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What is going on guys i hope you are doing absolutely phenomenal so we’re doing a little outside video today and we’re talking about how to increase your income i don’t think i’ve ever heard one person in my life ask another person hey would you like to make more income and then say no no i really don’t everybody wants to make more income let’s not fool ourselves

Whether you’re poor whether you’re middle-class whether you’re rich everybody would love to make an extra i don’t know five thousand ten thousand twenty thousand fifty thousand dollars a year let’s be completely honest guys so today we’re going to talk about how you can actually do that like what are the options for you well first off the majority you guys watching

This right now you work for somebody or you work for a company that’s not a killer so i was like the majority you guys watching this right now you work for a company you work for a person and the best chance for you to get more money at your workplace is to get promoted okay so how do you get promoted well most companies it’s you need someone to either die that’s

At that position or you need your company just be expanding at a very rapid rate that they have a lot of open positions that’s a hard thing to do sometimes guys because let’s not kill ourselves i mean especially in the corporate world once you get up the rings people get content there and they like to stay in those spots for 10 20 30 years so you could be waiting a

Decade two decades three decades to finally get promoted to make an extra blet say ten thousand dollars a year an extra twenty thousand dollars you hear it’s a long time you’re waiting a long time you got to be very patient and nothing’s guaranteed right so someone if when that position doesn’t come open maybe you get passed by maybe the boss doesn’t like you maybe

All that hard work for all those years never even counted guys let’s be completely honest how many times does that happen this happened a lot of times so that’s a possibility another thing is a lot of these work places they want you to have a college degree not everybody has college degrees this let’s say maybe you’re in a situation where you went to college for two

Years you got something type agree maybe an associates your workplace they want you to get a bachelor’s degree for whatever reason okay so you go back to school for another two years or let’s say two years two and a half years so you can get your bachelor’s degree at this point well one that’s gonna be very costly on you that’s gonna cost a lot of money coming out

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Of your pocket a lot of money that could be making you other kind of money or you take out loans which then you add up your debt and so now you got more liabilities and you do assets more unlikely that’s not a good situation and beep it in because once you start making that extra money if you start making that extra money then you got to start paying down that debt

That’s no fun so it takes you such a long time to even get ahead of the game so but it’s a possibility you could go that route and you know go to school and do all those kinds of things it’s just it’s gonna be a costly ground at the end of the day and nothing’s guaranteed ok so what other options is well instead of doing that maybe you’re gonna start i don’t know

A side business on the side i mean you say jeremy who work a lot of hours i worked 40 hours a week already i work 45 hours a week starting a side businessman that’s pushing it well you got to have some drive to do this guy’s you got to have some drive if you want to increase your income it’s not like anything’s just easy it’s not like you need to snap a finger and

Let me make an extra 10,000 20,000 30,000 dollars a year it doesn’t work like that that’s not the way the world works otherwise everybody would be doing it right so you’re gonna need some dedication you’re gonna need to put in some work ethic absolutely but think about it this way you put in an extra 20 hours a week into that side business right okay so now you’re

Working essentially 44 students 60 to 65 hours a week it’s a lot of work absolutely but think about it if you were going to school you were going to school you know to get that bachelor’s degree you were going to college one that would be costing you massive amounts of money right whereas if you start that side business more likely you’re gonna be making extra money

You’re gonna be making more money okay that’s the first thing you take into account – you’re gonna be probably spending just as much time getting that other degree you’re probably putting in at least 20 hours a week so really between work that 4045 hours and then what you’re trying to do get that degree you’re really gonna be we’re still working 60 to 65 hours a week

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It’s just 45 hours or whatever is going to be at work and then the other 20 hours plus is going to be school work we’re either being at those classes taking online classes or doing the homework and quizzes and all that crap guys so you know start an aside business is a great passive income stream you could start down the side now you don’t have to quit your job

Or do anything like that the best thing about passive income streams in by the way i got a million videos on this channel about passive income you can check them out they all rack up the views and i even have a book if you feel like you want to spend money i have a book linked in that description about 10 ways to make passive income in 2017 so you restored passive

Income stream the great thing about that is passive income streams they don’t take up ridiculous amounts of time okay you could put in an extra 10 hours 15 hours 20 hours a week toward those and the best thing about them is they make money a lot of those things you can make money when you’re not you’re not even working literally there’s making money from time and

Time again and you it’s fall from stuff you put in work in the past guys it’s a beautiful thing is absolutely beautiful about passive income and most passive income streams cost you virtually no money to start virtually no money the majority of passive income streams i talked about on my channel that i’d teach you guys about they’re all things that you could start

Literally tomorrow with little or no money that is the hook that is like the dream right hated another day and so a lot of different routes you can go you can also let’s say you’re making a good enough income where you put money away and you have savings and stuff you could invest in dividend paying stocks and those stocks will pay you out generally speaking every

Three months they’ll be paying you out money so let’s say you had a hundred thousand dollars saved away she got a hundred thousand dollars and all these dividend stocks averaged know those dividend stocks pays you a three percent yield per year okay so that would be basically you’d be making three thousand dollars in dividend per year so bad that’s not bad but at

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The end the day you’re also risking a hundred thousand dollars with those dividends where as a passive income stream starting that side business you’re risking no money or very little money at the end of the day guys so you know just take those things ruin account when you’re thinking about you know how you want to increase your income you can go back to college

Absolutely it’s gonna be very costly think about think about what kind of business you can create what kind of passive income streams you could create putting in 20 hours a week you know toward those for let’s say two two-and-a-half years think about what type of roi you get on that versus the roi you would not get basically by getting that college degree because

Remember nothing’s guaranteed you’re not even guaranteed to once you get that degree to get that promotion because once again you probably need the person to die or give fire that was in front of you in the first place so you gotta you guys just got to take this thing into into account what’s the best way absolutely create a passive income stream absolutely create a

Side business that hopefully can blossom into your full-time business without question screw the corporate grind through the oh i need this person get fired needing this person to die guys come on now that’s just you’re waiting around you’re waiting around for another person or other people to make decisions instead of taking into your own hands you and you start

A side business when you start a passive income stream you’re taking things into in your own hands at that point you’re controlling your life you’re not waiting upon what other people want you to do or or not do or you know because in the corporate world you’re just waiting on other people and make decisions and that’s that to me it’s just not the way to live guys

That’s just like living like slave mentality i like to call within the day guys so you don’t want to do that dude do what you want but i’m just i’m just trying to help you out as far as you know increasing your income so anyways that’s a video for day i hope you guys absolutely loved it enjoy and have a great day

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