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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about how do you invest $500 the majority of my subscribers on this channel a lot of you guys have $500 sitting around and you’re like what should i do with this should i stick my money here so i do this with my money today i’m

Going to answer those questions for you guys there’s definitely three wait i see you can possibly go with investing $500 there’s three different ways we’re going to discuss all those and after this video i hope if i succeed it that you can figure out okay i want to go this route or this route but there’s really only three routes you can go with it guys so i hope

You enjoyed it stay leave a thumbs up if you and do and let’s get into this so number one you could invest that $500 back into yourself so let’s say you don’t really understand income statements you’ll really understand balance sheet like you want to start really investing in stock work and you don’t really understand it and you’ve never you don’t really understand

A line categories and and you try to google stuff or watch videos and it’s just not working out for you you might want to take an accounting courses your local community college most local community colleges charge like 200 to let’s say $350 per class so if you’ve got 500 bucks you can potentially take two classes to classes at your local community college so

Maybe you want to take that accounting class in that way you have a full semester of learning all the basics around accounting you learn all everything about income statements and balance sheets and cash flows all the basics you’re going to learn it all in that entry-level accounting class maybe you want to do that maybe you want to take a psychology course like

Psychology courses will help you dramatically in life you will just understand the way people think it will help you if you have to sell products to people it will help you in your your family life in just dealing with humans in general because people that don’t understand psychology they don’t really understand why someone makes a decision and why they make that

Decision if you understand sigh called you like you can look at a situation why somebody’s treating you bad or whatever and you just understand psychologically why they’re doing that or why they’re not buying this product or this service you’re trying to sell or why you’re you’re not connecting with your boss in order to get that promotion those kinds of things

You will be able to understand that if you don’t want to take the community college classes you could also invest in buying books for yourself you’d go on amazon and you know the library has tons of books as well but the library doesn’t have all the books in the world so you can go on amazon look at all the different books you might be interested in that you feel

Like would help you know business books business 101 you know you can read biographies on all different people that have succeeded in business you can read all that stuff your business in law like how business and politics work you could buy a ridiculous amount of books on amazon for five hundred dollars guys you could get like at least probably 50-plus books that


You could spend in the next six months reading all these books and that might help you dramatically and like that might just help you greatly because investing in yourself that’s something that’s lifelong that’s something that’s lifelong that you’re going to be able to carry with yourself forever so that’s huge guys like you know buying buying those books or go

To library and things like that or go into community college classes or or if you found there’s a really great class online that someone teaches maybe a you know someone that’s a business you know legend just teaching some class online maybe you want to take that something like that guys but investing in yourself is definitely probably the best way in my opinion

Of all these three of investing that five hundred dollars in yourself because that’s going to carry with you for life that knowledge you’re going to gain guys the second way is into stocks so you could absolutely invest have five hundred dollars in the stocks now if you’re investing five hundred dollars in the stocks you’re probably making your first investment

In the stock market ever you’re probably brand new to stock market investing i have a hundred videos general for stock market for beginners those videos should help you out dramatically if you’re watching this and you’re one of those people but if you’re in that situation you’re like okay what do i do like the most important things when you’re in that very early

Start is make sure you’re only investing in companies you really understand the business like you really know that business like it’s easy you understand it’s hopefully probably a big cap company like a very high valuation company not not in the terms of a high p/e ratio but more like a big market cap like company it has a big competitive mode around it like a

Coca-cola or something like that that would be really hard to knock like that off a general electric a johnson & johnson something like that guys that’s a little bit of a safer company you’re not going to get as big a games but at the same time you’re not going to you know make it maybe get a huge loss like you would on a volatile stock and then scare you

Away from the stock market for life because you don’t want to be scared away from the stock market right you know and it’s very easy when you’re just starting out to get scared away it’s like the kid that goes for football practice the very first day a tackle football right and you know some big guy comes and runs him over kids might never want to play tackle

Football again because his entry level into the thing the very first day was not so good guys so think about it that way just make sure you’re investing companies you understand make sure you look you’re reading through that 10-k 10-q even if it’s only 500 bucks you’re investing but you just want to make good habits from the very big bill you want to make good

