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Alright guys it’s been a crazy day today i didn’t want to do a video while the inauguration was happening because obviously everybody’s watching that and i was obviously making some videos myself or other channel rich to be alive but i had to get i had to tell you guys what’s going on because the markets are actually doing really well today which is kind of a

Surprise to friday and usually they don’t do so well but i got some huge pics for you that our full alert here’s the first pic western potash corp wpx company on the tsx canadian company huge day today being promoted by national inflation association if the number one pick of the year it’s a twenty seven and a half cents of thirty-four percent today traded 5.4

Million shares one of the biggest days in this company’s history okay watch this company it’s got a huge upside and you know i think it’s scott’s right now let’s take a look what bar chart saying about it there it is so strong by on bar chart guys one hundred percent by on bar chart top one percent of all signal strength indicators and it’s saying that there’s a

Long-term continuation of this trend so at wp x to your watch list canadian company western potash corp i think this company has huge potential and having a massive massive move it’s literally come up from about fifteen cents to a boat close to thirty cents in the last one here a week so yeah it’s it’s really doing well this last month it’s up sixty-two percent that

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Doesn’t include today so its up a hundred percent you know in the last couple weeks here so definitely add wpx to your radar added to your watch list put it on full alert okay now be careful like i say do not buy stocks on her up thirty three percent do not go and buy this right now okay just add it to your watch list you see it go back down maybe to fifteen cents

Again twenty cents maybe then consider buying it but you know keep your eye on it and i’ll let you know what i’m doing on a date because they’re on my watch list let’s show you another pic guys because that’s what we do here is a brain good pics this is another company i’ve been watching i really like this company and ak it’s on the amex this is a mining company

To two dollars and seventy two cents up ten percent today trading 6.2 million shares but i really like the fact that if you go in bar chart take a look at nak i’ve been watching the stock for about six months and it’s been doing really well kind of stupid that i didn’t buy it might have to buy it now it’s up ten percent today it’s a hundred percent by a bar chart

Everybody giving it the trench strength maximum but if you look at their chart here it’s just a beautiful chart you know it’s come from like fifty cents in october and now it’s at two dollars and seventy cents so if you take a look at that you look at his performance its performance has been quite staggering it’s up 1185 percent in the last year so a thousand dollar

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Investment would have made you 11 grand okay in the last month it’s up sixty-two percent in the last three months its up three hundred percent at an ak to your radar add it to your watch list is a really good company and i believe it still has a lot of upside it is saying that is highly overbought territory so be careful if you see a dip back down maybe around two

Dollars i think that would definitely be a good buy it’s definitely on my radar it’s on my watch list editor watch this right away okay so those are two pics they’re both 100% bizon bar chart but before you leave for the weekend i’m going to give you four more pics okay add e tr em to your radar add it to your watchlist enter own medics inc etrm this thing has been

Crazy it shot up let’s take a look at etrm real quick here on bar chart so thirty two percent by on bar chart for the thing i like about this company this thing has been insane okay this thing has come from a dollar seventy five it’s reached a high of like over twenty dollars now it’s back down to around eight dollars so this is really volatile the stock it’s been

Absolutely crazy over the last month it’s gone as high as thirty dollars sorry it went as high as thirty dollars a couple weeks ago it’s back down to 767 right now still up twenty-four percent today at etrm to your radar added to your watch list it’s very volatile but it has big swings so you can make a lot of money quickly but be careful you can also lose a lot

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Of money quickly but i really like the stock at etrm to your watch list okay we’re running out of time here let me give you three more pics guys sgy up twenty-three percent right now stone energy sgy add it to your radar add it to your watchlist it’s a big today let’s also add on the nasdaq exchange ge lbs global’s globus maritime limited on the nasdaq g lbs up

Fifteen percent today add it to your radar added to your watch list is doing very well today and one more d f f n had to leave you with a pharmaceutical company today the number one pharmaceutical company up today of seventeen percent traded 1.1 million shares at four dollars and ninety cents added to your radar everybody have a great weekend congratulations america

On a new president the 45th president congratulations mayor america congratulations donald trump and congratulations for anyone that’s buying these stocks and getting my winners this is rich rich tv live peace everyone sign it off

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