bored okay let me just whip out that game and play and just kind of you know fill up your time or something because if you have something to fill up your

Time array then you’re not going to go back to playing those video games so i hope these method helps you out and actually makes you a more productive person so that you can improve yourself a lot quicker rather than wasting your time don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re currently addicted and if these methods help for

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Help benefit this channel i was on have a 30-day free trial for gamefly down below where it’s not actually cell phone based yet they could be addictive as well but please be very aware that some of these games might be actually very addictive as well so you might completely want to avoid this altogether i will have a patron over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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