How to Fix a Dent in an Instant Pot

Let me show you how to fix a dent in an Instant Pot with a little bit of electrical information thrown in for safety reasons.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to show you how to remove a dent from a small appliance like this i ordered this instapot and it said small cosmetic imperfection and it turns out when i took it out it had this big gash or super big dent in it it’s about six inches long usually when there’s such a big dent like this you just don’t

Want to have it in your kitchen because it’s just an eyesore personally i’m probably going to return this because it is not as described but before i do so i’m gonna try and repair it on the internet sometimes they put on a suction cup or maybe they might use glue sticks so we’re gonna try that and i know this doesn’t work already because yeah see it’s not strong

Enough for this little suction cup we’re going to try a little bit bigger suction cup and this is actually not adhering because this spot is not actually flat so this is too big uh this is definitely too big i can try yeah it’s just not gonna stick so let’s just uh remove the lid over here and then the pot put that aside and just don’t be afraid of opening this

Up obviously you might need a security screwdriver set over here this is something i got in hong kong long long ago it has almost everything that you can think of except those pentalobe things from apple but it has star ones star with a hole in it these are metric hexagons here’s a nicer view of it i mean it just comes with a lot of different ones and i actually

Haven’t used many of these because they’re just too big for usually what i usually work on we’re gonna turn this over and then you’ll see there’s only one security screw that’s holding this whole plate on we’ll find out which one it uses i’m picking out the t20 and amazingly this is the first one that i picked then i just put in the screwdriver and then this


Attachment thing and voila just like that let’s flip it over whenever you open up something like this you want to remove the least amount of screws for example you don’t want to go around removing this because this is obviously connected to this to this board and what you’re trying to do is get at the outside of this thing so that you can push the metal back out

So you just want to remove let’s say this ring over here so you see that there’s these three screw holes i’m probably going to remove these first to see if that’s going to loosen things up first so let’s do the first screw second screw here third screw now before i even remove this ring oh it just came out um i suspect that there might have been screws underneath

These little rubber feet sometimes they put them underneath here but sometimes they don’t just like this instance this is very very workable because it came off already now we can just kind of go like you know can’t come over here and then we can already reach inside back here and try to push it back out so let me go push like that okay now i actually fixed it

To this level before already but this time i want to fix it so nicely that you know it’s a little bit better pushed out a little bit more than this i can see a little bit of indentation right here so i’m going to try a little bit harder this time and i have not done this before what i see here is this circuit board is connected to a whole bunch of stuff here so

I want to remove this is it going to come off yeah it’ll come off and back here i see a ground wire connected to there so maybe i can just remove one more screw yeah all right there you have it the whole ring removed so i can easily you know take a hammer over here against a flat surface and try to pound these little little imperfections out right here you can

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See some of these little imperfections here right now i can just try to push it out but i think i might need a hammer for this job so i’ve got a steel and the what do you call this thing steel l bracket steel square this is a machinist square it is very very heavy duty and the precision of this angle is super super duper good so this is a piece of steel anyhow

I’m gonna use this as a surface to pound this okay i think this is passable for me i am comfortable with this level of uh dentedness bring this back put this ring back over pull this ac cord out and i gotta reconnect this thing that i disconnected before just kind of work backwards oops that was the wrong screw put this one on reconnect sometimes this stuff

Is hard to remember you gotta have a good memory that uh of doing everything exactly backwards so that’s the front control panel that’s gonna show all the led all the display and stuff so now we gotta put this back and this was the extra screw over here uh i think it went right here we see that there is three posts one two three three screws one two three line

Those up with there and screw them back in i’m making sure that the bottom over here is kind of seated properly and then you screw it in when you look at this thing it looks so simple right there’s like not much that’s in it i’m not even gonna try to guess what the heck everything is but temperature sensor heaters etc i think it’s gonna work put this back on

Which way does this go this one goes right here right there put the screw back on put the lid on put the other lid on i’d say this is probably on the easier side i did not expect it to be this easy you can see the dent over here i mean this looks like a well used insta pot rather than like a dented it’s almost out the door you want to throw it away type it in

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Supply rather than like a giant bat taken to the side of this thing so thanks for watching this video i’m not sure how many people are gonna have a dented instapot but you can just apply this to a lot of different little appliances anything that is dented brave it try to open it and just kind of muck around until you get inside the thing and you can push the bin

Back out unfortunately this security bit set i don’t know where you can buy this exact one on amazon but i’ll leave a referral link down in the video description below if i can find something that contains almost a lot of the security bits all in one single set i do have to say whenever you go around repairing these things you have to be careful of reconnecting

Everything because sometimes maybe let’s say you forget to connect the ground wire because the purpose of the grounding is that when you plug this thing in and the power comes from the ac of these two prongs the ground is the big round one whenever the live circuit let’s say something happens and it accidentally connects to some metal on the device if the metal

Was connected to ground then this would actually trip a circuit breaker if not it would just make the metal kind of live the green wire i connected before goes to this metal piece over here so let’s say the ground wasn’t connected and some sort of malfunction happens there is a live ac wire that touches this no circuit breaker trips and all of a sudden you go

In here and you accidentally touch some metal on this thing and then you get electrocuted so remembering to reattach the ground wire is probably very very critical and you just gotta put things back to the way it was meant to be so that’s all there is today thanks for watching you

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How to Fix a Dent in an Instant Pot By BeatTheBush

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