Hi how’s everybody doing today this is richard we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is daniel bagi the ceo of all-star health brands inc how you doing today daniel where you thank you thanks for having me thank you for being on the show hope you had a great weekend very excited to learn more about your company today we do have some people that are

Watching right now and we’ve got a global community of investors that are always looking for undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities so why don’t we get started are you telling us a little bit about all-star health friends so we’re a publicly traded company focused on acquiring innovative products mostly patented the satisfying unmet health and

Medical needs great and what are some of the products that all star manufactures and distributes in the pharmaceutical and natural health space so our products while unique are manufactured and we also have relationships with licensed companies that were relicensed in some of their products for instance we have a unique patented wound care product that is already

Being sold in a few small areas of the us and we’re going to be expanding their reach into other geographic locations then we’re we are also developing in the women’s health care’s faced some patented unique products in intimate health women’s intimate health we have two products that are very close to manufacturing and these will will have some unique advantages

Over competitive products we also are now because because of this coronavirus pandemic we’re taking it very seriously you know one of our strengths is through many years we have ability to to partner and network with smaller companies and find really good products to offer and so we’re now offering a canadian manufactured point of care rapid corona kovan 19 tests

Wow that’s it yeah it’s different from the one that’s being used right now because the one that’s most commonly being used is called pcr i’m not going to go to the science of that whether it’s it’s a system that requires a machine delays of several days or longer in getting the results the our our test is and which we’ve already started sales is it’s manufactured

In canada and it’s an antibody test in other words it’s tests the body’s reaction to the virus so after a after about seven days of exposure it’s 99% accurate wow yes and from the results the results are seeing 10 minutes think of a simple fingerprint for blood put into a little well and the results show up in 10 minutes the other advantages are there the the

Healthcare workers who are doing the tests are now able to do it without necessarily you know having hazmat suits on because the other way with that the minister that system i mentioned earlier the pcr because they have to take swabs of a person’s mouth or nose and the person has to come in very close contact with the individual the healthcare work has to come

Including have to get really really dressed up and very protective for obviously so they don’t get get infected so with ours and you can just you know you can isolate the purse and then just have a have their finger and a little finger prick and that’s it that’s all this required so we’re very excited about this and i’m sure if you have people listening they’re

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Gonna ask a lot of questions such as well as it approved is it not so health canada is reviewing the approval for sale in canada and we are in any day now under the us fda eua which means emergency use authorization and we’re helping we’re helping the company called bio can sell it in over other overseas markets as well that’s great and so we’re also trying to

Because of the shortages that we’re seeing from from many many companies like private clinics and so on that has a need for increased equipment and there’s a shortage everywhere through our network we’re sourcing supplies such as you know they’re the ubiquitous now everybody wants these n95 protective masks and also gowns goggles everything so there we can try to

Help and make everybody safer that’s great you guys are doing a great work and you mentioned that you’re selling them already like can you explain where you’re selling them or how that’s working you did mention trying to sell yeah so we are we’re helping the company called bio can solder their rapid test we’ve already received orders for a several places a like in

The u.s. south america wow that’s fine we’re working on we’re working on many more but it’s this is so recent that which i can’t give you really much more information right now i appreciate that thank you now can you tell us a little bit more about your management team and share structure okay so we believe in being lean we have a very extensive network that we

Rely on outside consult including once this pandemic is over we’re gonna start manufacturing in florida and an fda produced was in an fda certified facility full gmp and so on fantastic and can you tell us a little bit about your share structure right now there’s just under 2.7 million shares we should an outstanding wow 2.7 million that’s it yes and its reversal

They’re basically all restricted except for about a hundred thousand so the float is very small wow so you just blow on it and this thing with that’s great that’s not for me to say i’m i’m a doctor so i don’t look at meeting those things as much as maybe some other people shareholder value and show that through our the execution of our business plan increasing

Sales that all the stakeholders will be will be happy in the long run well we have a large group of investors that like to look for undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities one of the key factors is the share structure a company with a low float is considered a company that has 15 million shares or less issuing outstanding with the amount of shares

You guys have that would be considered a super low float so you can see today there isn’t a ton of volume in the stock but it’s up 25% so that’s a great example of how a stock with a super tight little float with a little bit of buying can explode and you guys definitely fit that qualification you’re that criteria so we like to look for that here in our community so

Anyone who’s watching super tight tight flow very good share structure can you also explain a little bit about how much is held by insiders insiders like myself there’s a 11.25 million okay great and can you tell us a little bit about the company’s revenue and what shareholders can expect in 20 because it’s a strange year with the coronavirus and we are getting new

