How to Lower Your Internet Bill

Almost everyone has a home internet bill. You might not be paying for it, but if you do, you will want it as low as possible. Unfortunately, they do not offer simple pricing that is fixed for everyone. Rather, the price operates more like buying a used or new car. That is, it really depends on what you say. Let me show you the ways to force a lower price, at least as much as you can assuming your ISP does not have a monopoly in your area.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about how you can lower your monthly internet rate for this video i literally sat around the table thinking well how can i put more money into my subscribers pocket now lowering your internet prices is sora like buying a new or used car you need to employ a little bit of leverage in order to

Convince the other party to lower it for you the customer service on the other hand does have a little bit of leeway on reducing your prices but they’re not just gonna come right out and give you the lowest rate that they can you sort of need some special magic words to tell them and then they’ll go okay you know you said the right thing now they’re gonna give

You the lowest prices now i’m going to show you the steps that you need to take to lower your internet prices now these are the exact steps i followed this past week i got my internet pricing from $50 a month to $40 a month with a higher speed the first thing that you should do is google internet prices in your area go look up your exact home address and see the

Available services and then you can go and look at what those rates are and just find something comparable to what you currently have if it’s cheaper than what you currently have then you have a little bit of leverage that you can use with the customer service write down all these cheaper prices and sort of figure out the installation cost to have that in mind but

You do not necessarily have to tell the customer service that you’re gonna have to pay installation fees just tell them how much it is per month at let’s say xfinity cable modem how much speed you have up and down and how much it costs every single month and just draw all this down to be used later now the thing to keep in mind with negotiating these prices is

That you’ve got to keep in mind that you need to be flexible you need to be so flexible that in case that they reject you lowering your internet prices that you will indeed go and switch you will indeed cut off your internet right there and go with a different supplier this gives you several advantages because if you’re not really good at bluffing you know that

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You’re absolutely going to do this so your tone of voice really comes across who the representative they go wow you know this guy he’s really going to switch so we got a really need to give them a really low price to keep them as a customer now the next thing you do is call your isp up about 1 to 4 weeks before your contract expires if you have a contract if you

Do not have a contract you can call right away the reason why i say you need to call some time before your contract expires is because you know your contract is gonna expire you are going to take some action and switch and it’s like immediately actionable therefore when you talk to the customer service they’ll know that the date of changing for you is imminent if

They do not give you a lower price right then and there then they might go well you know just call back you know several months later when your contract is up you can’t really change your deal right now because you still have the current contract so timing is also important here you need to call a little bit before your contract expires so on the day that you call

Them you just say hey you know my internet prices is so-and-so i want it lowered i’ve checked with other isp providers they can provide a certain price and quote them you know say how much it is per month say how much speed that you’re gonna get and you know they’re gonna work on their thing they might not talk with their manager they’re gonna go oh yeah you know

This guy you know come back with all these solid data points and this guy is really going to switch if we don’t really give them a lower price so they’re gonna negotiate with their supervisor or something and give you a really good deal you might wonder what might happen if you do not take these process and give them these quotes of these numbers if you just ask

Them planing hey i want to lower my internet fees you’re just gonna go well sorry right now we don’t have a promotion for you right now i think it’s just really shady that they give different prices to different people depending on the magic words that you give them so let me summarize a little bit on what my current isp was i used to pay about $50 a month $40 a

Month for six megabit down to megabit up $10 a month for renting this little box thing somehow they required you to rent it i rather just buy the box but they’re like no you can’t do that you have to rent it so i’m like okay whatever and then another 93 cents of taxes so it comes out to be $50 and 93 cents every single month now you might think this is pretty low

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Considering i have a youtube channel well i just set things up overnight and it just uploads and now that i’m doing 4k video it really takes a long time to upload whenever people talk about megabits per second for example 2 megabits per second up it’s how many mil bits per second up so you just divide this by 8 2 divided by 8 is 1/4 of a megabyte up per second now

I’m not gonna go through all the math but this 4k video that you’re watching if you go into settings and click that 4k and if you have a 4k monitor or whatever the quality of this is actually uploaded at 45 megabits per second now this translates to about a 3.3 gigabyte file for a 10 minute video in order for me to upload a 4k video that’s ten minutes long and i’ve

Done this in the past you probably saw some 4k videos that are 10 minutes long it actually took me three point three hours to upload just that one single video now i just reduce my monthly burn rate on this internet service from $50 to $40 i increase my download rate to 25 megabit per second and upload to 5 megabit per second up this means now if i upload a 4k video

That’s 10 minutes long it’s gonna take me about 1.3 hours this particular video is emmett’s gonna be about 6 to 7 minutes long i think so it’s gonna take one whole hour to upload so these kind of videos are very data-intensive for the people that are watching this in 4k well you’re gonna see everything much more clearer even if you watch in 1080p it’s still gonna

Look very clear now since i uploaded the previous video about the t-shirt design on a different channel let me just show you this infinite vacation with the honey badger design over here this is what i proposed to be a t-shirt if you guys liked it leave a comment down in the video description below let me know your thoughts i’m already going to try to change the

Infinite sign to squish it a little bit i’ll see how that goes and i’m probably just gonna go with that so today is a special day this is my third piece of fan mail here i am very excited thank you thomas from new york for sending this to me no matter what it is i always get really excited to open any kind of mail anything that is sealed up it’s sort of like opening

Up a present so here i go let me open this and it is a card it’s like a handwritten letter i don’t know who writes handwritten letters these days but i really appreciate it thomas thank you very much now let me read it dear beat the bush you are highly successful in skills with finance and with presentation of tips surrounding finance and the economy and fluidity


Of daily living i admire you and honor you by watching your videos and sharing your ideas with other people when you announce that you quit your job i had a wonderful feeling in my heart good for you yes you know what i quit my job when i quit my job it’s like the hardest thing ever because leading up to it it’s like should i do it should i not oh my gosh how are

My finance is gonna be am i gonna survive well i planned for it and i did it i know you have planned well and this contribute to your boldness for your endeavors that you present to all of your watchers and subscribers i have gotten myself to a wonderful place of saying yes to the kinds of jobs gigs i want to do in music theater and teaching thanks for your advice

And guidance with any and all of this you’re so likable and humorous with your knowledge the line ii i don’t know what that says it is light filled with ease and an inspiring sincerely thomas wow thank you thomas i think this is a super-duper ego boost and you know if you guys keep on doing this i’m gonna start getting a really big head i try my hardest to stay

Grounded but you know if you keep on sending me these you know props and stuff if you go in the comments and go oh yeah i’ll praise beat the bush i’m gonna start to get a big head i’m trying not to but you know this is gonna be hard if you guys keep on doing this so you know you could just you know tone this down a little bit don’t go you know you’re wonderful and

Stuff like that so thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of that t-shirt design if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can

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