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How to make $100 per day passive income online that is what we are talking about here today guys i’m gonna give you a five-step process on how you can actually achieve this and make at least $100 per day in passive income online alright and if you’re watching this right now and you know very little about passive income or making money online or maybe you’re just

Kind of starting out but you’re you’re struggling and whatnot understand that going into 2016 you’re looking at a guy that knew absolutely nothing about passive income absolutely nothing about making money online all i knew about was stock market investing and that was pretty much yet okay i knew i had heard the term passive income i had heard that you know that

People were making money online i had no clue how to do it i had no clue that it was you know achievable and i don’t say this to brag i don’t say this to boast and say look at me i’m so great but nowadays i can make more money in a good month than i used to in a good year okay so my life has been completely changed from passive income making money online that’s

Why i want to take you guys through this five-step process today i have no course to sell about passive income or anything i’m just gonna tell you my best tips on how you guys can actually achieve this for yourself out there and it is a hundred percent achievable believe me coming from a guy that literally knew nothing going into 2016 about passive income making

Money online so a hundred dollars a day what that breaks down to is about seven hundred dollars a week that breaks down to about three thousand dollars per month in about thirty six thousand dollars per year so the way you can look at this is this could be a great side income source for you okay a great side income source for you or for some people honestly they’d

Be good with thirty six thousand dollars a year i mean it depends on where you live depends on what your lifestyle goals are if you live in manhattan thirty six thousand dollars i’m gonna really cut it okay if you live in the philippines you could probably live like a boss on thirty six thousand dollars okay it just depends on your lifestyle goals it depends on

Where you live in the world and things like that okay so let’s just get into this already guys coming in and number one the most important thing when it comes to passive income making is patience you gotta understand if you wanted to have the if you want to really have that type of lifestyle where you can make at least a hundred dollars per day with doing nothing

Like that’s ridiculous okay you literally could just be on vacation you could be kids you know birthday party or whatever you don’t do anything that day and you make at least $100 per day that’s a pretty selective lifestyle okay you better understand that you need a lot of patience to achieve this and this is the number one thing that i see people fail with when

It comes to passive income okay they get excited they watch a video like this they get they get tips and they get all you know leave this and this plan laid out for them but then they realize wow it takes a long time and it takes a lot of effort to be able to achieve actually making a good amount of money from passive income okay my story is this it took me over

Nine months in over a thousand hours of work into looking into passive income studying it actually going out there and putting in the work all that type of stuff till i was just able to make a hundred dollars in a month we’re not even talking about a hundred dollars a day took me over nine months of work over 200 and videos posted just to make a hundred dollars in

A month okay it took me all around around a year and a half somewhere in there i hit a consistency where i was making at least a hundred dollars per day from passive income activities okay around a year and a half of work alright most people would look at this and they would say man i got to put in that much work i got basically not get paid for nine months that’s

Exactly what i was doing i was like a unpaid intern okay just putting in all this work toward passive income all the time you know trying to make it out there and i made no money from it alright so understand you need patience in this game it’s not just gonna happen overnight okay this is not just gonna work out oh my gosh i just did something you know today and

Now i make a hundred dollars per day online it doesn’t work like that guys if it works like that every single person out there would achieve it see people’s brains are programmed that if i put in a work i’m gonna get a certain dollar amount back to me okay that’s the way most people’s brains are hey i’m gonna go do this task over here this guy over here is gonna

Pay me $10 per hour to do that task okay hey i need you stack 50 bags on top of each other here a bags of sand this guy says you know it doesn’t matter how long it takes me he’s gonna pay me $20 to do this okay that’s where most people’s brains go with it oh you my salary job i’m gonna make you know fifty thousand dollars per year of salary they’re gonna pay me you

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Know a thousand dollars per week or nine hundred fifty dollars per week that’s they’re gonna pay me and here i am i do my job that’s how most people’s brains are program most people can’t get out of that realm of understanding that you could actually put in a lot of work towards something and eventually it will probably pay off but if you don’t have the patience the

Rest of the rest of this isn’t going to matter okay so before you even think about me trying to make $100 per day passive income online just realize guys you better have the patience if you don’t have the patience for this if you don’t have the work ethic to put in toward it like it’s not gonna work out for you you might as well cook off out of this video now this

Isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme and oh my gosh i just did one thing and a look at well i make 100 plus dollars per day online it doesn’t work like that guys if it did everybody would do it and then it would just be us huge sacher of saturated market at the end of the day let’s get into point number two point number two has to do with strategy okay and the fact is

