How to make money – Rich Picks: Acology Inc. (ACOL)

How to make money – Rich Picks: Acology Inc. (ACOL)

What’s up what’s up good morning to all of you guys on the west coast and if you’re on the east coast good afternoon we got some stocks should we talk about stocks or should we talk a little football all right before we talk about stocks and as you guys can see here ecology inc a co l put it on your watch this right now make sure it’s on fuller it’s a 19% na trading

Very very well at three cents traded fifty-two million shares guys this is a company that’s come up from like the underworld and is up like over seven thousand nine hundred percent this year that’s right so on a thousand dollar investment if you bought a co l last year a year ago your thousand dollar investment would be worth seventy nine thousand dollars that’s

Correct so obviously i didn’t bring it to you then because at that point nobody was watching but i want to bring it to you now these guys did a joint venture with cush bottles which is in the medical marijuana space in september that are getting involved in medical marijuana space it’s not a surprise that you see the stock going up because everybody that’s getting in

The medical marijuana space has their stock doing well so this is a trend it continues with a co l put it on your watch just immediately make sure it’s on your radar and keep your eye on it okay now i do want to talk about the football game yesterday because it was probably the best football game i’ve ever seen in my entire life i got to give it up to tom brady who

Is a living legend he now owns five super bowls four mvps you hold the record no other quarterback in the history of the nfl has ever won four mvps and five super bowls so it ends the debate that he’s the greatest football player in the history of the nfl at the quarterback position potentially in all positions he is the greatest he is the goat he’s the greatest

Of all time and you know what i that game was just incredible it was hard to believe what was happening you know he was down twenty eight to twelve twenty eight to nine going into the fourth quarter twenty eight to twelve with six minutes left in the game and he engineered two touchdowns with six minutes left in the game two two-point conversions then i went to

The overtime they won the coin toss and right away you know i was looking at my friends and i’m like it’s over you know he’s gonna win this thing they won they’re going to coin toss he’s got all the momentum atlanta is deflated it’s done and what did he do he went all the way down the field got the winning touchdown ended it it was incredible and honestly the the

Thing that really got my attention was when roger goodell the nfl commissioner went in to shake his hand the same guy that suspended him for four games in the beginning of the season for deflategate how great of a feeling was that for tom brady to be able to come back from the flake gate after being suspended four games the beginning of the season and come all

The way back this year and win the super bowl and break all the all-time records as far as quarterbacks in the playoffs and in the super bowl he owns he holds all the records now he is by far the greatest and roger goodell after suspending him four games and trying to tarnish his his legacy and his reputation had to shake his hand say good work give him the super

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Bowl mvp give him the championship and i’m sure that felt incredible for tom brady okay so congratulations tom brady i’m happy for you guys it was great game to watch for all of us fans but now we’re back to work and we’re back to the market so let’s take a look at acl and let’s take a look at them on bar chart okay real quickly so bar chart has them at an 80%

Buy as you can see with a co l i mean this chart is just incredible but you could see that they’ve been as low as triple four in september second there are a triple of four so it’s a seven thousand seven hundred and seventy five percent since september so if you bought a thousand dollars worth of this stock in september that thousand dollars will be worth seventy

Seven thousand dollars to you guys okay this is why i try to find you guys undervalued opportunities that can change your life because all you need to do sometimes is just find one just one a year and that makes your year so i want to make sure i put a co l on your watchlist it’s on full alert in the last three months it’s up one thousand seven hundred fifty two

Percent one thousand seven hundred fifty two percent in the last three months in the last month alone it’s of 632 percent representing a gain of on a one thousand dollar investment you would have made six thousand dollars in the last month if you were to buy this stock a co l so i want you to put it on your watches right now make sure it’s on full alert and make

Sure you keep your eye on it okay before i leave you guys today it’s not gonna be as long as a show as we have had because i’m super super busy today i want to show you guys a few more picks okay let’s take a look at gale ga le now this is the company that i’ve been watching very very carefully and i really like this company for a lot of different reasons but a

Lot of it has to do with its chart this company here has been as high this year at over $40.00 okay it’s also been as low as like 50 cents so it goes up and down but even recently if we took a look at its chart ga le on the nasdaq we take a look at its chart right now it’s been as high as 9 bucks in september it’s come all the way down look at this chart just keeps

Coming down down down down down down down down it’s had some spikes up down spiked up down spiked up today so it went all the way down to around a dollar it’s been as low as the dollar really that’s pretty much the lowest it’s been recently but it’s spiked up today as high as two dollars and 60 it’s come back down now it’s having about a dollar 70 but i need you