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Sales i just in a in a ballpark i’m gonna say 1 million this year okay that could be low or it could be high depending on how quickly the you know we can get these products out to the consu to the various hospitals and clinics and by the way i do want to add that that rapid test is only for clinics that’s it’s not for home use and the current current just because

Of we’ll call it health sector regulations it’s marked for research use what to answer your question there the revenue model is is kind of a work in progress in the sense that we don’t know when we have already begun sales i can tell you that and it looks like they’re ramping up very quickly so let’s just keep working and working and we’re gonna try to do at least a

Million maybe more this year it’s a very fluid situation with the coronavirus right in three months our entire worlds have changed three months ago nobody was talking about coronavirus now it seems like that’s all everyone’s talking about so i love the fact that you guys are you know making those adjustments in your business and recognizing an opportunity for your

Business to capitalize at the same time i’m recognizing that the world needs more test kits so you’re also also doing something really good for humanity so congratulations for for recognizing that and doing something good for mankind can you tell us a little bit more about some of your products we discussed already the the colvin 19 what’s called an igg igm o’s are

Very technical medical terms just meaning that our body makes antibodies against the virus so it’s a rapid rapid test kit we’re developing also some unique women’s health products for and this was our focus before a corona virus came along so have already formula in place we have samples and so on of some unique products and for intimate health such as a brand new

A new branding paradigm for for intimate cleanse and also some a new formulation for a personal lubricant that is will be a game-changer because there’s no rebound dryness basically all the personal lubricants out there cause rebound dryness because of how of their formula so we have we’ve got some very interesting interesting products there and we’re developing some

Other vitamin supplement for pregnant women that will be totally unique we that we believe will protect a woman against tooth caries in other words cavities during pregnancy which is a big problem the full range of vitamins and also may be added to help decrease the nausea and vomiting associated with especially in the first trimester oh wow that’s great we also

Have a summer we’re negotiating and have some very exciting sunblock products that are i won’t go into the whole thing but just to say that the future for sunblock is not chemical this mineral based and this is a mineral based product that’s also safe for the reefs it might sound like not like something like a little bit but not everybody knows about but we want to

Protect the oceans and offer the best protection with rest solar protection but also think of the environment of our products we have more in the pipeline further back but we always we always look for something that’s unique and or has some proprietary either manufacturing or patents associated with it that’s great and who are all star health brands main competitors

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Well so you have in women’s health you’ve got some a whole array of petter is from the large companies like bayer you know bayer consumer care pfizer j&j there’s a lot of become there’s the smaller ones as well word because women’s health is such a growing segment of the of the healthcare sector we’ll call it is it could be pharmaceutical and it could be natural

So we have some products we’re developing that are going to be considered natural and then we have what we believe are also a little bit further back some game changers in the otc medicines for vaginal infections so reserve there’s a lot of products and basically the competition is varied from small to medium to to super large multinational corporations and what

Sets you apart from those competitors well our products are unique because i mentioned and we’ve got all of these products has some unique aspect to it that is not just another me-too product to add to the mix if you wanted shareholders to know one thing about all-star health brands what would it be really tirelessly to bring our unique products to market and

Provide shareholder value through increasing sales and delivering on our business plan and what is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company i guess in my corporate email which is daniel be all-star help brands calm very good well listen daniel we’re really excited about learning more about your company is there anything else you want to let

Anybody know that’s watching about all-star health brands inc right now while we’re live well just because of this current pandemic everything is is so fluid i i can’t override that some of the products where we’re getting we are ordering from overseas manufacturers for instance price has gone up it’s gone down gone up again it’s supply and demand so with with

Corbett 19 and everything else going on stay tuned it’s going to be a very bright future but we have some obviously some will call it logistics and other issues in delivering the product well that sounds great well definitely keep up on everybody to be safe listen to the medical experts out there and the governments that are really trying to keep everybody safe

And well i appreciate all your time and your hard work and effort with this company and with what you guys are doing with the coronavirus and everything else you guys are involved with continue all your hard work and dedication to these great these great causes that need need more help and you need more support and we will be watching it would be following your

Story and hopefully we can get you back on the show soon so we can discuss more progress as it happens well thank you very much i appreciate it and i look forward to the next one as well thank you so much dan you’ll have to say i grab yourself a great day daniel the ceo of all-star health brands alst is the symbol everybody thank you very much for watching this is

Richard morse to be live have yourselves a great day

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