How to develop an INSANE WORK ETHIC!

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Goodnight subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about how do you develop an insane work ethic how do you develop a work ethic that will push you above all competitors that will push you to levels you’ve never gone in your life i’m going to give you guys 7 ways 7 things you can

Do in your life that i think will help you to to that place of having an insane work ethic to work your butt off in and accomplish things you never thought were accomplishable in the past is that a word accomplishment pull so i’m going to give you that guy’s oh seven and believe it or not i’ve have struggled with work ethic over my life when i first started track i

Was thought like just doing the the normal thing would get me to where it got me and it was totally false i needed to work harder than everybody i need to develop a new kind of work ethic i needed to develop a whole new way of doing things right when i first started working like as a job right my first job ever was einstein bagels i was kind of lazy i was kind of

A slacker on the team my second job when i worked at walgreens a same kind of deal i thought i was kind of working hard until i remember it was an easter sunday i had to work in easter sunday i was already kind of in a bad mood that i was working on easter anyway but i’m working on easter right and you know i was talking to my manager his name was mr. sir go sir go

Via and i was talking with him and i was like yeah i’m going to be an assistant manager and whatnot and he’s like how are you going to be an assistant manager you you lazy like i always got so offended like we got into it and i didn’t and me on like holidays i don’t like to especially i don’t like to like getting any confrontations i don’t like to you know start

Any stuff i don’t like to i mean i’m pretty nice person as an in general but especially on holidays i really don’t want to get into it with anybody but i hug him do a big time with him on that day and we went back and forth for i don’t know half-hour hour you know when we passed by and you know i would say some stuff and he would say some stuff but he was 100%

Right like i was slacking like like i thought because i was working harder than the other employees that for some reason that means i’m above everybody else but really in the grand scheme of things i was slack and i needed someone to hit me in the face and kind of you know recognize hey you’re slacking dude in school i was a slacker i didn’t have a strong work

Work ethic and tolly got to college and develop that and then lastly on youtube here i was a slacker my first few months to do in youtube i had maybe 15 20 videos in the first two months of doing youtube i should have had 60 videos it took me months and months to realize you know what i really need to do videos every day i would probably was until i was six maybe

Eight months in that also it was like dude i got to do videos every single day like this whole you know every other day or every third day or fourth day that’s not going to work like the only things going to propel me is if i do it every single day because i’ll get better and better and they’ll help the channel and get more and more videos out there and search

And whatnot and that made me develop a strong work ethic so just just trust me i’ve never been the one to have the strongest work ethic out there i just develop it over time so here’s something seven things here guys that will help you hopefully develop a strong work ethic number one go volunteer at a nursing home go volunteer at a nursing home i grew up in a

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Retirement community but i didn’t grow up and i should say my both my parents had businesses that were involved with retirement communities so all summer long i would go to these retirement communities and do their jobs with them right so i was always around people that were you know in their 60 70 80 year old plus and what i found was there’s a lot of people that

Were happy with how their lives went but there are also a lot of people that had some regrets like have some regrets so the question you have to ask yourself each day is do you want to be 75 years old and be like and you know i screwed up in this life this was my one life i got given in and i need accomplish merely what i wanted to accomplish i didn’t accomplish

Anything like like i’m disappointed with how my life went like is that the type of feeling you want to have or do you want to look back he’s 75 years old and be like i’m so proud of everything i’ve accomplished like i’m like what type of a situation you want you want that one where it’s like i’ll have so many regrets or the one that’s over here like i accomplished

Everything i want to accomplish because i worked my ass off to get there so that’s what you should ask yourself so go spend some time with some retirees go spend some time in a nursing home with people in their 70s 80s 90s old and you’re kind of like just realize like death is coming like death is coming at some point and when that day comes or before that day

Comes more importantly do you want to have a lot of regrets or do you want to be very proud of your life that’s a big one there guys number two make friends with hard-working dedicated people so let’s say you’re trying to start a business and you’d like trying to find your work ethic to get there right you might not be able to find another business person let’s

First for instance that a hard-working one that’s really trying to build their business but maybe you go to the gym and you see you know there’s some guy there and you kind of you know talk with him every once in a while and he works his ass off every day in the gym like he’s got a six-pack he’s all built and he still works his ass off every single day in the gym

Maybe become friends with him and just start working out with him and see the dedication he’s putting in on those workouts and state man this guy you look at all you know look at i wish i had a potty like him and he’s still working his ass off every day like how can i apply his work ethic to my business how can i apply his work ethic to me at work so i didn’t get

That promotion like like surround yourself with those kind of people because you can just kind of like feed off that energy feed off that energy and kind of see the work they’re putting in and say okay i can go out and do that i can go out and accomplish this so make some friends with some hard-working people guys it will definitely help even if it’s not in the

Industry you’re in particular number three learn as much as possible about successful people there as much as possible about successful people doing doing research online watching videos about them you will learn there’s a lot more than just they became a bit of a billionaire somehow like research all the stuff they had to go through all the trials and tribulations

Like research all the work ethic they had to put in to put a business together from the ground up guys they had to found a company like like research all that stuff in that in my opinion will help motivate you and push you and realize and they didn’t just become a billionaire overnight they didn’t just accomplish that you are must didn’t just build tests overnight

