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Inequality is rampant and is getting worse. Protests come and go but will generally get worse as inequality deepens. Changes in the law is a pipe dream and so isn’t there something the consumer can do about this?

Hey everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna talk about income inequality recently i’ve been thinking a lot about income inequality and the ways it can be solved we already know that the stalled government is not going to pass the new laws that would kind of combat this inequality that’s getting worse and worse there’s a bit of conflict of interest where

Most of people that have the power to do so will not do so for the 99% that’s probably simplifying a lot but inequality is getting a lot worse and worse year by year i just saw a youtube video on the cnn money channel the title is this is life on seven dollars and fifty cents an hour i have gotten the job that earned seven dollars an hour i know how grueling it

Is to work hour by hour doing manual labor to get that money arbor she’s in a bit worse situation than i am because she has a kid and she has to support this kid and she’s living alone back then when i got seven dollars an hour i was just a kid in high school we already know that the inequality is mainly getting worse because the people that hold the assets that

Appreciates are the richer people because the people that have more money have more money to save and so the money that they saved it gets appreciated so the more you have the more of appreciation that happens and so it’s a self feeding cycle so year after year it gets worse and worse let’s just for sake of simplicity then we assume everybody spend the same amount

But then they make more and more as you go towards her right here this is their the 100% of the people equally distributed let’s say in the beginning that inequality wasn’t so bad so it was over here and so every single year it gets worse and worse because it comes up and up higher and higher the people over here on this end has a little bit saved up but then it

Increases more and more and more over here if you hold no assets whatsoever of course it’s not going to appreciate because you spent it all it’s just gonna stay zero zero zero zero zero probably is gonna go negative too because if you happen to not have enough money you end up going to loan sharks or fast money whatever and then you end up paying them close to

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Thousand percent a year or something the top one percent of the people get about 20% of the total take-home pay of the whole population this is only income data it doesn’t check your assets that has appreciated there’s all these assets that appreciated and it was never counted because it wasn’t sold so in reality it’s a lot worse it’s probably close to i saw a

Figure somewhere else for about 50 50 percent so the top one percent makes close to half of of all the money ever made that’s quite a bad skew i’m okay with the skew what i’m not okay with is that the people that dropped off at the bottom because people are working two jobs or something and they just don’t make enough to support themselves if it’s just flat like

This and then the people make more people here just always stays flat i think it’s that’s a bit more okay than what it is now where people are falling off the bottom they’re not making enough there they’re sacrificing their health they can’t afford dental care so that you know they yank their tooth out rather than then getting a root canal or getting a replacement

Tooth a lot of people complain about inequality it can protest all you want the laws are not going to change in your favor there are other ways to fix this right what are the solutions actually people will say oh yeah you need to pass better laws people are like lobbying for like you know better high minimum wage or whatever that all of that really doesn’t help

You only puts a small dent in things you talk about some billionaires doing philanthropy it gives so-and-so away however it’s not putting even a small dent in the inequality that were experiencing you would have to make more than four hundred thousand dollars a year in order to break the top one percent if you make anything last year you’re in the 99 percent so


Doctors plastic surgeon or whatnot they’re all still in the 9% who who is actually in the top 1% while ceos vice presidents movie stars and stuff the big thing make more than for my makeda you’re right the reason i’ve been thinking about this is because there’s lots of protests it’s gonna get worse year after year you think you think 10 years from now it’s gonna

Have less protests and today it’s gonna have a lot more because the inequality will be worse more and more people would have less lessen to live on to the point where they can work like a slave and they will have no not enough money to eat even that’s when people get angry and they go out in the streets and they rob and do whatever they can to survive people need

To survive you look at the history the civilization has come and then the inequality starts to kick it in and then this is a repeating thing hopefully we as a society in this current incarnation we’re able to do something about this i’m not really sure if this will work or not because i have i have no idea but it’s just an idea of mine where if we try to spend less

Only buy the necessities things that are healthy for us and just cut back and actually well in the end reduce corporate profits then we might be able to reverse this trend a bit really rich guys they can go and buy their lamborghinis or whatever but then can you imagine that if the 99% of the people which controls 70% of the of the gdp if suddenly let’s say we won’t

We cut that down by half where we suddenly just don’t buy frivolous things we don’t buy random junk that we never need or ever use then all of a sudden we will not feed this machine of inequality anymore maybe things over i don’t know maybe we can reduce it i don’t know but i do know that if a lot of us go and buy less goods feeds the profits of companies then

We can actually reduce the profits and reduce the appreciation of the stock market i personally do hold some equity but then i mean i doubt this little youtube video will change anything i figure i make this as a fun idea to kick around but any of it catches on great if it makes the 99% or more importantly the people out the bottom men better off where they can

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Actually survive a bit better than great i mean i think making the the freedom pop video that’s like a thousand dollars in your pocket if you switch from a regular cell phone to a freedompop or if you take advantage of those credit card things that i talked about credit card points that’s another thousand dollars in your pocket a year roughly you just follow all

These things and maybe maybe even with a very very low income you can still survive well and then you can just talk some of that sock some of that extra money you have a way then you you also put it in the stock market maybe if every one of us do that of course the stock market may not appreciate as much you might actually like plummet quite a bit because because

The market the stock market is quite jittery if suddenly one year the profits reduces by 20% you can you can be sure that the the price of the stock will reduce way more than 20% it’s also true that the current income degree distribution efforts by the government it’s good yeah it’s it moves some of this you know around and helps the needy right but looking at the

News and stuff it doesn’t seem that’s enough the the general population needs to know how to use their finances the 99 percent controls 69 percent of the consumer spending so if we’re able to reduce that by half we can we have a huge amount of control over the corporate profits because they’re making the corporate profits from the spending of the 99% but this is

Just a crazy idea i hope they catch us on if it doesn’t so what the way i vision things as well you’re very efficient but not everyone’s very efficient if you happen to watch this video then maybe you can try to be efficient as well and spend a lot less so that’s all i have for today don’t forget to like this video and comment down below and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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