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When you walk into a store, you are bombarded with all sorts of temptation to load your cart up to max. There are ways to look at consumerism to help you with easily not buying that shiny new gadget which would lead you to financial doom.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna try to convince you why you shouldn’t buy anything at the store at least things that are not essential the reason i’m making this video is because when i go to a big-box retail store i see a lot of people with their shopping carts and they just fill it up to the max it’s like hundreds of dollars worth

Of stuff and a lot of times if i take a peek the stuff that’s not very necessary there’s a lot of junk in there a lot of stuff that’s not healthy a lot of disposable stuff so i’m going to go over why you shouldn’t buy any of that stuff the first thing you need to be aware of is that every dollar you spend is actually worth a lot more by the time you retire mainly

Because of compound interest now here’s a formula i use every single year you have a compound gain of 4% if you invest it in the stock market index fund this is a very low rate that takes into account inflation at the end you’re going to get maybe a lot more than this but the effect is about 4% and you can assume you can get something at least as much starting

At age 20 let’s say you at 65 that means you have 45 years to compound this 4% if you take this to the 45th power it means you get five point eight four which means that every single dollar you spend today it’s worth five point eight four dollars on the day that you retire this is after the effects of inflation so that $300 game system that you’re buying today

Is actually costing you fifteen sixteen hundred dollars by the time you retire so you buying that system today is actually reducing how much money you have right when you retire by about fifteen sixteen hundred dollars take this to another level let’s say you’re 20 today and you buy a honda civic for let’s say 20 k but then if you didn’t buy that expensive car

Let’s say you bought something really cheap instead like three thousand dollar car use one and just kept on using it instead you put that and invest and later on when you retire you’re going to be able to afford something close to 116 k so that means instead of buying a civic today you can maybe be old and 65 and you can buy yourself a tesla or something whatever

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The equivalent of tesla will be when you’re 65 the reasoning behind this compound interest should be you know a little bit of incentive because a lot of times you don’t want to just save everything and just spend it when you’re old and wrinkled right you still need to spend a certain amount today but then you can think of it as you don’t need to go so extravagant

You can just buy what’s necessary what is enough rather than you know just buying something very flaunting or something that’s very expensive just buy something practical and that’s good enough another reason is the environmental aspect part because when you buy a lot of these goods you end up buying it and then you have too much of this stuff at home you end up

Throwing a lot of it away for example a lot of the cleaning products are kind of toxic for everybody when you’re cleaning something you wipe it on some towel or something and then you throw it away it goes into the landfill rainfall falls down it soaks that up and then all the chemicals leaks and it goes back into into our water system and then we end up drinking

All this and then we get cancer so i personally buy very little amount of cleaning products and so in a big-box store there’s rows and rows are at least like three or four rows of cleaning products one row for laundry detergent a one row for cleaning your car one row for like cleaning your kitchen you know all kinds of crazy stuff you can actually make this stuff

At home yourself the third thing that can help you buy less stuff generally at a store is to realize that a lot of the foods that you can buy are actually going to kill you give you cancer things like that for example process needs if the more of that you eat the higher chances that you would get cancer it’s really bad for you another thing is all the sodas and

Candies all of those would just give you diabetes really all the candies this has way too much sugar all the so does have way too much sugar so for me when i walk by those isles i just completely skip through all of it all the sugary cereals and stuff i don’t buy any of that i don’t buy any of the sodas i don’t buy any other candy bars i do buy some candy actually


But in very low quantities we’ve been conditioned a lot to have a lot of sugar for some reason there’s like commercials of soda that we need to drink soda we need to drink orange juice we need to eat sugary frosted flakes cereal and when we have candies and stuff everything is lamed with sugar but you got to know people aren’t meant to process that much sugar you

Don’t need that much sugar you can get by by not eating sugar at all actually because when you eat a lot of the plants and stuff it converts to sugar when you eat wheat and rice and stuff it converts the sugar in your body already and pretty much skip all the packaged foods anything that has a long ingredients list and have a whole bunch of stuff that you can’t

Pronounce it’s basically going to kill you at one part another if you keep on consistently eat those things you’re gonna give yourself health problems so a lot of times when i see a big cart full of stuff that people are buying i can just go oh yeah this thing you really shouldn’t buy that you really shouldn’t buy that it’s gonna kill you that stuff is just you

Know bad for date environment so for me i can go to the superstore with clothing with cleaning supplies food toys and stuff and then i can give you a reason for not buying those things because it’s bad one way or another another thing to be aware of is those 99-cent buckets where they have these really cheap goods a lot of times you really shouldn’t use those

Things for food because a lot of times those have prop 65 warnings and using those tools in your food will give you cancer because it’s leaking whatever chemicals from those cheap tools into your food a lot of times these big-box stores also sell shoes which they’re usually sneakers or something like that but most of time when i look at the quality the brand and

Stuff they’re actually really low quality and they generally will last you about a year versus if you buy a quality brand which is you know like a leather actual leather shoe it can be a sneaker that’s leather they can last a lot longer when you have a pet you actually need to spend money on the pet but if you have a pet already there’s nothing you can do about it


So you actually have to get those products when you get the pet you got to recognize that when you go to the store you’re going to have to buy all these things for your pet so if you don’t have a pet you’re not going to have to buy any of that stuff a lot of times people would buy organizers and drawers and stuff buying something like that is really just shifting

Your stuff you’re just buying a thing so that you can you can orderly put them in a wall a lot of times you can just get rid of a lot of that stuff rather than buying in organizers to think about that so that’s it you don’t really need anything else other than food clothing and shelter most people have plenty of food when they buy lots of food they actually have

So much of it you got to throw a lot of it away so be mindful of carefully using the food that you do buy don’t buy sugary stuff buy more vegetables and don’t eat too much red meat be mindful of the food that you buy so that you are actually using all your food most people have too much clothing they have closets full of stuff and they actually have to donate most

Of it remember people can get really carried away by just saying oh i’m not going to buy anything that’s not what i’m saying here what i’m saying here is that you need to still buy your essentials and a lot of times people are buying way beyond what they actually need and it gets thrown away and it gets discarded i’m just saying you can be a lot more efficient

And healthier by buying the things that you actually do need and a lot of times people say oh i need this and this that might be just what you think you need and you might not know there’s a good alternative to it so that’s all i have for you today i hope this helps you be more aware of what you’re putting into your shopping cart at a big-box retail store don’t

Forget to give me a like over here comment down below and let me know if these tricks help you and so scribe over here thanks for watching

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