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How to invest in stocks for beginners – RICH TV LIVE – November 2, 2018 – Today I collaborate with Nika Domi from Mind Your Wealth to help you learn how to start investing. Smash the like button and comment down below. Subscribe to Nika Domi Here –

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich and i’m with my very special guest nika domi from mine your wealthy how you doing today nika i’m very good it’s friday and we get to take a little breath everything’s awesome it’s been a crazy week monday was a nightmare and the rest of the week was just green and we hashed very very strong today in the green and

Especially in america for cannabis talks huge day in america for cannabis talks a green day in canada as well but what we want to talk about today is the topic that i’ve been getting a lot of questions about me tell rich nika how do you get started in the stock market if if i’m a new investor how do i buy stocks how do i get started in investing how do i become

You know an investor how do i how do i invest in cannabis talks i’m getting it every day you are – so since you’re new relatively new and investing in stocks why don’t you tell everyone how you started first of all well my biggest thing is you have to get rid of theory you just have to jump in and definitely start small start somewhere where you really you know

You feel comfortable that you’re not gonna need that money for a while or maybe you know start with something to practice look so i actually didn’t take that advice that seems right i wanna give to others i started quite large actually i was like you know what i think the universe wants me to do this i’m doing it i’m putting in an amount of money that will you

Know make me something out of it but how i started a friend of mine actually as i mentioned in a previous video has came to me and said listen you have to get take a look at these stocks as they’re flying i’ve made quite a bit of money you need to really go to the bank and open yourself a tax-free savings account which is what i did really quickly from there

If you get this one which is easy use with which baby i went with cibc i’m still a student so i’m at mcmaster university actually finishing my degree in social psychology and also minor in religious studies which is like going to the movies basically it’s just so much fun but yeah it’s a university they’ve been awesome and because of that i got a student like

A really good price for the trade so i’m pretty happy with and you get a really easy cool app on your phone where you just take it anywhere with you and instead of checking your instagram you’re like i check my stocks and also okay and what kind of tools do you yeah so you you have an account at cibc here in canada you yeah you you said you want to get involved

You got some money now you’ve set up an account you went to the bank to set up your account now what what do you do now where do you find the tools how do you do your research so my favorite thing at the beginning was just going onto google as soon as you type in you know it’s so easy just type in cannabis stocks or the stock market and it’ll pop up and as soon

As you type in one company just google one company type it in and type in stocks and you’ll get the price right on there in google you click on it and you see a little chart and that chart was what really i found very easy to work with because it showed me if you zoom it out for example to the year past till you go a year back and you see the whole year of the

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Performance of that company so you could see how they’ve done whether they’ve been going straight up whether they’ve been going up and down and you get the idea and you can see whether they’ve been kind of rising or falling and you judge the stock by that so i really found that little google thing easy but then later i found a bar chart and that’s another app on

My phone that i found very newbie friendly leds called it that in that one shows you such an easy way of looking at a stock where you to the kendall stock and i really like the candle stock because you can see it’s so easy green candles means there was lots of sales volume red candles means that they were down and you could kind of judge how the company’s been

Doing based on that and bar chart gives you a lot of other information to compare so you have to look at the volumes you have to look at the year back is a pretty good indicator and then i also look a month i are back and then i look five days back just to get an idea and really just sit there stare at it read it you know get the feel for it because you have to

Kind of meditate on it you can’t just be all over the place give it some time now one of the things that we’ve done here rich tv live is we’ve created a community that can help people so what we’ve done is we lana have groups we’ve got our own social media platform on amino you guys can go to wwe tv you can go to hover over contact and you’ll see our

Secret stock picks group that’s our me know social media platform that’s a community for you the people to go and talk with each other and share ideas and share pics and share opinions and do polls and votes and it’s such a great tool that we’re just getting started and we’ve got a whatsapp group that’s full with about 257 of some of the greatest minds all over

The world that are giving picks 24 hours a day seven days a week so we’re constantly getting information we’re constantly getting knowledge so one of the best ways for people to learn is to surround themselves with other people that are also learning that are sharing information and sharing knowledge because the newbies they really sorry what i hear from a lot

Of people and what i really found good about it is people like a sense of community they feel like they’re not alone and you make a lot of really new new cool friends that you can actually make money with the day we make money together where did we stick together right so there’s no hate there’s nothing no judgment everybody is super helpful and the amino app

Has been a really big part of my beginnings too because it really gave me that chance of hearing what others are talking about often what happens if somebody will come and they say hey i’m new i was just about to buy bla bla bla stock and then you see another member say ah i’ve been waiting on that one i’m watching that one so maybe you know think about it and

You’ll get the idea but you know what maybe i will think about it and so many people have come back and let’s say they said you know what i’m so glad i waited so you get so many good tips and you feel like you’re not alone you make a lot of good friends there and that is a huge support because you can sometimes be a little depressed sometimes you’re happy you