Habits from the very get go go to the investor relations page read it in the read then you’ll report read the 10k list in the conference call you really understand it then you go ahead and put your money in the only downside with the stocks is you know in order for you to double up your money it’s going to take years you know what i mean to get just that $500 into

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$1,000 it’s probably going to take you five two let’s say ten years to double up your money whereas if you invest that money in yourself like the first one we talked about you know those games could be ridiculous you could get from yourself because because of a lot of different reasons you might just know how to get promotions better at your workplace or start

Businesses or those kinds of things guys the third way in the last way that you can invest $500 is you can invest in equipment or whatever you need to start a business or a passive income stream so let’s say you want to open up a little house cleaning business on the side like maybe you already got a job but you like you just want to start something on the side

Get something going maybe you want to start that house cleaning business you could buy all the chemicals you possibly need in the paper towels and all this stuff to be a house cleaner right or an office cleaner or whatever you could buy all that stuff for 500 bucks like almost the businesses you could possibly start you could buy all the equipment you need like

The bare necessities for five hundred dollars at the end of the day like let’s say you want to do something on social media so you need a pretty good camera and you’re maybe your cell phone doesn’t have a very because you got an you know some camera that are some cellphone that’s like five years old or whatever then you could potentially get you know a canon t5i

Or something for four hundred bucks and you could use that if you’re trying to do something on instagram or facebook and trying to build a passive income stream that way or youtube or whatnot like the the passive income way or starting a side business that has potential to make you ridiculous amounts of money like you could potentially make $10,000 in your first

Year doing that side business or passive income stream and that’s not even killing it that’s just like you’re doing okay you could make $10,000 you just made your $500 into ten thousand dollars in a year that’s huge guys that’s huge and that is not killing it once again that’s just you know you put in the work and you know your 10 20 maybe 30 extra hours a week

Which most people have out there instead of watching you know netflix for seven hours or watching game of thrones for 17th time you could go ahead in you know do something on the side make some side income it bugs me how many people complain about their situations in life or you know and things like that and yet they have so much time they have so much time and

They they spend that time sitting around drinking a beer on the couch just you know talking about how crappy their life is instead of going out there and starting that little side business that they have the potential to do or that passive income stream or something like that they’d rather just sit around waste time and complain rather than go out and do it and

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That just really frustrates me because it’s absolutely possible and if you’re looking for you know different passive income ideas different side businesses you start i have a lot of videos on this channel talking about different passive income streams you can get different on you know a businesses you can start on the side that won’t take up necessarily a full

Time job type thing but you can start them on the side and work that way guys so those are the three ways investing yourself my opinion probably the biggest you know educate yourself on whatever you need to be educated in especially if you’re trying to get in a business world or investment world which if you’re watching this channel you’re probably trying to go

That route stocks it’s okay i love soft market investing like that’s one of my favorite things in life if not my favorite right but i’m not the best way to invest $500 in my opinion because you’ve got little money you’re trying to get to big money you’re not going to get to big money through making that five hundred dollars into a thousand dollars over the next

Five to ten years it’s not going to happen that way you need to dramatically increase your income so then you have big money to invest in and that money can make you you know you can invest $100,000 $100,000 increases to 200,000 over the next five years and then over the next five years from two hundred thousand four hundred thousand those type of things but it

Also like just as important in yourself is is buying equipment to start a side business or whatever you need to start a side business or passive income stream like that has a that has a great opportunity to make you dramatic amounts of money dramatic amounts of money in a very quick amount of time you know and if you’re killing it you’re killing it with that side

Business your passive income stream you can potentially be bringing there forty plus thousand in the very first year but that’s not going to be everybody right but i think it’s absolutely possible to bring in an extra five to 10 k size business passive income within the first year guys and you start it with $500 you start with $500 so i hope you enjoyed this today

Guys that’s how i would invest $500 those are really your three only options i see out there guys so let me know if you enjoyed this hit that thumbs up button if you did if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance on the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we

Talk stock market investing more than anything check out my book is linked in that description it goes through all of my personal stock market strategy thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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HOW TO INVEST $500 By Financial Education

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