How to Easily Spend Left Over Visa Gift Cards

When you get a Visa gift card, you may be inclined to spend it on something that is roughly that amount. In other words, just wasting it on something you only want slightly. You might end up with a small denomination Visa or Mastercard gift card that is around $1-5. There is an easy way to spend this without going out to a store or wasting this value.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how you can get rid of visa gift cards without wasting the value in them this video is sponsored by weeble don’t forget to get your two free shares of stock just for signing up and depositing 100 check out my referral link down in the video description below this scenario probably plays

Out a lot for everybody you get a 25 visa gift card master gift card in any which way and suddenly you have this annoying card that you’re trying to spend somehow maybe you go to your favorite store and you look for something that’s around 25 just so that you can use this thing up this is what i would have done probably 10 years ago maybe now i would load it up

Into my amazon gift card credits but this actually incurs a significant opportunity cost if you’re using it on gas groceries or restaurants or amazon if you are a savvy credit card user you probably get somewhere between five and ten percent on those categories so if you use a visa or mastercard gift card the opportunity cost is there every one hundred dollars

You are losing out on five dollars or so so the best way to actually use these visa gift cards is to load them up into some category that you don’t get a very high percentage of cash back now everybody’s cash back rate is a little different based on what kind of credit cards you have if you have a discover it credit card that’ll give you five percent categories

Chase freedom credit card five percent categories and the list goes on i’m not going to talk about which credit cards has the most cash back in this particular video instead i’m going to talk about how you can get rid of your visa gift card really really easily here is a list of my utility bills i have pg e which is gas and electric i have water i have trash i


Have atnt internet and i also have kaiser premium bills kaiser premium bill is my health care and i also have a cash of visa gift cards that i prefer to hold in visa gift cards because i’m going to spend it on something else not part of this utility now let’s say somehow you have a statement credit in your credit card account and you want to spend this somehow

Of course you don’t want to spend it on gas groceries or restaurants because you would have gotten a high rate of cash back in some other credit card instead what you can do is spend it on one of these utilities and there’s a trick to this i’ve been paying into these utility accounts and there are tips and tricks that you need to know just so that you can use

Them more effectively for example pg e you can pay by credit card you can pay by mastercard or american express but each time that you pay will incur a dollar 35 cents fee so the best way to do this is not to put a 25 gift card in there the best way is to load up as much as you can every single time the value dwindles to zero you load up let’s say six hundred

Dollars in there so that you amortize that 1.35 feet my water over here is called acwd the cool thing about this water utility account is that you can pay anytime you want even if you have a credit in there and you can pay a very small amount in it as well there is no fee for paying so if you have a dollar 37 stuck in some visa account then you don’t have to worry

About carrying this stupid gift card to the store and make your wallet really big instead you just go online go on your water utility account pay a dollar or whatever that’s left in this gift card and then boom right there you can get rid of this gift card my trash service is republic services but it’s a little bit tricky to use this because if there is any

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Amount of credit in this account they actually won’t let you pay any more it’s going to complain saying there is a credit you don’t need to pay so then you can’t you know just put a dollar 35 in there any time that you want the atnt internet account would be more portable for everybody because not everyone have pg e not everyone has a cwd water district depending

On where you live but att is a nationwide thing and they do allow you to pay any time that you want and in small increments as well so if you have a 25 gift card you can just plop it into your atnt account and even if you have let’s say 100 credit you can just put it on top of that and you’ll just build up more and more credit pro tip here is that if you ever

Cancel your internet and you have a credit in that account already they will actually send you a check back so this opens up a really strange opportunity where hey maybe you want to you know load up your atnt account but with like a thousand dollars i’ve never tried this right i don’t know if this is gonna work but if you did and you have a bunch of visa gift

Cards that you’re trying to burn up you just load it up into your atnt account let’s say you know you’re going to move so you’re going to cancel this account anyway and right when you cancel you’re going to get a checked mail to you so basically you can convert these visa gift cards into cash with the caveat that you need to be moving or you have to sacrifice your

Internet for a few months or something because you do have to cut off your internet and then possibly you know if you’re not moving away then you have to start it up again and so you’re going to go without internet for a short period of time kaiser credits is kind of nice because i can actually load up a lot of visa gift cards in there i right now personally have

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1 640 dollars in there because my premium bills is kind of expensive 360 dollars so um i paid five six months in advance so far and the reason i personally load so much in here is because i get like 10 15 20 off of my visa gift cards in a grandfathered sears mastercard this works well for credit card churning so if sometimes you have five percent cash back 10

Percent cash back then you run off to the grocery store buy this giant gift card and you wonder how the heck you’re gonna spend it you don’t want money just laying around in a gift card so for me personally i just load it up right into my health care insurance at the bottom you’ll also see that i still have visa gift cards i have 785 dollars worth of this stuff

Just so that i can do as i please i personally use it you know at parking meters right there whatever cash back that you get on buying those gift cards you can use it now on things that you normally would not have gotten cash back if this makes sense so you’re getting a lot of cash back on visa gift cards and then you’re carrying this visa gift card and spending

It every which way i hope this video is interesting to you guys because you know getting rid of those low denomination visa gift cards is like a blessing for me i no longer need to carry those annoying gift cards especially when the retailer expects that you’re gonna lose these and never gonna cash them in there’s like a billion dollars out there that’s floating

Around and visa gift cards so if you are smart and you spend up all these visa gift cards that you get or mastercard gift cards then you’re not going to lose as much money to this cloud of money that’s never gets spent don’t forget to give me a like if you like this video comment and let me know your favorite ways to get rid of your low denomination visa gift

Cards and as always don’t forget to subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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