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Here are the tactics I would use to buy a new car for cheap. You do not want to aim for the average price but rather the best price possible. This is done through an understanding of the dealership process and also natural lowest bidder. You do need to set it up correctly so that the bidding can actually happen.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about something that you guys have asked me for quite a long time which is how to buy a new car now you might think hey since i didn’t buy that many new cars i actually never bought a new car before by a company other people to buy new cars that i probably wouldn’t know how to buy a new car for

Cheap but i’m going to apply my financial know-how and just give you the advice on how you can go about getting the cheapest price for yourself i did cross-reference all this information with my friend wendy who worked at a dealership before as well this video is meant to be very very valuable and for me i like to give it away for free to you if after viewing this

Video you feel that the information is very valuable and maybe you applied it and actually got a lot of money off of a new car please go to the end of this video and help support my channel now let’s get to the meat of this thing if you want to find out how much you should pay for a car of course you can use this true car app where you can put all the information of

A car and it’s going to spit out a number for you typically it would show this bail chart where the middle is actually the average price that people pay most people would aim for the average price and the dealer is actually happy to give it to you at the average price because they’re still making a good profit what this video is about is not about getting the average

Price is about getting the best possible price that you can everything on this channel is basically getting the best possible price for yourself and hopefully doing this you can help secure your financial future and now the tactics i’m going to talk about is really towards buying a new car i highly suggest against buying a new car because of the great depreciation

That you have in the first few years what i recommend instead is to never even use all these tactics to buy a brand new car just go and buy used car use negotiation tactics to get a cheaper price on a used car instead because then you won’t be losing out all this depreciation another note is that you need to know the market of the car that you’re buying sometimes

If you’re buying a car that is highly desirable and maybe they don’t have that many to sell of course you’re not going to get that good a price because everybody they’re going to trip over to be able to pay more for the car so you’re not going to be able to get a really pro price or this type of car the first thing you do is not be wishyou washing and i defy a

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Particular car that you want you have to have picked out all the trims all the features that you want already know all of the information already by knowing all this you know the exact msrp price of this car the next thing you can do is shop online and then actually give them your information the contact information because once you put your information in the

Dealership is going to look this up and see that you’re interested in that car and they’re going to end up calling you anyway if you put in a particular information for a particular sealer ship try to give the zip code that’s near died dealership because then they would not know that you’re actually shopping around many different dealerships because dealerships

Definitely don’t want to be competing against each other all that hard because then that would really lower their final price for the general all the dealerships in general so when you do this it’s kind of like price shopping you want to go through maybe three to six dealership where they all know the exact model that you want ready to go and they’re just competing

On price when you talk to a sales person you want to sound urgent enough that you’re about to buy the car already you already made up your mind it’s just down to the pricing really however on the other hand you don’t want to sound so urgent to the point where you don’t have a car really and you go oh my gosh i need to buy it right away i need it today then of

Course you’re not going to have any leverage to get that price low what you want to do is just kind of leisurely go about this let them call you let them give you a counteroffer and slowly over time it maybe over the course of one to three weeks or even a month that you’re going to get a little bit trickling in of lower and lower prices it’s just going to go step

Down and down and then at a certain point it’s not going to go down anymore and that’s when you know you can pick that price and just grab it from the lowest bidder so all of this is trying to level the playing field you know exactly what you want the dealerships know exactly what you want and they’re just competing on price therefore you end up setting up a thing

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Where they’re just bidding against each other when dealerships are bidding against each other that’s when you actually get the lowest price one thing you have to understand is that each dealership actually have a dealership wide quota when they meet this quartet they usually have a really high incentive that’s paid out to them therefore if you happen to be in a

Spot where they just need like one car or five more cars they need to sell at the end of the month they might actually sell you the car and a lot in order to get that incentive this is obviously really really hard to time because sometimes they might be so far off from the quota that they’re not even going to try other times they might be way over so they’re not

Going to try to get that price that low for you so it needs to be somehow just under their quota in that situation that’s when they would actually give you a really really good price you have to also understand that the salespeople generally do not know about this quota so what happens is when you offer a certain price maybe the salesperson would be incentivized to

Try to sell as many as they can but then at the end they have to feed this number through the general manager and they would be the one that goes yes you know we need to meet these numbers this month so then maybe in that off chance they’re going to approve such a low number therefore it’s kind of like a hit or miss case but if you time it so that you are getting

All the offers towards the end of the month you have a higher chance of getting a really really good deal you might also want to do your shopping on the slow months where they would have a higher chance of not meeting the quota therefore they would be incentivized to give you a really good deal the other thing is when you’re having the dealership bid against each

Other you really don’t want to visit the dealership itself because this is really really time-consuming so you’re actually doing all this electronically perhaps even through email when they actually give you an offer or maybe you’re doing counteroffer make sure you’re very very specific on all the terms of the agreement this is including the price you’re going to

Pay the taxes the interest rate that you may pay if you’re financing and the terms of the financing sometimes you might purposely leave out this information so that they can get you into the store first because once you’re in this store you sort of spent some effort going in there so then you would be more incentivized to purchase that car right then and there if

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Let’s say they left out interest rate you see a really good deal you go in and then you’re about to finance it and instead of giving you let’s say 3% right they give you 4% that essentially mix back the money that the dealership is losing on you on the purchase price so they’re making it back on the finance so if you leave one of those things open they have the

Chance to go and kind of make it a little bit higher and so kind of even things out so that you’re not getting as good a deal don’t forget while you’re buying this car never give away that you’re not going to purchase any of the back-end services the backend services are the things like five-year full maintenance purchase that you prepay for or that you’re paying

In cash instead of financing the car because each one of these the dealership is earning money off of you and if you ought to not get all of these all together they’re not going to be as inclined to give you such a good deal because altogether they’re not going to make very much off of you if you decline all these services so all these tactics gets you a really good

Deal on your new car remember the effort you spend on this is really really worth it because you may spend maybe five to eight hours in this whole ordeal and just from these hours that you spend you’re likely going to save maybe a thousand to two thousand dollars depending on the price of the car don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let

Me know that these tactics works for you and if you actually use these come back to this video let me know how good a price you actually get off of that true car price if you’re interested in supporting this channel and like i said if i helped you out and getting a lower price for your car don’t forget to help support this channel down in the video description

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