How to Focus When Studying

Ever wonder why you are handed so much material and never taught how to study? Should there not be a class that teaches you how to study before you actually study? Good students learn this by trial and error but the methods are not always so obvious to everyone. Let me cover some of the tricks I used to stay laser focused when trying to study.

How’s it going everybody this is vita bush today i’m gonna talk about how to focus when you’re studying but before i start do you hear that little background noise a little humming sound right there let me go get that and show you what i’m doing this is my dehydrator and i have a whole bunch of figs in here that’s dehydrating so whenever you’re steaming you got to

Make sure you have a little bit of snacks around just in case you get hungry because when you’re hungry it’s really hard to concentrate i’m gonna leave that off right now because we’re recording but let’s continue now when i was studying a lot in college oftentimes i would go to a cafe or go to a library whatever it takes to leave the house if there’s a bunch of

Roommates around or something there’s a lot of distractions sometimes you just cannot study at your home because it’s too comfortable you have too many distractions at home at your apartment or something you have video games you have internet you have people that would come around and bother you so if you park yourself at some place where you know people don’t know

You’re there and you don’t have easy access to a bed or you know food you want your cooking or something then you can more easily concentrate on studying now with cell phone these days people get easily distracted because you can just pull it out oftentimes i would see people just have their phone laying right there next to what they’re doing just in case they get

Some message and as soon as they get a message something beeps and then they’re like you know they get distracted from whatever they’re doing and they’re looking at their messages instead what you can do is turn it off for certain durations at a time if it’s difficult for you to turn off so i would recommend maybe like one hour at a time you turn it off and then you

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Go back turn it back on to check make sure there’s no emergencies or something like that of course you have to be on call for whatever emergencies that makes things harder because you have to leave your phone on in that case you might want to turn off all the notification off everything else except phone rings and just you know put your phone upside down so that

You know other kinds of distraction won’t prompt you to look away from whatever you’re doing whatever you’re studying if you have to study at home sometimes you have games or computer i would recommend to go to your dining table because then you’re not at your desk where you have where you have access to all these you know fun things basically if you’re a computer

Person then if you’re at a dining table where you know normally you just eat instead you just study there it might allow you to concentrate a lot more because there’s less distraction over there if you do not have a dining table that you can use you could possibly move your laptop away just kind of put it in a closet or something or if you have a desktop just put

It on the floor it serves as a good way to make like the activation energy of using the internet a lot more so that every time you need to use the internet you won’t be tempted to pull the laptop or the desktop and put it back on your desk because this makes things difficult rather than have it right on and turned on sitting in front of you while you’re studying

If the monitor is turned on you can just go very easily just you know switch tasks and go oh let me check something this would cause distraction to be a lot easier so that you know every little distraction you can go oh okay let me look something up then you would you know go on the internet and before you know it you would be spending a lot of time on the internet

And not studying at all the next thing you can do is have a really good study partner sometimes a study partner is not so good because i’ve had these myself before you go study with someone like a friend a really good friend and once you sit down you start end up talking you you just talk the whole time rather than studying so you have to be aware of those kind of

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Partners where you end up not studying you both get fs together or something then once you realize you have those kinds of study partner you really should you know plan ahead and just kind of know okay if you’re studying with this person you’re not really gonna study you’re just really hanging out studying is kind of like meditation there’s a lot of parallels with

This because when you’re studying you’re essentially concentrating on one topic and there are a lot of distractions around so whenever that happens you are prompted to not study anymore and look at something else many times when you’re studying if you’re distracted you tend to switch tasks very very quickly and you do not even know that you got distracted because

The distraction itself switches all your mental capacity all your process into that you don’t think that you’re being distracted so when this happens you might get distracted for i don’t know five minutes sometimes half an hour sometimes you won’t even notice and it’ll be like one hour two hour before you go oh okay i’m done with the distraction and then you go

Back to your studying meditating is kind of the same thing when you’re meditating you have a task at hand and when you’re doing it all of a sudden sometimes these kinds of thoughts just pop into your mind because when you’re very very quiet things pop into your mind and you start thinking about it now if you’re a really good meditator once you realize that you

Are thinking about something else you would very very quickly switch back to your meditation task and the more advanced a meditator you are the less time it takes for you to switch backs which is a time it takes you to realize that you are being distracted so you see the parallel here if you’re studying you’re concentrating on something and as you get better and

Better at studying then you will realize sooner and sooner that you are being distracted then you can more quickly switch back to your task at hand which is studying if you’re a novice at studying and you get distracted easily you would switch tasks do a whole bunch of thing maybe you end up doing that distracting task for the rest of the day and then you end up

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Never studying and there are people like this but with practice and it takes practice to realize that you’re not studying now there is a little trick that you can do if you’re not very good at meditating or noticing that you’re not studying which is set an alarm for half an hour or one hour i know this might be distracting but if you get into distraction for long

Periods of time this might be a good thing because you might get caught being distracted and your alarm would go off and then you look at your alarm and this is you’re studying alarm it will be like oh your double check that you are actually studying and then you look at it and you’re like oh shoot i am distracted after all so then you can it’s kind of like a

Reminder to get back to the task i hope these tips help those that get distracted easily studying because if you’re trying to concentrate there are tricks to doing it like the ones i described don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know other tips that you use to keep yourself focused while studying if you’re interested in supporting

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