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He did this move he made this movie developed this he worked as a stock over here and did this and then he got to where he got today right steve jobs didn’t just go from you know the computer room tall son apple selling the most iphones like there’s a whole period of time of a whole bunch of crap that went through thick eyes he kept working he kept grinding so

Research as much as possible about successful people and i think that will help enlighten you about wow they had to do all that i’ve got to go through some stuff if i want to get to where i want to get to in life number four watch motivational videos on youtube now this one is uh kind of like taking caffeine i call it it like watching motivational videos on youtube

Is like like taking caffeine like if you’re got some work to do one night and you’re just not feeling it then watch some motivational videos and that will get you through that night and get you pumped up right it’s like give me the caffeine i yeah i feel that that will help you the only issue is that’s going to wear off probably within a 12 24 hour period like the

Next morning you wake up then motivational videos not going to matter anymore you’re not going to be pumped up from it anymore but if you need something to get you through i say motivational videos on youtube will definitely help but i’ve know i’ve used them in the past whole you know search you know some type of motivational video whatever pumps me up and then

And then that gets me through the night and i’m like okay now i can do some video a lot ideas there for whatever now i can edit these pictures or into these videos or whatever guys so watch the motivational videos definitely helpful there number five this is a big one this is a big one maybe the biggest of all them think about leaving a legacy each day think about

Leaving a legacy so the question is when you die do you want to be remembered for anything do you want to just be remember for one generation maybe your kids remember you maybe your well your wife’s probably gonna die with you or whatever so that will matter but maybe just your kids remember you and then you’re forgotten do you want to leave a legacy like a legacy

That people remember you for generations in your family like people remember you for generations you know in the world they think about that do you want to be remembered as the best of what ever you were the best at you know think about that guys do you want to leave some type of legacy that that your green kids will tell their grandkids someday about how great you

Were at whatever you were great at guys so i’m talking about leaving a legacy do you just want to be forgotten about in one generation and it’s like you’ve never existed or do you want to have something lasting something lasting that that literally your grandkids are proud to tell their grandkids about someday that maybe people are happy to pass down your whenever

You accomplished in life like you do whatever you did that lives on in infamy right like think about that guys what kind of legacy do you want to leave you want to be forgotten tomorrow like dust or do you want to be something that is remembered forever think about that number six number six as soon as you set up as soon as you meet a goal set a new goal so let’s

Say you set a goal you accomplished it as soon as you accomplished it it’s on to the next one it’s on to the next one there’s no time to celebrate and kick back and relax as soon as you said it as soon as you meet a goal set a new one i do this all the time so i always set like goals for the channel like subscribers like i had a goal for 50,000 subscribers by july

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4th we’re going to beat that about a week early right so as soon as i beat that guess what i’m setting a labor day goal you know 65,000 or whatever i don’t know what number i’ll put in there but as soon as i said that it’s on in the next one literally like within seconds i’m already in the mode of let’s get the next one like the i got to set that next goal never

Be satisfied maybe you can enjoy like a big like a anything right maybe you can celebrate a big thing but for me personally like as soon as i meet a goal like i accomplished it i’m on to the next one i’m on the next one i’m on to the next one because there’s never an ending goal for me i never have an end goal like there’s me like it’s never enough like there’s

Never an end goal for anything i do in life like there was never time and track that i was like if i hit this time i accomplish my goals it’s never like there’s no subscriber goal i have on my channel like i hit this goal and you know i’ve accomplished everything there’s no goal at quiktrip i had like i get to this position and suddenly you know that’s good for me

There’s nothing like i never have a finite goal out there because what happens is if you hit that fine ankle there is nothing past the finite goal right so you never want to have just a stuck in the sand go out there just make short-term goals that you can accomplish and then move on to the next one and move on to the next one and set the next goal and set the next

Goal and keep moving that way guys number seven last one here number seven is realize you can always work harder realize you can always work harder there’s so many people that think oh i’m working as hard as i can or i work the hardest or whatever no there’s a next level up you can take it there’s the next level up there’s always like i mean i always thought and

We’ll go back to track this is a good one i always thought like i let the workouts my coach had me doing in track i always thought those were really hard right until i found out you know what my friends were doing for workouts at their university and i was like oh my gosh you’re doing 16300 are you kidding me like my workouts a joke we did six 300a and i was dead

Tired you guys are doing 16 are you kidding me and i thought i was working the hardest right and then i heard that and i was like dude like there’s a whole other level out there so realize there’s always someone working harder than you out there is always someone grinding so there’s always a next level you can take it too don’t think like i’m working the hardest

I can work no there’s another level you can take it to if you want to take it there guys so those seven things i hope you will help you guys develop an insane work ethic it doesn’t just come overnight just be prepared for that it’s not like i’m lazy one day next day i wake up also i’m like the world’s hardest worker know if that is a skill it’s literally a skill

You have to develop over time and you will get there guys so hope you enjoyed this day if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner and give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything my book is linked in the description

Hope you guys enjoy thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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How to develop an INSANE WORK ETHIC! By Financial Education

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