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The Kvartal Sliding Panel Blinds System looks insane to put together. Hopefully this video will guide you a bit so it will not look so daunting to actually try this youself.

Hey what’s up everybody today we’re going to set up an ikea uh bartol sliding panel system it’s going to replace the one behind me here it’s kind of old the one in the back the one i’m going to set up has four panels and i’ve got all the all the little pieces from ikea and i’ll show you those right now since i need four panels to cover the whole width and i want

Them all to stack on top of each other that means i need for total rails i’ve gotten these longer kind of holding systems and to triple rails for the total length and to single rails and then four packs of curtains and then four packs of curtain hold downs and one push rod so you can push the curtains without touching the fabric so i got three of these kivar whole

Extended brackets you need two for one rail and if you have another additional rail you just add one more these things don’t come with them the screws that mount on the wall so you’ll need your own here you see a phillips screw here that holds it in place you essentially slide this in and out so i have two sets of triple rails here each one is fifty five and a

Quarter inches long each one comes with two end caps two attachment pieces two screws to attach to the two the holder and one allen wrench to help you do that come to an instruction sheet it comes with the attachment pieces are embedded inside so you have to loosen it to take it out since i’m using two of them together one one of these pieces will not be needed and

I won’t need two of the end caps by the time i joined everything together the total width i want is ninety four inches therefore i need to cut each one of these down to 47 inches i want to cut both of them so don’t be lazy and just cut one of them and i’ll show you why later on i’ve never actually cut aluminum on this machine before so i’m being extra careful i

Have these hold down clamps so that in case this flies off somewhere it’ll have something to stop it before it hits my face same on this side and i held it down with some cloth so that it won’t damage the and i’m just going to go really slowly down and try and cut this thing pretty clean cut i probably don’t even need much filing here just kind of remove the burrs

So now we’re going to cut the single rail to here’s a slider mechanism for the panel’s there’s two sliders per panel and you can see that these little things are kind of flimsy they’re just gonna roll on these plastic wheels it looks like it won’t last too long given a lot of wear and tear so this thing just slides into here and this is upside down so it’s really

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Gonna hang and pull towards the camera here and then they its glides on the channel here i’m joining the two pieces here together like this and then you just tighten them make sure that the two pieces are flushed together you can feel it right here and then i find it easiest if i tighten one a little bit and then go ahead with the other one i’ve actually noticed

That you do need a couple of these allen wrenches because i wore one out this one kind of stripped until it’s a little bit round now so it doesn’t turn very well so since this whole thing is going to be mounted on the ceiling i thought i just kind of prototype it first before i put it up there so i don’t have to keep on climbing up and down and make sure i know

Where to put all the little stoppers things so i’ll have a triple rail and a single rail after i mount it on this thing it will be stiffer and it will be floppy like this on this rail system you can have two kinds of lowe stopper things there’s this longer one that you can hang a hang the pulling rod and then there is this one that will engage it’s the shorter one

So i need to put three of these brackets up here the wall actually measures 95 inches so i put a line at forty seven and a half here and i can just put it you know eyeball it and then put it down maybe 1/16 of an inch and mark the holes the holes need to be straight so i’ll use this level order so after you’ve made sure that it’s straight you mark the holes and

Then put some holes in there since i don’t know what’s behind there i’m just going to put these drywall things here so they can grip the drywall really well just to be sure so these are the drywall things you can put the screw in there and then it will expand the little plastic piece and holds it into place okay so i got one up okay so i’m going to mount the right

Bracket they’re all mounted about 1/16 of an inch away from the ceiling after i drew the hole i’ll put these little anchors in there okay now we’re ready to mount the bracket make sure the the pointy tip is towards the top so you’re not flipping it before you tighten it all the way you want to make sure is straight hey looks like it fits so it seems like you can

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Mount these things a little tilted like this so i’m using a square to make sure it’s straight before i lift it up there okay i didn’t anticipate this so i actually had to cut the length of this one inch shorter you actually need about one and three-eighths inch clearance from the side so that you can push it all the way to the side and slide it on to to the mounting

Bracket right here if you don’t then it will it won’t slide on to the bracket carefully remove the backing tape from the adhesive the adhesive tends to stick with it i just ripped it open just now with both the tape and the backing so be careful to just remove the backing and take it off like that okay so i’ve done the top the bottom needs to be cut still since

It is the next day and i’ve actually been working on these blind for about five six hours total already so i got really tired yesterday trying to finish this so i just kind of gave up and thought i’d try it again today all this lining panels are hung already i just need to put these at the bottom of each fabric piece so if you look at this i’ve got about a foot

Left over at the bottom i just got a trim ds down and put the bottom on you want these things to hang at the bottom of this lining panels but you don’t want them to drag on the ground so what i’ve decided is to have these things be the spacer between the floor and the ground so by the time i put this on it will be exactly one space of these things above the ground

So if i take this and make it flush with the carpet and mark it right here i’ll cut it one length below this later on so here’s my mark before i mark the line about half an inch below that line all the way across and i made sure it’s perpendicular by using this this ruler here now just cut so here’s the top of the panel you want the screws to be both on the same

Side therefore it’s gonna go in something like this that means this sheet needs to be on the front side so it’s gonna fold backwards like this okay now put the screws in okay now one panel is ready so this unfortunate thing happened this slides went from about the middle towards the end and it’s hit the end and this thing broke because of that i’m gonna have to

Figure out a way to put make one of these new and attach the pushrod that’s what pushes the thing so you don’t have to touch a fabric okay check it out now it’s finally done and i just have this push stick to left over to install but that little plastic piece that was broken keeps me from doing that i’ll be fixing that later so i broke this plastic piece here and

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I’ve made one out of aluminum it’s really thin i just cut it and then put some holes in it now it fit in here and the rod can hang from here and then go downwards okay so now let’s push this thing and see how it works 10 push from the right to the left and you open it all the way i would normally have this broad here but i work again and close it back up i would

Normally open it from this right side but you can also do that or now it’s stuck seems like there’s some issues with the single rail the alignment to it it looks like it wants to be closer to the third rail okay ikea if you’re watching look at all these instruction booklets i have i have way too many of them so instead of having all these instruction booklets

Just omit them from your products and just take the customers receipt which knows what products a customer bought and then you can go to a vending machine or whatnot and scan your receipt and they’ll spit out the whatever number of correct instruction booklets that you need on top of that look at all these extra pieces i have from from the product i have two of

These little little extra thingies and some end caps and some screws and wow look at it i got like i don’t know six allen wrenches these allen wrenches are actually not very durable they strip very easily so one thing that took really long is after i cut the aluminum extrusions i noticed that there’s a lot of aluminum flakes in there i know that if it gets in the

Rails it would actually eat away at the at the plastic bearing so i actually took them and wash them out and it took a long time to clean them dry them and then i had to renew rotate them with silicone lubricant yes don’t forget to lubricate the rails or or else it won’t slide very smoothly so you need to lubricate those those rail things they’re not ball bearings

So you need to make sure is lubricated so it won’t wear out and easily so if you watch this video and decided to get your own sliding panel thing don’t forget to let me know in the comments below and if you like this video please click like and subscribe thanks for watching

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