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Sometimes, getting paid more is a matter of attentively following up on what is due to you. From rebates to insurance claims, all of these have levels of obstacles you must overcome in order to claim the final prize, the money. By putting a reminder on a future date of when you expect the payout to happen, you can effectively follow up on these amounts due to you.

How’s it going everybody doesn’t beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how you can get paid more of course your main source of income probably comes over your salary but you also get little bits of income here and there from other sources some examples could be small contract jobs where you did a little bit of work for some money it could be some small amount

Of rebates or maybe perhaps an insurance claim in addition using a really hot coupon could be considered getting paid as well because maybe you’re getting something for free now what i’ve noticed over the years is that companies like to delay giving you whatever that you really want not all companies do this of course the really well-respected ones you do something

You definitely get your rebate however there are the select you and in my experience roughly about 1/4 of these companies just drag their feet they do everything possible to not pay you and just kind of delay things make things difficult for you makes you jump through hoops and stuff before they can actually give you the rebate now this is what i call the pyramid

Of probabilities now every single layer of difficulty they give you there’s going to be a less percentage of the population that would actually make it through that level for example you might have called tech support before because you want to talk to someone in person they actually make you drill through many many levels like 10 questions or something you have

To push all these buttons before we can actually talk to someone live this is because when you talk to someone life is actually caustic company money for you to do this so they’re going to do everything possible to make their automated system be able to service you and make you resolve your problem before you actually talk to someone live now the bottom over here

Represents all the people that would actually call in to this tech support maybe they put you on hold and only 90 percent will actually make it through that because you sit there and go oh my gosh it takes so long and some people write a percentage of it will actually get impatient and not hold anymore i was using ebates the other day and i wanted to cash out now i

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Cashed out before suddenly they enforce this thing where you have to put in your mailing address and they want to send you a code by snail mail so that you take the code and go back online and confirm that yes it is your address for some reason this loop i assume not a lot of people are actually going to do this and maybe 30 percent of it it’s going to fall through

And only 70 percent will actually finish this process if you want to wait for the snail mail to come maybe it got lost in the mail maybe the person forgot about it maybe it did come and then the piece of mail got destroyed somehow a lot of things can happen now this is going to narrow the probability that the company will have to pay you this means whatever amount

Of rebates they’re holding for you they don’t actually have to pay all that much out they can pay a little bit less percentage every single time they put another level of difficulty for you now you can imagine every single time they have something like this they reduce the percentages and different companies have different levels and sometimes when they have like

Five hoops for you to jump through i get really annoyed but i’m like whatever you know i’m just going to you know grind and do it remind myself i put google calendar reminders and things and maybe at the very end for really difficult companies you only have 30 percent of the people that started the initiation of a call before they actually get rewarded for whatever

They wanted to call in for now as a side note giftcards is a very lucrative thing for companies to offer did you guys know that since 2005 41 billion worth of gift cards remain unclaimed now since 2015 about 1 billion of gift card values remains unclaimed now when i look at the statistic i’m like who are these people because whenever i get a gift card i make sure

I really really make sure to use it now this ends a portion where i talk about how companies are making it difficult for you now i’m going to talk about how you can combat this the way i counter it is what i call the nagging method i certainly cannot remember every single rebate that i applied for nor can i remember every single time that someone rightfully owes

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Me a billing of some sort i cannot just remember off the top of my head so i actually have to write down like i said this method is really good for things like rebates insurance claims contract job billings or hot coupons that you want to use before the expiration date now what you do for example let’s say you have a rebate that you just started mailing in most of

Times if you just mail it in and don’t write anything down and not follow up on it sometimes after you mail it in you’re going to forget about it and if they never send back the rebate you’re going to forget about it you’re not going to follow up on it and therefore you lost a rebate and then whenever you bought that item you think oh i’m going to get the $10.00

Back but then in the end you don’t get that $10 off which means you just lost $10 best thing you can do for rebates in particular is when you actually send it off you use maybe a google calendar or whatnot and then it usually says about 8 to 12 weeks so then you just mark somewhere on your calendar 12 weeks away from today’s date that will give you a reminder of

Following up on the rebate and if you didn’t get it well then you can go back and ask them what the heck happened you might have insurance claims or other kind of claims usually they really drag their feet on paying you out on this stuff so when you follow up on it you got to ask politely of course you don’t go and nag them every single day just go oh what’s the

Estimated time that you’re going to pay me out maybe they’ll give you a day if they don’t then maybe just give them a couple weeks mark on your calendar a couple weeks away and then when the time is up you ping them again so right away when you mark it on your calendar you’re going to come back to it for sure after two or three times going back and forth you’re

Going to start to realize this person is not going to go away they better pay them so it’s kind of like the squeakiest wheel get so oil right so this is just a great way of getting paid on what’s rightfully yours of course same thing when you’re billing as a contract oh you don’t want to annoy the other person you just kind of go okay you can say this is the due

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Date what we agreed upon you didn’t pay it yet and then if it’s like a week after that you go it’s been a week late and then maybe two weeks late you send another email or call them it’s two weeks late and then you just keep on following up over and over and usually they would know you’re not going away after a couple tries and then they will actually a sometimes

Of course maybe if they’re out of money or something they cannot pay no matter what so no matter how many times you call they cannot pay you what they owe so this whole method is really just an easy way to remind yourself how to follow up on certain billings the thing is if you don’t write it down you could get lucky and they’re going to send you rebate or two bill

Anyway and then you look in the mail go okay great but if you don’t write it down and you forget about it if they do not send it to you then you’re just going to forget about it and you’re never getting paid i see that depending on who you’re working with you might let some fall through and therefore you’re going to get paid less if you don’t do this follow-up method

Thanks for watching i hope this method helps you receive what’s rightfully yours don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you at some of these rebates or insurance claim or billings fall through because you didn’t follow up if you’re interested in supporting in china i’ll have an out of a link down in the video description below

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