How to Get Your Denied Vacation Approved

Have you ever gotten denied vacation time when you need it most? Here are some strategies to help you get it with a higher chance of success.

You know i can totally see getting fired for this if i made this video while i was still working luckily i quit my job and now i only need to make these videos which is kind of like a unique position for me during my career as an engineer i asked for vacation and generally you get your vacation but one time i actually got refused and then i had to make an argument

And so i still got it anyway so today’s video is about what do you say in response to this so that you can get your way so that you can get your vacation anyway because we probably know you really need it now the general rule of thumb i feel is best probably you need to a lot about one week per day of vacation that you ask for therefore if you ask for the knicks

Friday off you’ve got to do it before the friday of the previous week if you ask for two days well two weeks before that you can reduce this by a little bit but not by much from this from my experience now if you push it too hard for example you ask for that friday off on a tuesday or a wednesday if you do this too many times your reputation is gonna get called into

Question because your boss will see well you can’t really schedule that well and how come you all always have these little sudden things that comes up and you rather go play instead of going to work so this really questions your motivation of you know doing your best for the company and this does not sit well you know next time when they do layoffs next time when

They see who’s working the most and stuff they are more likely to keep the people that are harder workers than people that keep on taking all these vacations now this does not mean that you should give as much warning as possible for example you know that you need to do something maybe three months down the road and you ask for a couple days of vacation because of

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That if you ask for your vacation too early this might actually be used as leverage against you i’ve seen this myself for example if you ask for one week vacation you only need to take five days off right so you only need about five weeks of advance notice if you say ask for it three months in advance your co-workers and your boss are gonna tend to use this against

You usually it comes up in conversation they might ask you to do something and then they would add in a little blip at the end oh because you’re on going vacation you should do this in this so this would naturally occur more often the earlier that you asked for purification because there’s just simply more time to do it true story here i asked for my vacation i’m

Not gonna say where i went you know just in case someone is watching this video but it was for about a week of vacation and i asked it at a time where the company was very very busy and i was you know doing something very important however i would i’ve been slogging away at it for months and i was just starting to get burnt out i really really needed to go on this

Vacation so i asked for it knowing that you know i might have a small chance of success but i really needed it that’s why i asked for it my boss kinda said no it’s like well we’re actually very busy right now so then i responded with i don’t know what to say i know we have a deadline coming but i’ve been working at this for so long i feel so strung out i feel like

If i keep on going at this i’m just going to snap or something then i got it yes it was a little bit of a show but usually you know even if you feel really bad it’s hard to convey this if you just say it you know with very blank messages you know you’re not emotional about it then it’s easy for your boss to ignore you really this is like a human interaction thing

You have to show the other person that you really needed it be it okay maybe you don’t really need it but personally at the time when i did it i really needed it and maybe i went a little bit overboard kind of acting the part another thing that you can say without so much acting is perhaps you can say well you’ve been working at this and you’re just kind of strung


Out and i really think that my performance is gonna go down if i don’t go on this vacation i really need this you know that’s something that you could just kind of say without kind of getting you know crazy i’d i’m gonna snap type of thing now when you’re actually doing this it’s kind of like a negotiation here it’s kind of sad that you have two weeks three weeks

Four weeks of vacation and you actually have to negotiate for the time that’s yours already at companies they always go well you yes the time is yours except you have to take your time off at a time where aligned with business practices so therefore it’s not like you can take it any time that you want you have to wait until you know it’s not tax season or something

There’s a downtime but it’s just that because sometimes you have a personal life where it does not necessarily align with business goals when you ask for your vacation usually it comes in the way of an informal ask first you go into your boss and go hey you know i’m taking thinking about taking such and such time off before you actually just go in the system if

There is a system and then you fill out you know the requests and stuff with all the paperwork it’s better to just go in to give a warning and then once you go in your boss it’s gonna give you some indication some body language you know something they say you know to reject this once you kind of get a feel for that they’re probably gonna reject it because maybe

You ask for too early or maybe the company is very busy with projects or something you need to give your case for taking your time off you need to give a good reason for it before they actually say no because once they say no they’re actually locked into a pride kind of thing because once they say no it’s their authority that you’re challenging against once it’s

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Been verbalized it’s really hard to take back you probably notice yourself if you happen to say no to something it becomes a bigger hurdle to say okay i changed my mind because this happens a lot less then you know if it goes on in your head and then you approve the vacation you know in the point of view of the boss then it becomes a lot easier so your your job

Here when you ask for informally is to pose where you want to what you want to do how much time you want to get off kind of give a get a gauge for if they’re gonna reject you or not and then if you kind of sense this you have to be ready to make your case before they verbalizing and no this generally is gonna work a lot better than if they actually say no and you

Try to overturn this this decision and thanks for watching this video and think i’m in a very unique position of having work somewhere and now i can just blab all about it you know tell you all the secrets kind of like a person who says too much at the lunch table sometimes they won’t even say something like because it might jeopardize their own position right

Now there is no position for me to jeopardize because i can just tell you all that it is including that 401k front-loading thing a bunch of things that you know where i can just tell you like it is like as if you know we’re friends sitting in a living room outside of company areas and stuff and i can just tell you like it is what you can do to you know make the

Most advantage of things for yourself thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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