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Great you have $100,000 and you understand quite a bit about the stock market so the question is now how do you go about investing that $100,000 today imma share with you guys how i would go about investing $100,000 into the stock market i cannot wait to share this with you guys 2day good any subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this

Is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about how you invest $100,000 guys i’m going to basically take you through the steps on how i would invest $100,000 guys so i did a how to invest $10,000 video and asked you guys did you want to see how to invest $100,000 video and i have an overwhelming response that you guys did want to see this how to

Invest $100,000 videos so here we are today and we’re doing it so here’s the question do you guys want next month for me to do how to invest $1,000,000 video let me see in the comment section if you guys are interested in that if you are i’ll do it if you’re not really that in our student i won’t do it so let’s see for you guys if you want it so first off how to

Invest $100,000 we’re assuming we’re assuming that you’re someone that has been studying the stock market for a while maybe you’ve even gabbled in the stock market a bit but you have a very good understanding of it you maybe you’re not like an advanced advanced investor but you’re at least at a moderate level guys so that’s what we’re assuming here you’re not just

Like you know one day you looked in a stock market now you want to throw $100,000 that you’ve been studying it for a while you’ve been watching my videos you’ve been reading books on it you really understand but pretty fully what the stock market is how it works things like that guys so that’s what we’re assuming today any of you have $100,000 around you want to

Invest it so let’s go ahead and get into this guy’s you get eight steps we’re going through on how i would go about doing it leave a thumbs up if you enjoy this guy’s let’s get into this number one i would put $25,000 in my number one stock so the number one stock would be a growth stock so we want to make sure it’s growth focused so one thousand dollars you’re

Starting to get a little more defensively focused i would get a little more defensive at $100,000 then i would be at $10,000 investing and certainly more than a thousand dollars investing so and you’ll notice if we keep going with these videos as amounts get higher we will start to get a little more defensive but at $100,000 it’s still about growth it is still

About growing that dollar amount in and growing it in the best way possible so i would put $25,000 in my number one stock which would hopefully be a growth stock i stalk that you know the revenues are growing up pretty nicely the eps growing up pretty nicely but the pease not too ridiculous on that stock so $25,000 so 25% of portfolio goes in that one stock the


Stock debt if you had to put all hundred thousand dollars in it you would put in that stocks you’re like oh this is what i believe in the most this is the one that’s going to do so phenomenal miss annette you know and you’ve researched it so well that’s the one stock i’m talking about guys so $25,000 into that one stock is what i would do number two i would put

$15,000 in my number two stock now my number two stocks needs to be in a different industry than my number one stock so you can’t just i mean at least i wouldn’t i wouldn’t just put you know my number my number one soccer my number two stock in the same exact industry because we’re talking about now $25,000 at first stock $15,000 in our second stock that’s 40%

Of your portfolio you do not really want 40 percent of your portfolio especially if you’re only a moderate investor maybe if you’re an expert investor and you have a huge insight on the market and things like that maybe you can do that but if you’re in a moderate investor you don’t want to have 40% of your portfolio in basically only one industry so especially

At $100,000 so i would take two different industries there so don’t just make sure to tech companies those just by coke and pepsi and those are number one number two stocks those are in obviously in the same industry so if they do really crappy together guess what they’re both your stocks are going to be horrible and 40 percent of your portfolio is going to be

Garbage guys so make sure it’s another growth company we’re focused on growth feelers talk to stocks and focus on a different industry than the one that was your number one of stock guys that takes us into step number three $10,000 into a third stock whatever is the third best stock you like out there but this stock is not necessarily a growth stock this stock

Is a value stock a value stock meaning of stock debt is very safe it’s a huge company that has a very good per pet ative mode and they’re not likely to get knocked off anytime soon guys so a safety stock maybe it’s a coca-cola or a johnson & johnson or something like that guy’s a procter & gamble a necessity based company that they’re not going anywhere

Anytime soon guys so $10,000 into that stock so basically we have $50,000 invested 50 percent on portfolio and that takes us into or actually yeah $50,000 at this point we have invested that takes us into step number four which is you’re going to want to put $5,000 each in stock number four in stock number five so you can have a fourth favorite stock on a fifth

Saver stock $5,000 each in each of those guys so basically those stops also you want those to be value stocks so your third your fourth in your fifth or all value stocks you have lower amounts of money invest in those stocks but in some safety around your portfolio so you don’t have to risk it guys and it’s not too scary at this point so another couple more value