You need to understand that strategy is just as important as work ethic when it comes to making passive income trying to make money online okay you could have the best work ethic in the world and you know try the same thing over and over and over again and never get results you’ve got to understand there’s a specific strategy to why you do everything you need to

Understand you need to analyze every single thing that you do so you can get better and better and better so you can get to that path where you make a hundred plus dollars per day and passive income okay so what you need to do is here’s what i did okay i focus on every single thing i did and i tried to make it better and i still do that to this day okay i’m well

I’m two and a half years plus into my journey on making passive income okay every single thing i do i analyze and i try to figure out is this really the best way about going about it okay i know youtube’s a huge passive income source for me okay i have changed up the way i’ve done thudding thumbnails a million times because i realize okay this way gets better

Results in the old way and oh this way gets better results then that past way i used to have and oh i tried this way and it didn’t really work so well now i got this new strategy and it’s better than ever okay that’s the type of stuff i’m talking about so once you get up to a level you don’t just say oh you know i’m good here or whatever you always got to focus

On making your strategy better and better and better how you take things to the next level guys and you got to understand you if you want to build the passive england lifestyle you’re really building a business at the end of the day and the fact is no business standstill there’s no such thing as a business that stands still so i think about amazon for instance

Imagine if amazon was still the old amazon calm from like the 1990s right they wouldn’t they would already gone out of business a long time ago they would have gone out of business a long time ago been long forgotten instead they just focused on getting better and better and better and just working hard and putting in the right strategy in trying in things out

And realizing oh this doesn’t really work so well we need to go this route they try these things and now it’s one of the biggest companies in the world okay realize the strategy is key okay you need to focus on everything and the great thing is with the internet there are so many resources out there to learn from okay there are so many different resources so i

Remember i was trying to learn about youtube i knew nothing about youtube the great thing is are a million different youtube channels that will teach you you know strategies and hacks on youtube and stuff like that okay you want to learn how to grow instagram followers you could go in watch a million videos about you know growing instagram followers and see which

Ones you actually like which tactics you actually believe it and go out there and actually execute it it’s a beautiful thing guys when we have this thing called google where you can google all this stuff it’s unbelievable so the actual strategy is so key in this guys don’t just keep do i see i see a lot of people that actually had the patience to try to pull this

Off but they try the same old stuff over and over and over again and they wonder why it’s not getting results and it’s like isn’t that the definition of insanity when you try something over and over and over again the same exact way and you expect a different result like it’s just gonna keep anything up the same way over and over again guys so understand patience

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Is key let’s get into point number three the third step out of five here is you want to pick something you are genuinely passionate about and then go after that so you’ve got to really ask yourself what are you genuinely passionate about that you could do online there’s a million different ways to make money online okay there’s a million different ways to make

Passive income okay you know i could list lists on oh you can do it this way this way this way this that’s the easiest stuff in the world okay but what the trick is you’ve got to figure out something that you’re actually passionate about and go about it that way okay so myself i’ve totally focused on youtube or in early days okay and i’m still focused on youtube

To this day okay and what i focused on was what do i love to talk about i love to talk about stock market i’d love to talk about just making money in general those are the two things i love to talk about okay it doesn’t matter i could talk about that too in the morning i could talk about that when i wake up like i’m always excited to talk about that i would oh i’m

Always down to talk about stocks okay so the great thing is i just figured out warmth insanely passionate about this thing over here and i like making videos so these two go hey man so i like making videos i love talking about stock market i love talking about making money i love helping others to make more money it just is a perfect fit okay you have perfect

Fits out there all right you know many people you know many people love dogs okay they love dogs and they will you know loved a tree you know you know teach people about dogs and how to take better care of their dogs and have a more fun and this and that you know many people are would fit into that category and don’t even realize they could be making you know

Six figures per year plus from from different ways of making passive income online all from you know making dog videos or you know posting dog pictures or dog blogs or or doing a podcast about dogs you know many people have no clue about how to take care of dogs or you know train them and things like that but a lot of people just don’t realize like there’s this

Massive potential out there for you okay the passion is what helps the patients okay if you’re really passionate about something it helps you stay very patient okay so the way i kind of looked at it was i always saw growth in kind of the numbers were going up okay and then i was super passionate about it so you know all those times i didn’t make money and i was

Putting in this massive amount of work i think and i was getting no monetary gain from it i just looked at it as i’m very passionate about this this is awesome stuff this is what i love to do is what i love to talk about so and you know even if it doesn’t somehow work out you know it’s not like the end of the world it’s not like me like you know hating it so a lot

