How to Deal with Rejection

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today we’re talking about something very important for you in your financial life and it’s how to deal with rejection i’m also going to go into a little bit about how to reject in knowing that you’re making the right decision when rejecting something so let’s just jump

Right into this dealing with rejection whether you’re starting a business or whatever you’re doing you have to deal with it because you’re going to be rejected over and over and over again and you have to just deal with it and move on a lot of my viewers you guys are in high school maybe in college a lot of you high schoolers are probably applying for colleges or

Thinking about it and those chances are you could get rejected by some of them especially some of the higher up ones the fact is you just need to deal with it move on assess the situation what went wrong and just move on there’s a lot of fish in the pond you might ask a girl on a date she might say no you know what move on always be prepared in life that you will

Get turned down you will get rejected in whatever you do now that doesn’t mean you go in there and you’re also key and whatever you’re doing and you’re like all i’m just going to get rejected so why even try no you need to go in there with a smile every single time in whatever you’re doing whether it’s a business sale whether it’s trying to get somebody invest in

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Your company whatever you’re doing you need to be as excited on door number one as door number 100 john paul dejoria he’s the guy that started paul mitchell and patron tequila is worth billions you went from homeless to a billionaire he’s got a great saying and it goes like this successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do successful people do

What unsuccessful people don’t want to do that’s a great saying and it’s so true because a lot of people once you get rejected a couple times they put their head down and then they just start you know not wanting to give it their all and whatever it is they’re getting rejected in in fact is you need to be happy you need to be ready to go and be prepared all the way

Through you cannot just give up and just kind of get that attitude no no no you got to always be happy always be ready to go i know that when i send out emails to potential customers i know that only one out of probably 50 people will even get back to me one out of 50 so i can send 50 emails and only one person we get back to me and that one person that gets back

To me they may not even be that interested i might not be able to make a sale on that and might not be able to get them as a customer realistically one out of a hundred is what i will actually get a customer for for my business so in whatever business you’re starting or doing if you ever are on that level you need to just think i’m probably going to get rejected

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But i still need to be prepared i still need to be happy i still need to be ready to go i still need be upbeat even if i’ve been turned down a hundred times let’s talk a little bit about rejecting infant your financial life you’re gonna have a lot of things thrown at you whether it be you know invest in this company all you need to invest in the stock you buy this

House whatever it is be prepared to reject and turn down a lot of opportunities because you need to only pick the best opportunities throughout your life only the best only the best stocks to invest in there’s thousands of stocks to invest in you need to pick the best one or two when you go to buy a house someday if you haven’t already bought a house you’re gonna

Have a lot you know you’re going to see a lot of houses the realtors going to show you this house in this house in this house be prepared to turn down fifty a hundred houses when you look at them and pick the very best one anything if someone may come to you with a business opportunity be prepared to reject it don’t if you’re just always going through life in

Making you know the first decision oh that’s what i’m going to do you’re probably not doing it right because you logically you need to reject a lot of things there’s a lot of things that are going to be thrown at you in life you need to reject a lot of them so that’s basically how to deal with rejection and how to reject both are very important if you want to have

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A successful financial life you need to be able to get over rejection and to be able to reject in your financial life if you really want to be successful throughout it thank you so much for watching guys financial education channel subscribe if you haven’t if you’re subscribed you like this video hit that thumbs up button thank you guys have a great day

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How to Deal with Rejection By Financial Education

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