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Stocks in there so you’ve got a total of five stocks you’re holding now guys now it goes into step number five which is basically you’re going to you’re going to have $40,000 left over at this point because you got 25k and you’re number one you have 15k and number two that’s $40,000 you get 10k in your third stock that we’re up to 50,000 and then you got 5k each

Of the number stocks number 4 number 5 so that $60,000 invested so you’ve got $40,000 on the sidelines for the first three months your investment on stocks i would not touch that extra $40,000 i would not touch it now $40,000 just is in your account you’re just watching everything that’s going on with those stocks you’re also looking out for more stocks maybe you

Want to buy or sell or whatnot but you’re not touching anything for the first three months you got your 60,000 and that’s it and then that goes into step number six which is basically after three months is up so three months is up you can decide if you want to sell anything may you do maybe you don’t maybe you don’t want to sell anything at that point maybe you

Want to hold all your shares you got currently but maybe there’s one sock here or maybe even two stocks you’re like why the hell am i in this stock i don’t really like this stock so if you don’t like that stock you can go ahead and sell it off the back at that point guys after that three months is up number seven going into step number seven coming up to the end

Here guys you’re going to invest twenty five thousand plus anything you sold into those other stocks but make sure you always have about five stocks to invest in guys make sure you don’t really go into that amount especially if you’re only a moderate investor so basically now at this point you’re going to have a minimum of seventy-five thousand dollars invested so

You’re only going to have twenty five thousand dollars left over at this point so you got seventy five case you’re starting to get in heavy on the market now you’ve got almost all that money pushed in but it’s not quite pushed in so and if you want to maybe our cost average down the stock may be one it may be your number one stock let’s say for instance maybe that

Went down ten percent well if it went down ten percent and you still like the company just as much you would always stick you know that twenty five thousand dollars in that stock or ten and divide it among the stocks things like that guy so you have 75 k invest it now and this goes into step number eight which is the last step at the six-month mark so when you

Hit six months you’re going to basically invest that final twenty five thousand and you can average down in any positions you like but try to old 5 stocks guys try to hold 5 stocks and in at this point so you’re six months in now you’re going to have all hundred thousand dollars invested out there and hopefully maybe you made a little bit of money so maybe it’s a

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Little more than a hundred thousand dollars you got invested we’ll see but hopefully that’s the way it goes in like i said you can average down on positions you know maybe stock number three maybe that value stock that you had quite a bit of money in they used up $10,000 and right off the bat maybe it went down ten percent you only have nine thousand maybe you

Want to put another 10k toward that stock or something like that guy so that’s how i would do it you would basically have all the thousand dollars invested at that point you would have it diversified between some growth stocks some value stocks things like that maybe you average down from position leave you got rid of a position that wasn’t that great to begin

Less things like that so you didn’t just wake up one day and you’re like okay i know quite a bit about some markets now or put hundred thousand always in today oh you kind of went slowly over six month period to get to that point of having $100,000 invested here guys and that’s basically how i would play that’s how i would play it if i was a moderate investor now

A question might be jeremy is $100,000 you have it all in five stocks why not more than five stock at this point with that amount of money i think five stocks is about right especially if your modern investor anything more than that i think you might get a little too unfocused in your portfolio you might get into too many things that you might have no clue about

And might be a little hard to track so i think five stocks as long as they’re you know between value and growth i think that’s a good that’s a good amount guys that’s a fair amount there and we’re putting a little more safety than we were playing with 10k and of the 10k video how to invest $10,000 a lot more safety than how to invest $1,000 video and if i do that

How to invest $1,000,000 video if you guys want that video i’ll go into we’re going to get even a little safer because as you get the higher amount it becomes more and more about preserving wealth than making wealth guys so that’s something we’ll notice if we keep going on with this series every month guys so i hope you enjoyed this how to invest $100,000 video

I really enjoyed sharing with you guys it was a lot of fun today hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed it if you just came across this channel and not subscribed yet you may want to we talked personal finances channel i’m an actual business owner give away a lot of my business tips on this channel we talked the stock markets down most of the channel out of everything

Including videos i’ve done the past like how do we list a thousand dollars how to invest ten thousand today how to invest 100 thousand and maybe next month how to invest a million dollars thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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