Of people just look at it as what’s an easy way for me to make money or maybe i can make an easy way of making money or something like that and then they realize they’re not even passionate about it in the end up giving up very very quickly because they realize it’s hard it’s not just gonna happen overnight or something like that guys that’s a third key make sure

You’re going after something you are genuinely passionate about let’s get into step number four all right guys number four here is that you want to make multiple passive income streams okay so once you get one started here then you want to kind of get to another one another one you know i call it the bubble game okay so let’s say you have your main core passive

Income stream okay you’re starting to really get that going then you want to slowly start branching out to other ways of making passive income you never want to be content with just one passive income stream because the great thing about passive income is once you get it created once you get it going okay a lot of it can run itself at that point and it allows you

To have some time where you can go ahead and focus on the next one okay and so you focus on this next one you get a little side dish there you get a little side dish there you get a little side dish here and then next thing you know you’re making well over a hundred dollars per day in passive income sources okay once you get this one that one this one started okay

I can tell you from my own perspective there are a lot of different ways i personally make passive income one is youtube like i have a massive backlog of videos i get you know some videos get hardly any views of that i created a long time ago some videos get hundreds of views per day some videos get thousands of views per day that i created months ago or years ago

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Okay so i’m just kind of my main dish of passive income but then i have also core sales and then i have book sales then i have affiliate marketing i have a lot of different ways of making money and so these are all side dishes around this one core thing and it all drives back to youtube for me because that’s what ends up pushing out everything else because if it

Wasn’t for youtube like like none of the other side dishes would have worked for me personally now you don’t have to go my route i’m just saying like like you want to get to a place where you have multiple because that’s what’s gonna propel you over to the next level and then also you can diversify okay so think about it this way let’s say you were all in one stock

Everybody out there that knows anything about the stock market say that’s really stupid you should not have all your money in one stock doesn’t matter how good that stock is you shouldn’t have all your money in one stock okay they say diversify okay it’s the same thing here if you just sar have all your your time and attention all into just one thing and you’re

Never no diversifying if that one thing goes away if something happens there man you are screwed royally okay you’re screwed really you just put in this massive amount of time attention and you put in all that you know you have all this income coming from this one place that goes away you’re screwed okay but once you start creating side dishes it’s gonna propel you

Up faster and it’s going to get you to a place where you’re diversified okay so think about it the same way you would think about you know stock market investing or real estate investing or anything like that you want to build a portfolio around it guys so that is step number four that’s giving the last one guys step number five already guys step number five on

How to make $100 per day online through passive income is realize you’re either growing or shrinking when it comes to passive income and making money online in general okay a lot of people think you can just stagnate you can get up to a certain level let’s say your goal is to make $100 per day you can get up to that level and you’re just gonna be good for forever

And ever okay that’s not the way it works there’s no such thing as a stagnation in this game you are either going up or you’re going down but you’re going one of those ways okay you’re going one of those ways there’s no such thing as i’m just gonna stay even keel i’m just gonna stay even keel my passive income you’re either going up or you’re going down okay that

Is a fact i’ve seen a lot of people come and go in this game and they’ve made a lot of money and they grew and they grew and they grew and maybe they hit their their goal or they they thought they were at a certain level where they could stop putting in as much work ethic and things like that and what i started to see is they start a shrink and shrink and shrink

And shrink and the worst part of that is once you start shrinking guess what ends up happening guys it’s so hard to climb that mountain back up and most people are never able to achieve it okay most people are never able to climb that mountain to get back to just where they were never mind you know further up the ranks i see this time and time again people think

Oh i get to this level i’m just gonna stay here now on this plateau no man you’re gonna be falling down that mountain real quick okay so just realize what you know let’s say you do everything well you achieve your goals and whatnot just realize you’re gonna be shrinking or you’re going to be growing you’re not staying stagnant that’s a facts guys that is a facture

Either going up you’re going down okay so i just want to tell you guys that if you reach all your goals and you made it as much money as you want for passive income making money online good for you cash out but don’t expect it just to be easy and you get to a certain level and you’re like oh now we can stop working as much now i can stop caring as much and all

Those type of things and it would be easy for me to get back to that level i have seen no one do it yet keep that in mind alright guys i hope you really enjoy this five way you know the five step process on how you can make at least $100 per day online through passive income let me know what you thought about this video in that comment section hit a thumbs up if

You really enjoyed content like this thank you for watching have a great day

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