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A complex and large task can be a daunting task to complete and may cause you to postpone and procrastinate for a very long time. If you are able to divide the tasks into many smaller and simple individual tasks, you can easily tackle them one at a time. Beware that much of these tasks may have dependencies and so there is a need to complete them in order. I also recommend to completely forget about the larger picture once you have it all mapped out and focus only at the single task at hand. This will allow you to concentrate on the task not not have an overwhelmed feeling.

How’s it goin everybody doesn’t beat the bush today i’m going to talk about the strategies you can use in order to complete large tasks people call me a robot all the time and i’ve been known to complete tasks really really quickly and people are like man how do you do so many things at the same time in parallel it’s seemingly that i’m able to complete a lot more

Things than a normal person does i guess now i’m not going to say it’s going to be easy because completing a large task is indeed a lot of work but a lot of times really large tasks might be a little bit overwhelming and might cause you to freeze up if i envision myself trying to complete it all at once i sort of feel in this panic mode where oh no i can’t do it all

At once so the method here is really just divide and conquer and everybody really knows this already sometimes you can’t just divide things equally and just do each one that you want to do there’s usually an order at which you have to do something and sometimes there are gating items that you have to do before you do another task my recommendation here is really

Just to divide all your tasks into subtasks including dependencies and whenever you work on something just don’t look at any other part of the tasks just look at the really small item that you need to do and don’t even think about going on to the next item just look at that tiny little bit and do that first now here’s an example of a breakdown of one single task

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For example i want to install this motion yard lamp that turns on win over d’oeuvres motion and you can see here i’ve broken it into various steps where you can’t really go on to the next phase until you do the first two things right here you have to find enough time to look at the lamp instruction and you also need to get a ladder if you don’t have one already

You have to have both of these before you can go and put your ladder in the correct place and inspect the area just to give it a survey before you actually do the actual install then after you do the in this or survey you’re going to design the way that you’re going to install the item this you might actually think about it a little bit which way you want to face

The lamp if you want it to be a little bit higher up or whatnot and then after you’re done designing it then you actually do the installation you might imagine if you lump all this into one single task just install the motion sensitive lamp it might be a little daunting because you don’t like where do you start all this stuff will go through your head all you got

Lamb you got to inspect the area all these stuff but if you write it out into this chart form where there are things that’s dependent on it you can go oh yeah okay today i’m going to spend some time looking at the instruction first before even tackling trying to install it at all i’m just going to look at the instructions and nothing more another day you can go to

The hardware store and actually buy the ladder beforehand you don’t have to actually do all this in the same day you can separate it into tiny little tasks and then after you do all these is going to be waiting here then you are ready to inspect the area you see how when you break these down into little chunks of pieces it’s a lot easier to digest and over here is

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Another example a daunting task of fixing a washing machine that i personally have never done before myself so the number one thing i did is research on youtube on how to exactly fix this i looked at the problem that my washer is actually having and i figured out that yeah perhaps i can actually fix it after watching several videos then you see how this is sort of

Like a chain of dependencies here if you do not do one thing you cannot do the other the next dependency comes in where there’s a bunch of clutter in front of the washing machine because it’s broken perhaps it hasn’t been used for a really long time so i had a lot of stuff in front of it and in order to access the washing machine you actually have to clean all this

A line this takes time in itself it may take maybe a half an hour or one hour so this is a thing that locks you in from actually accessing the washing machine so that you can fix it do not sidestep this because this is actually a task that you actually have to do involving trying to fix the machine you have to go and do other things in order to access the washing

Machine after you clean everything up you don’t actually have to go and open the washing machine right away if the test takes a really long time maybe there’s so much junk in front of it that there’s like a whole room of junk in front of the washing machine that maybe it’ll take you a whole day to do it but after you do this you let it sit alone and then another

Day you can actually go to the washer and actually open it up investigate if that is the exact problem that you see and maybe correlate it with the youtube videos that you see if it’s the same exact problem and perhaps if you need to buy certain parts in order to do the fixing in my case i have to open this tension spring thing that had about 150 pounds of pressure

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On it and i use these little long screws you take one out put another one in that’s longer and then you slowly release all the screws one turn at a time so that all of it comes out in parallel because there’s a lot of tension there you have to slowly release it you don’t really want to just open one side it’s going to pop open and kind of destroy itself finally

Once you know how to do this you actually fix the washer itself which involve me epoc seeing the brake pads that’s internal to that thing you see all of this might actually require a little bit of handyman work however i’m just using this as an example of any large tasks that you have just list it out in the order of dependencies no matter how small they are the

Smaller the better because then you can just take it as a chunk and work on it and ignore the rest for now which will allow you to you know get a little bit of momentum in completing these really large tasks that you have i hope you guys enjoyed this video and helped you guys tackle larger tasks easily if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to

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