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Nobody likes buying tires. Its like a fact of life if you drive. Why not spend a bit of effort and get them for cheaper?

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to show you how to buy your tires for cheap first thing you do is you don’t buy at the dealership because most of time they charge you a huge premium for it sometimes you might be up to two times as much as you would at normal tire stores what i like to do is go to america’s tire they’re not a sponsor or

Anything they’re all over the country arizona california nevada oklahoma texas utah everywhere they have a really cool internet price match guarantee where they would actually match any tire that’s advertised online and then they would price match that and you can pay that in the store you need to know which brand and which type of tire you want also the sizing of

The tire matters and i’ll go over a little bit of that on how to figure out the size of your tires once you have that figured out type that into google and check out the first 10 20 links okay and just look through all the prices of those and whenever you see a really low one this is just part of price comparison print that out and then you bring that to america’s

Tire and then after you walk in you ask for certain tires they have it and then that’s the very end you say okay by the way i’ll want to price match this tire and then they have to lower the price to that price on the printout that you brought it the easiest way to figure out what tires you need for your car is to go up to your car and look at the sidewall of both

Your front and rear tire because sometimes they might be different and then jot down these numbers that look like this the first number is the width of your tire the second number is the ratio of the firewall height to the width of your time so the smaller the number this is the thinner your tire will be appearing all round the third number here is the size of

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Your rim so 17 you’ll notice a mixed metric and english units here 17 is in inches so your rim is going to be right here and it’s going to be well for my car 17 inches 94 is this translates to a load value you got to look up what this means because there’s a long table of values range from you know 70 80 or 90 and then just translates to how much weight this tire

Can handle w is the speed rating is how fast you can turn this tire and still be safe w is for sport cart 40% over year times 255 is roughly 102 millimeters that is the sidewall height you measure from outside of the wheel to the bottom of the wheel is going to be under two millimeters so armed with this information for the front and rear tire you go and surf the

Internet with these numbers and you should kind of look on reviews too and just kind of check out some tires or better than others sometimes they last a lot longer people are going to report how long they last sometimes the tire itself will say have an estimate amount of miles that will last so sometimes you might want to consider buying a slightly more expensive

Car because it says it can last 30,000 miles instead of 20,000 some of them might last 40,000 or even 50 or 60,000 so that’s how i found out about my brand new tire because i really want to review so i stuck to using yokohama advan s for this weird number no one would recognize off top but it’s a performance tire and the reason i started using that is when i first

Put it on i was like wow this is really grippy it also reduced the road noise a little bit so do check out the ratings and reviews on the tires it might give you some insight into which one you should get this is one of the invoices from america’s tire you can see the tire type right here is exactly the same code i use these are yokohama advan x force each tire

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Cost one hundred seventy two dollars there’s an environmental fee which is required there’s some waste disposal fee which is required to dispose of your old tire there’s an installation fee which is understandable which comes with lifetime spin balancing there’s also a shipping and handling for you which is $15 each out of all the tires i bought in america’s tire

I never got the lifetime repairs included which is when your tire explodes and they have to replace the whole tire when your tires get a flat and there’s just a hole in it they will repair even if you don’t have this little lifetime repairs included thing because when you buy the tire america start they will repair it for you so i save all my tire invoices so i

Thought it would be interesting to grab them all out because this is data from many many years here i got over here you can see two sets of i might have been missing one more set of front tire invoice so that’s why in the miles lasted you’ll see 81 thousand miles for that first pair that i got i think this is probably wrong it’s probably half of that so ignore that

In the rear tires you’ll notice it roughly cost me about five hundred dollars upset and every single set lasts me about thirty thousand miles the first pirelli set which came with the car but i have the invoice it lasted about 21,000 miles not so good pirellis is probably the ones that the dealership recommended and well you’re going to get install tires that won’t

Last as long so you end up going in there more often so you really got to watch out for how long the tires last you can see at the second to the last row it cost me four hundred forty-two dollars to buy that pair of rear tires and then after that i bought another pair for $429 after that four hundred six dollars and after that three hundred seventy three dollars

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And you can see somehow i’m able to pay less and less each year that’s kind of weird because you think you know if there’s inflation i should be paying more and more well i use the same message in this video where i price match it go in and pay well somehow things are getting cheaper i’m not sure why so here i’ve plotted the cost of my tires over time you see

Whoever has the first pair over here the previous owner paid five hundred twenty four dollars and right off the bat when i get the first set of rear tires i paid quite a bit less about eighty dollars less than they paid and it lasted me about you know nine thousand miles more than dated and then you can see here as it progressed over time i’m paying a little bit

Less each time and i don’t know why the second to the last pair that i bought i actually bought one used tire um people do say that the tires have a shelf life and that tire well i did read the near code on it and it was slightly old it was his kind almost expiring but if it works and actually i drove it and i used the whole wife of the tire it was fine so i hope

This helps you save some money on tires i know if i just walk into the store and just pay list price i probably pay of maybe a hundred to two hundred dollars more don’t forget to give me a like over your comment down below let me know if you have any other better tricks to get really cheap tires if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check

Out my audible link down in the video description below where you can actually get a free auto book and even if you cancel the subscription you can still keep the auto book and you can still help benefit this channel i do have an alternate means of supporting this channel directly and this is through patreon here and don’t forget to subscribe right here thanks for watching

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