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Rich Pick: MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc Update January 3, 2017

I do it everybody so if you’re watching my show from yesterday i talked about stock that’s very hot called mjna here’s mjna right here so let’s take a look at mga and what did i say yesterday i said do not buy it at twenty cents because it’s going to come back down and guess what happened today i was right again it came back down twenty percent that’s big okay you

Woulda lost twenty percent of your money if you bought this that’s what we call bag holders buying it a 52-week high never make this mistake i’ve made this mistake before this is why i know to tell you not to do it it isn’t because i’m an expert it isn’t because i’m a psychic it’s because i have the experience to know when to buy and sell because i’ve been hurt

Before by getting excited watching a stock go up very very fast and then jumping in getting hurt so this is why you need to watch your stocks very carefully and you need to pick and choose when you want to buy them because even if it’s going up and it’s very very hot there’s always the likelihood is going to come back down so let’s take a look at what’s going on

Here now for those of you that don’t know what this is this is called investors hub this is a program that you buy and this is what we call level to level two shows you the prices that people are buying the stock and the prices that people are selling the stock so if this is the type of product you need if you want to buy and sell stocks this is the type of program

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That day traders use these are the type of programs that real professional brokers use and if you want to start buying and selling stocks i would suggest you find a program similar to investors hub as well so you can see how the stock is trading and what investor hug does it shows you all the trades as they’re happening so you can see all the buying and selling

That’s happening you can see the chart you can see it fell off a cliff today went from twenty cents all the way down to 14 came back up to 17 18 almost now it’s trading around 16 and it’s probably going to stay around 60 today but as traded a hundred and seven million shares at sixteen cents do you know how much money that is that’s about 16 million dollars that has

Gone through this stock today and this is a pink sheet stock so pink sheet stock is what we call a pretty small issuer a lot of pink sheet issuers and companies they don’t actually have to show their financials but this company actually does show their financials so i think they’re a better company they’re a company that i believe will move to a fully reporting

Status so their company that i believe has a lot of potential that’s why i’m showing you this company but i still don’t believe at sixteen cents this is the time to buy but why i’m showing you this video is to educate you and to teach you about stocks what i want to do is i want to teach you so that you can come to me and say hey rich i got a stock take a look at


It give me your opinion so i want you once you take a look at this video today if you have any stocks i want you to go and send me a message and i want you to stay rich here’s my top five stocks or here’s my top stock and i want you to give me your stock so i can give you my opinion i’ll do my research and i’ll let you know at home what i think about your pics so

Here’s mjna one of my pics is down twenty percent today but i told you yesterday was going to go down and i was a hundred percent right and even at these prices i don’t believe this is the time to buy okay like i said if it goes back down to ten eleven cents that’s the price i’m going to be looking to pick it up at okay so keep your eye on mjna it’s at sixteen cents

Today i wouldn’t pick it up at these prices i still think it can go down lower my price point would be around ten eleven cents pick it up and then if you see it shoot back up to you know twenty cents that’s when you want to sell and pick up almost one hundred percent return okay thank you for watching we’re back to the markets being open it’s an exciting time for

Everybody i’ll be watching and i’ll keep you updated every sells a great day everybody

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