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I tried so many recipes and they all failed except this one:

Today i’m gonna show you how to make one of my favorite cakes it’s a japanese cheesecake it’s a bit more fluffier than american cheesecake and tastes a bit cheesy and more fluffy cake like texture although i’m making this video i don’t actually like the process of cooking it’s just a lot of work so what i try to do all the time is to make make it as short as possible

And make it as easy as possible to to get the end result that i want i’ll just show you all the ingredients right now you can find the recipe in the video description down below you need 7 ounces of cream cheese use the good stuff because the taste really doesn’t matter quarter cup of whole milk i use this kind of horizon brown one it tastes better half cup of

Ultra fine sugar you need this kind so that when you beat the egg whites it will come out more fine three eggs quarter cup corn starch 1/2 a teaspoon of cream of tartar definitely you want a new bottle of this if you just find us in the cupboard and it’s been sitting there don’t use it because these things have an expiration date so i took the cream cheese out of

The wrapper the foil wrapper and you can see very little remains on the foil that’s what i like about this this brand so it’s good and then and then i’m just gonna stick this as a microwave and defrost it for a bit so that it gets soft the purpose of this is so that when you mix it together it won’t get clumpy and it’s very important for this kind of cakes would

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Be very smooth i’ll just defrost it for a little longer you know when you defrost it at home you don’t have to stand here like i am you can go get a coffee or i don’t know it’s just a few minutes okay it’s not good enough add the cream cheese milk sugar or starch so i need to add the egg yolks i’m gonna separate out the egg whites now beat everything together

This is a quarter cup of the sugar and i’m gonna add add in a half teaspoon of cream of tartar here this is gonna be mixed with egg whites later so i got the egg whites here beat them until these they say soft foam soft foam peaks so i’ll show you the ball the the beater they all needs to be really dry or also the it won’t foam up very well the whole purpose with

This egg white thing is that you make a lot of air bubbles so that you can put it in your cake and make it kind of fluffy the sugar is to make it sweet and then you have your cream of tartar which is from this cream of tartar this is a byproduct of winemaking but you put this in your egg white so that it stabilizes the egg white when you bake it it won’t talk so

Now you want to put the egg white into the batter a little bit at a time you will you’ll want one of these kind of pan so that you can release the cake and have have the cake have a nice straight edge on the side after it is released before you put the batter in there you want to make a make it kind of boil everything so one time i the egg-whites weren’t mixed

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Too well and you can kind of see see some parts of it just are just little pockets of egg white you don’t want that so you want to mix it pretty well but you don’t want to use a blender and blend it all together because then the egg whites will the air bubbles and the egg whites will pop so that’s it set the oven to about 300 degrees and put it in the center of

The pan of course while you’re doing all this you want to heat up some hot water then you can pour it along on the outside you want to do this so that the bottom of the of the cake pan doesn’t get too hot and they’ll burn the cake so right now it’s like a nice insulator so that they’ll slowly cook it to 300 300 degrees i’ll put this in for about one hour it’s

Done it’s been in there about one hour and 15 minutes for 300 degrees i poked it right here nothing comes out it’s clean so now we just wait for it to cool down and we can unmold it so you see this cake is not like regular ones it’s a it’s more cakey there’s a bit more give to it it’s like a regular cake except it tastes a bit cheesy mmm delicious well that didn’t

Take long prep time is only about 20 minutes this cake actually tastes better when it’s cold so i would put it in the fridge first and let it cool down before eating it somehow the cheese flavor comes out better when it’s cold so i hope you liked this video click like or subscribe or whatnot thanks for watching

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