How to make money | Rich Picks: FMNA Fannie Mae & FMCC Freddie Mac

How to make money | Rich Picks: FMNA & FMCC JANUARY 3, 2017

Okay guys i found you two new pics i’ve been working really really hard to find you two really good pics for 2017 and i found you two okay this is two pics that i’m telling you that you can add to your radar with rich pics that are gonna make you money okay now i don’t know if these are good prices to buy them because i haven’t bought them yet myself but i believe

These are two companies that are on the way up now if you don’t know anything about freddie mac and fannie mae there are two major mortgage companies in america two of the largest in america and what happened was when the crisis happened back in like 2007 2008 they fell off the cliff they got delisted went all the way back down to the otc markets it was actually

Quite embarrassing and very hard to believe for anybody that was invested in these securities that they could go so badly however what happened was they rallied aggressively ever since donald trump got into presidency and if you take a look at the chart here it’s pretty extraordinary there are at under a dollar eighty and you can literally see here in november

When it looked as though trump was going to be the president it’s skyrocketed all the way up to three dollars and then oh as high as 440 450 now they’ve retracted they came back down quite a bit went down to about 350 then it came back up to 420 came back down to 380 now this is fannie mae f nm8 is trading around four dollars and four cents today it’s up about

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4% today i believe freddie mac and fannie mae are too big to fail and i believe because donald trump is a real estate guru that these are two companies that are really going to benefit from it greatly so i want you to right now add fannie mae fnma to your watchlist okay i also want you to add freddie back here it is freddie mac smcc take a look at his chart it’s

Almost identical okay look at the chart these shirts are literally identical when one goes up the other does this one is trading a little bit lower at three dollars and 86 cents but the charts are literally identical it’s almost as if these are twins these two stocks but one trades a little bit lower than the other this is freddie mac fm si si i want you to add

Fm cc to your watchlist add it to your radar watch it if you think that it goes down a little bit and it’s a good time to pick it up these are the types of stocks that i’ll be buying and i’m gonna be watching very closely but i want you to add freddie mac and fannie mae to your radar add them to your watch list these are stocks that i will be picking up i’m just

Waiting for the right buying opportunity i don’t like to buy them when they’re up they’re both up today but if they go down a little bit let’s say maybe around the 350 range i’ll be looking to pick them up and i’ll be looking a whole long term because these are two stocks that i could see back at at least $20 $30 maybe 50 to $100 down the road because they are both

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Billion-dollar companies okay that deserve to be trading at a much higher price they currently should be trading if they were private around $30 so they’re greatly undervalued and they have huge potential so add them to your watch list item cheer radar this is rich tv live once again with rich picks thanks for watching everybody

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How to make money | Rich Picks: FMNA Fannie Mae & FMCC Freddie Mac By RICH TV LIVE

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