Know so it just depends on how it goes but you get a lot of great tips from there i think there’s a lot of tools that i that i use that i have used over the years one of the first things i would do set up a bank account once you set up your bank account in america you could use etrade fidelity td ameritrade internationally you can use invested interactive brokers


You can use e trade in canada you can use td bank cibc rbc scotia bank they all have brokerage houses where you can buy and sell stocks ok the next thing you do is go into your bank and say listen i want to set up an account they’ll give you access you feel some paperwork and then once you’ve filled the paperwork they’ll say ok you can now transfer money in

You can start buying stocks so the next thing is how do i decide which stocks the next thing i would do is i would go to investing com another free account you can set up and create a watchlist create a portfolio and then what you do is you come to rich tv live take a look at all of our videos we’ve done about almost 900 videos and take a look at all the pics

We’ve done and take all those pics and put it in a portfolio and then you like any other pics that you’ve heard from anyone else or any pics that you might be watching yourself and add it to your portfolio and start watching it every single day start watching it start reading their news start watching their financials and some of the things that are meant for

In stocks i look for volume meaning how many shares is the stocks trading ok you can go to otc markets calm in canada you can go to tm x-com which is the tsx website and you can go there and you can actually type in the stock symbol and you can find out the volume you can find out the issued an outstanding shares if the stock is trading over a million dollars

A day in volume that’s a very good sign how do you decide how do you determine how much volume if it’s trading over a million shares and it’s at $1 that’s a million dollars a day so that’s a good way to think about it if it’s trading over a million dollars a day in volume that’s substantial cannabis stocks have ridiculous volume so the number one reason why i

Invest in cannabis stocks is that they have the most volume yeah they do davis by far in canada they have the most volume there’s nothing even comes yeah when you look at aurora stock all the cannabis stocks that are good companies have crazy volume so in look at volume be look at their chart go back to the one year chart look at their 52-week low and look at

Their 52-week high that’s another important thing to me clue is the logo we call it and 52-week high is the high high you want to be buying at 52 we close and selling at 52 we guys don’t chase those stocks you’re violent 52-week highs who are playing with fire you want to buy a 52 we close sell it 52-week highs don’t buy a 52-week highs sell at 52 we close okay

So i’m gonna buy in the red selling the green and you want to invest in great companies if you invest in penny stocks and you invest in risky companies and you invest in companies no one’s ever heard of you have a much bigger chance of losing money yeah if you invest in great companies like aurora can like canopy growth like africa the three biggest in the

Cannabis sector all every have been huge winners look at their chart all three have been up thousands of percent watch yeah they’re huge new people really have to watch that because they hear so many things everywhere being said and they don’t know you know what to believe so the best thing is when you don’t know all the companies when you’re not familiar with

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Them pick the ones that are the most talked about the most popular the biggest ones because you really can’t lose with with the giants i mean they’re gonna go up and down and you have to know that that’s what my friend told me actually he said listen just don’t yell at me when you see the money going with you know going down and i don’t i don’t find a problem but

Then as soon as i saw the money going down and you know is it will go up and down that is nature and i started panicking like i know he said it but i’m still panicking you know the funny thing about investors is on monday the market was crashing everybody was panicking and did i panic did i ever panic no i was sick to my stomach yeah i was not happy pissed off but

I never panic that i said guys as ugly as this is as disgusting as this yes this is an incredible buying opportunity yeah even as early as this morning before the market opened i told everybody that the green organic dutchman was the best two dollar forty five cent stock in the world and yet they do after i said that today they skyrocketed all the way to $3.77

Because they do invest in good companies with money in the bank small amount of shares little to no debt strong management team great products hot sectors you’re gonna win yeah for sure now remember guys rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment professors do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here rich

Tv live nikka we gotta go we gotta go we can’t go too long sure friday night guys nikka is doing amazing she already has like 150 subscribers we’ve only done two videos this is like you but i got a lot of knowledge to share with you i got a lot of psychology background so i’m going to be talking about you know the theories and everything that is actually proven

To work and it’s really gonna help you make more money and make better relationships in life and so on so subscribe to my channel give me some patience it’ll pay off and the stocks and nika is proof that women are not only able to survive in this marketplace but thrive and i believe based on his story okay that women are actually statistically better traders

Than men and i want to be able to prove that by working with more women like this handyman collaborating talking about your experiences talking about your gut instincts talking about what stocks you’re looking at you’re watching and i think a video like this will really help some of the people that are getting into this industry now what i learn about how to

Get into stocks how do i invest in stocks where do i get started so guys if you want to get started just go to wwe tv okay contact me there email me at rich tv live at we’ll invite you to some of our groups everything is free we don’t want your money ladies come on down you have any questions just you go on my channel put in the comment and

I’m gonna reply to you and you know we’ll work let’s work together and let’s go get it if we all work together we can make money on good days we can make money on bad days we can make money every day if we are all working as a unit as a community remember if i win and you win we all win we land for sure you’re not winning you’re not watching nika have yourself

A great weekend thank you so much for this once again let’s go check another thing we thank you for watching guys we love you

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