How To Make An Extra 00 Every Month | The 3-Minute Guide

Erin from Broke Millennial shares unique ways to start earning some side money. Want to save an extra $100 each month? Check out this 3-Minute Guide:

Hi i’m aaron from broke millennial for the financial diet welcome to the three minute guide brought to you by skillshare you’ve asked about ways to earn extra money so let’s jump right in here are five ways you can earn an extra 100 bucks a month or more number one be a secret shopper secret shoppers or mystery shoppers are a relatively easy way to earn some extra

Money companies like to know how their employees behave so they pay you to go undercover make a purchase and then write a review of your experience just be sure to avoid scams you shouldn’t be paying in order to become a mystery shopper best mark and sinclair customer metrics are two ways to look into getting some gigs as a mystery shopper and gigs will generally

Pay between $8 to $20 number to create a digital product to sell on etsy etsy is a treasure trove for shoppers and sellers alike but for sellers it can be time intensive to build and customize a product for your shopper enter the digital download think of things like snapchat filters or a customizable sign for a wedding these downloads are not labor-intensive once

You created them and can be sent as a digital file so no need for you to go to the post office at this point you might be thinking that you’re just not that crafty that’s how i felt i’m certainly not very artistic and definitely not skilled with graphic design but my friends jay and gwen from the fire-drill podcast started an etsy focused mastermind group where


They brainstorm how to create digital download products there’s a link in the description of this video they pointed out to me that it doesn’t have to be something like a snapchat filter but instead a bachelorette scavenger hunt list or a packing list people will buy all kinds of things number three take your skills to fiverr or task rabbit if you’re willing to do

Other people’s errands or have amazing skills at setting up ikea furniture then consider becoming a tasker on taskrabbit haskers offer all sorts of services set their own rates and decide which gigs they want to take so you are completely in control but obviously the more you work the more you earn fiverr allows you to capitalize on your skill set or gain experience

While getting paid you can offer services on everything from copy editing to animation to building websites to even making powerpoint presentations look pretty be sure to factor in the service fees that you’re going to pay to both taskrabbit and fiverr when you set your rates number four be a tour guide live in a city or town with some tourist appeal then consider

Becoming a tour guide you could join an exist company for some part-time work or you could try starting up your own tour if you have an itch idea like insider knowledge of local micro breweries or a jogging tour of landmarks or haunted areas in your city you may need to pay a licensing fee or take a test in order to become a certified tour guide in your city and

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You might not make a great base rate from being a tour guide with a company but there are always tips and number five rent out a room in your home consider creating a room rental co-op with a friend or two in your city you each pick different days or a week that you want to post your apartment on sites like airbnb home away or verb’ oh then you go stay with each

Other when you have a guest so you can crash someplace for free it’s a great way to make some extra money but you always want to be sure to check with the laws of your city and with your landlord if you’re a renter you definitely don’t want to get evicted trying to make some extra cash another way to make extra cash is to learn a new skill skillshare is an easy and

Affordable way to expand your talents every week we’re featuring a different skill share class we think you guys will love this week’s class is level up your art game hosted by illustrator dylan mirza winsky this class teaches artists how to explore and develop your personal style ways to utilize inspiration and references without stealing and how to effectively

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The description will get their first two months free to try it out risk-free click the link in the description to check out this week’s featured class or any of the other classes skill share has to offer have a money question you want to learn more about leave your topic idea in the comments section below i’m erin from broke millennial for the financial diet and

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How To Make An Extra $100 Every Month | The 3-Minute Guide By The Financial Diet

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