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How to look rich but be frugal at the same time. Looking rich has its social advantages so there is an upside for doing so. Trying small quantities of very expensive things helps reduces the total expenditure and yet you have tried it and can talk about it.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how to look rich but the approval at the same time previously i’ve talked about how you can build wealth a lot easier if you do not try to look rich all the time however there is a slight argument for looking rich because there are social advantages let me just reiterate that for most

People if you want to be rich you really need to stop trying to look rich because you can think of yourself as a honey badger and a honey badger is badass and he doesn’t give it what people think but if you must let’s get on with looking rich on a budget because looking rich still has its social advantages one of the things i think really helps with becoming a rich

Person kozar is to try small quantities of very expensive things then you try to tastefully integrate this expensive thing in the background of whatever you’re doing for example if you have a really nice handbag put it in the background of some really cheap coffee and just say oh i’m having coffee with my friends you can also do things on the weekend and save it

For the weekday and make it seem like you’re actually going out on a weekday you can also try to travel internationally once a year and if you cannot afford this term credit cards in order to pay for it now how do you do this basically get a high credit score and then apply for one of those credit cards i have a really high signup bonus then you quickly meet the

Signup bonuses by buying gift cards use plastic to pay off your bills or you can prepay your utility bills and you can quickly fill up maybe four thousand dollars worth of spending now whenever you’re trying something extraordinary or at a unique travel destination make sure to take a lot of pictures so you can reuse them later on extra ordinary could be trying


A new restaurant that just opened and then you can just plaster it over facebook or instagram if you’re trying first-class for some reason make sure to take a lot of pictures so you can reuse them later where you can go home look um and a first-class thing oh look i’m at it again but that might be a little bit aligning to it might catch up to use generally you

Can get a feel of what an expensive thing is like just so that you can talk about it so if you can just try it just once it has minimal impact on your bottom line for example you can go skydiving one time and never go again and then you can talk about it for a lifetime you can just barely know about offering just enough to be able to use the driving range as well

Know more about expensive foods such as caviar the difference between wagyu and kobe steak what different high-end wines maybe you take a class or two and then you don’t actually have to buy those expensive bottle of wine you just have a taste of it just enough to know what better wine tastes like i personally was very curious about caviar so i bought some from

Costco actually i bought like a 2 ounce tank and i basically just ate it it was like $60 and it was very expensive so it came with this silver container you’re supposed to put a whole bunch of ice here put this on here and then this is the tray for the caviar yeah i don’t know what to do with this maybe i can melt this down and get the silver out of it i didn’t

Even actually make it go with crackers or anything i just took a scoop out and just really tasted it because i really wanted to figure out what it tasted like by itself sometimes when you go to a restaurant they just put like a few balls on it and you can eat those forever and you would never know what the caviar itself tastes like basically it tasted a bit fishy

And salty if you had acura in sushi it’s basically those orange balls shrunken down and then there’s a slight nutty flavor to it wagyu co basic i’m sure people can be a lot more versed in this than myself but there’s select choice and prime level usda the prime level is generally what high-end steak houses serve however it gets a bit higher than that because

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Sometimes they have wagyu which tries to mimic the cool babies where there’s more marbleization and then kobe has various levels of marbleization i think there’s 14 and generally in the u.s. they serve kobe level 7 because anything from 8 to 14 it just tastes like a blob of fat apparently i haven’t had 8 to 14 yet but maybe one day i will i think i didn’t even

Have official kobe because comes at like $200 every 3 ounces i did have some australian wagyu i only had it once or twice but i’m able to talk about it and i remember sitting at a table with a bunch of executives and they’re just amongst themselves talking about oh yeah you know alexander steak house is really good blah blah blah i mean i’ve been there before and

I don’t understand the need of constantly showing up because that’s what they were doing to each other and i was able to talk about it just fine but that kind of showing off isn’t my thing in here just kind of one-up each other and i’m just watching and they’re like oh yeah you know i tried this wine or i tried this place i was just there last weekend or something

Anyway moving on to looking rich you can buy a fancy sports car used and it won’t cost you that expensive kind of like me when i bought my used porsche for 20k about 10 years ago you can imagine because i keep it in pretty good condition i’ve had people walk up to me and for a person that’s never bought a porsche before and they don’t know the pricing of that they

Always think that it’s very very expensive usually when people guess they would guess about $50,000 but really the value of it today is only about six or seven thousand dollars so buying a used expensive luxury car can be very easy on your pocketbook and yet you can still look pretty rich now if you want to look rich you want to have at least one expensive item

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In your wardrobe and the rest can be pretty cheap for example i bought this quality jacket from diesel and this thing is crazy expensive and i have no idea what went on in my head when i bought this but this thing was something like $350 yeah diesel is really expensive but i guess if i want to look nice and show off then maybe i can wear this jacket you know it

Has these zippers and all these buttons and things then i can go hey guys yeah you know generally i don’t even care about looking rich but maybe sometimes i need to look a little more presentable than just you know just t-shirt and jeans so i guess you know wearing this jacket would kind of do so you guys what do you think of this shirt is pretty nice for it it’s

Merino wool from banana republic and it retails for roughly $90 but people don’t have to know that actually paid nothing for this sweater but now that i made this youtube video if people are watching they probably now know that i got this for free anyway i think it looks elegant enough because it’s like a really nice and soft sweater and it’s simple and i think

This gives a rich look right what do you guys think lastly you need to know how to take care of your skin because for someone that’s confident and basically rich looking they have clear looking skin i’ll put that video over here if you’re interested in checking that out i hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to look rich don’t forget to give me a like on this video

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