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Guys to put g al e on your watches right now make sure it’s on your radar the thing you guys have to understand what these nasdaq companies is that if your company isn’t going to be at at least a five million dollar market cap the nasdaq will de list you so a lot of these nasdaq companies that are going to like a dollar or less i’m bringing them to your attention

Because if they don’t go back to at least three dollars they’re gonna get delisted back to either the tsx venture of their canadian company or the otcqb if they’re american company or maybe even lower to the pink sheets so you’ve got to be careful however you want to watch these companies very carefully because when they get to these lower levels they’re pretty much

Panicking and they’re looking at ways that they can shoot back up to maintain that status on the nasdaq guys that’s why i’m bringing these deals to your attention these smaller small cap nasdaq companies have a lot of pressure to get back to three dollars between three to five dollars that’s why i bring them there to your attention when they’re at a dollar or less

Because they have a lot of opportunity to skyrocket because they have to or they’re no longer you’re gonna be on the nasdaq so make sure you keep gayle on your radar make sure it’s on your watches look at this chart when i see charts like this that are highly oversold i believe that there’s room for a balance and that’s what you saw today on gayle a huge bounce

Today representing a gain of 42 percent today in 1 day game traded 22 million shares at a dollar 71 now at 43% make sure that gayle is on your watchlist keep it on your radar okay guys i’m gonna show you guys a few more picks that are doing well today s evie i’ve been showing you every day climbing up climbing up climbing up of 22 percent today at sixteen dollars

On the nasdaq make sure that chef khan is on your watchlist make sure it’s on your radar i wouldn’t buy it it’s up heavily today but you want to watch you come down a little bit and maybe picks them up because it’s doing very well and guys start that i’ve been watching very carefully for the last few weeks i had a big bounce again today pu llm crashed heavily on

Friday highly oversold and got bought back up again guys today a 34 percent congratulations if you’ve made some money on pol mm you want to buy low sell high on these stocks guys plm is doing really really well here’s another nasdaq company for you guys oh ptt this is in the shipping industry i really like it a lot of companies in the shipping industry have been

Doing really really well some of them been doing really poorly but they’re very very liquid they’ve been hitting kind of a bottom they spiked today today today oh ptt spiked up 14% traded three million shares that around 3 bucks it’s a company i’m watching very carefully make sure it’s on your watch just put it on your radar and one more stock for you guys ps ix

$3.57 on the nasdaq of 27% put it on your watch this right now make sure it’s on your radar traded 1.3 million shares of 37 27% today so there’s six picks today that i want you guys to watch it’s the beginning of the week super bowl yesterday markets are kind of mixed today nothing crazy happening today that i’m watching if anything happens that changes i’ll bring

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You guys a folder right away i bring it to you guys first because remember all i did all i do is bring you guys winners every single day now a lot of you guys have been messaging me asking me rich when do i get in when do i get in when should i buy guys i am not licensed it’s not legal for me to tell you when to buy and sell stocks so i’m not going to do that i’m

Not gonna risk anything happening to me so the reality is you guys got to do your own research you guys got to learn to trust your gut you guys gonna learn how to read charts you guys got to learn how to buy low sell high and i can’t tell you guys when all i can do is bring you guys winners every single day let you know when i’m buying stocks let you know what i

Think about companies let you know which companies that i’m looking at and then you know tell you what i’m buying and when and why and then hopefully you guys can create your own strategy based on good fundamentals and based on a smart system which we can all collectively create together but because i am not licensed it is illegal for me to tell you when to buy

And when to sell but what i can tell you is buy low sell high if you see that your your in a stock like pu l m and i bring it to your attention at 2 bucks and it goes to $5 and you’re up 60% 80% 100% take your profits and run take your profits out live to fight another day have your money ready so that when the next pick comes and it’s a good one and you like it

And you’ve done your research and you see that they have good fundamentals good management good product good revenue low debts hopefully no debt then that’s a company that you want to position yourself in long term and then when you see some returns and those are 20 or 30% or more sometimes even 10% is good enough take your profits get out of that deal put the

Money on the sidelines and then get ready for the next pick ok guys hopefully this is helping you guys i really hope you guys are enjoying the show the show is growing exponentially i got a lot of unbelievable tricks up my sleeve a lot of other channels that we’re going to be collaborating with a lot of ceos that were in talks with that are going to be coming on

The show to talk about their company for you the audience to get to know them i hope you guys are liking it if you like this to the channel if you got it the guys are liking the show please like and subscribe and guys remember all i do is bring you winners have a nice day guys buy low sell high

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