How to Hoard Less Stuff

Over time, you may tend to keep more and more things. What do you do with an item you no longer use? Most people would ‘store’ it somewhere never to use it again. By grouping things together, you will be able to quickly see that you have too many of the same item thus allow you to mentally let go of a group of items easier. Let me offer other mental tricks to get rid of things because I feel, mentally letting it go is much harder than actually getting rid of things via selling.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush today i’m gonna talk about how you can hoard less stuff i personally am not that big of minimalist but i do try to reduce the stuff that i have in this effort it’s kind of like an ongoing task where whenever i identify something i listed on ebay and i try to get rid of my junk today i want to share the mentality that

You need to have in order to let go of some of the stuff that you tend to hoard specifically i want to go over some examples where i had to make some very hard decisions and the thinking that allowed me to get rid of those things the first and very easy thing to do where you don’t actually have to get rid of anything is to look through all your stuff and group them

In like items together so if you have a lot of pencils put them all together and then you realize that wow you have a lot of pencils or a lot of stuffed animals or a lot of whatever item it is when you group them together you kind of organize things and you would realize wow this is this is really a lot of of the same item that you have sometimes you have duplicates

Then you can start to kind of get rid of the things that are too much you can go oh okay i want to only keep you know the first two best items that you have of that group and then the rest of it you can get rid of as a very difficult example that i had before i have two very very good earphones these are the stick in your ear kind they are very very high quality

One of them is the triple fight ends the second one is the ue 900s both are very very expensive headphones and the 900s or a bit newer they have quad drivers whereas the triple fightin says three drivers these are high-end earbuds the thinking that went through my mind was i actually liked the sound of the first pair which is cheaper the second pair had this weird

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Spiral cable in it that i did not like however i did like the look of it because it was you know nice and shiny and this as an example it’s going to be similar to what you have because whenever you look at some items right you’re gonna go oh this thing has its merits i like this and this about it but then you have this other item that you like all but i like this

And this about it thing that got me to finally choose which one to pick is that the nicer shiny one the ue900s they had a spiral ii cable i’m like well i don’t like that and i could go and buy a straight cable for it but then that would mean i have to spend more money so i’m like okay i’m gonna put my foot down and go no i’m not gonna spend any more money i’m

Just gonna keep the old ones they’re good enough i like them the new ones the sound is not as bad but they look better so i’m like okay i’m gonna sell that one so really have to go look at the pros and cons of each item and then make really hard decisions on which one you want to keep and once you do it go and get rid of the other thing ebay or whatnot at some

Point i also had these noise-canceling headset i don’t have that many pair of them but then i have this dr. dre de beats awhile ago that i carry around usually whenever i travel because i like the noise canceling aspect of it however i have other headphones that’s not nice castle a–to i have way too many headphones just right here i still have another pair over

Here so they are a little bit different one is noise cancelling another pair you know it’s wireless i still have way too many pairs but i finally decided i don’t want the dr. dre headset anymore because well they are sort of outdated i also don’t like the noise canceling aspect of it because it’s not a perfect noise cancellation there’s a little bit of noise in it

Also the sound quality is really basic it’s not a reference type thing so there’s a lot of concerts and i’m ready to get rid of it but whenever i try to sell it it can only go for a very low price the idea here is yes it used to be valued very high but now i think it was like $60 but you’ve got to get rid of stuff and yes it’s hard to get go of something when you

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Have to sell it at a very very great discount however at the end of the day i got rid of it and i’m actually really glad that this happened it was a hard decision however i have one less of these bulky things laying around and i’m actually happier even though i didn’t get that much money for its i have one less thing to worry about now so just remember when you’re

Letting go of something even though you’re getting a little bit less of it you’re still getting the market price of these things if you have multiple items it’s probably better that you let go of you know some of the superfluous ones something that you don’t really need you just have too many of those units and for me just think about how much more free you’ll be

After you get rid of this item same thing for an ipad i don’t have multiple ipads i do have other tablets however this ipad i just never ever touch anymore therefore i sold it the hard part for me here is looking at the market price of this thing being only $150 it used to be a lot more and the thing that allowed me to get rid of this ipad is to realize that i

Most likely will not use it in the future i have a really good feeling that i won’t be using it but then the thing that keeps me from selling it is because it’s only valued at $150 so i’m taking a really great loss the thing that gets me to actually let it go is to realize that if i keep it any longer it’s just gonna depreciate to zero so i better get rid of it now

And reap the residual amount of value out of it before it goes to zero so that is one of the motivations that you can use now the last and final very good way to help you get rid of stuff is when you have a lot of things around most of time if you’re hoarding it’s more of a what-if situation you you keep something because you go oh what if i need it for so-and-so

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And yes at some point in the future sometimes you might have like one big box of whatever items it is and you go okay yeah i have that because i hoarded you know 100 items and somehow you’re able to pick one item out that you hoarded a long time ago and you’re able to use it therefore you don’t have to buy any more the idea here is you can not hoard these 100 items

Sell it on ebay you can get a lot of cash back okay put this cash stash in your bank account and if you never need one of these items that you need to hoard well go back to ebay and most likely if it’s not a very very unique item you can go back to ebay and buy it back again i guarantee you most likely you will not ever use all the items that you ever hoard maybe you

Know one 100 maybe one-tenth of all the items you ever hoard and you can essentially go back and very easily buy it with a fraction of the money that you got from selling all the stuff that you actually hoarded i hope this video helps you mentally let go of stuff and just kind of make your mind more free and just makes you more comfortable as a person in general

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