Hi guys it’s stock curry and today we’re going to talk about two more catalysts for a market correction i’m also going to talk about whether the market correction might have actually already started and how you can make money during it i’ve also got a few stock picks for you guys so let’s get into it okay let’s start out with another sign that the stock market

Is overvalued and quite possibly due for a major market crash here soon and that and that is the ipo markets there’s an old correlation in the ipo market between the number of ipos and how overbought or oversold a stock market is generally speaking when you see a high number of ipos it generally points to a stock market being overbought and when you see a low

Number of ipos it julie points to the stock market being oversold and that kind of makes sense if you own a company and you want to do an ipo the whole point is to raise cash and the best time to raise cash is when you’re in a market that’s very very high where you can get the most amount of money for your stock you don’t want to go out and do an ipo when the

Stock market is beat down because you’re not going to get a lot of money for your company and so it makes sense that you’re going to see a high number of ipos when a stock market is overbought and a low number of ipos when the stock market is oversold and taking a look at what’s going on in the ipo markets right now june of 2021 was the busiest month for ipos

In 21 years and of course what happened 21 years ago the dot-com bubble burst and the market crashed so the ipo business is another indicator that this stock market is overbought and we are about to have a major market crash okay now i want to talk about a short-term catalyst that could trigger a correction in the short term which could lead to a larger crash

Down the road and that is earnings earnings season is here we are in the midst of it and this past week we saw quite a few banks report earnings now here’s what was interesting going up into earnings the banking stocks were up and when they reported earnings they went down here’s the crazy thing is that the banking stocks actually beat earnings so why did the

Stocks go down the reason is because going into earnings leading into them the banking stocks were up massively people were expecting these blowout earnings with banking stocks and the reality they just kind of beat earnings a little bit and so when they didn’t have blowout earnings the banking stocks actually went down after earnings and i think we’re going to

See the same thing happen with these large cap stocks keep in mind that over the past few weeks the stock market indices have shown that the stock market has gone up but in reality that is only because of a few very large companies these trillion dollars companies these large cap tech stocks amazon apple microsoft google stocks like that that have been rising

That have actually caused the indices overall to go up the reality is most stocks have actually gone down and what is coming up is in the very last week of july in a little over a week here we have all of these large cap stocks that have been rising recently they are going to be reporting earnings tesla reports earnings on monday july 26th uh apple microsoft

Google and visa all report earnings on tuesday july 27th then we have on wednesday july 28th of facebook and paypal and then on thursday july 29th we wrap it up with amazon and mastercard now all of these companies have been running up massively going into earnings in anticipation of these huge blowout earnings and i think that they are going to sell off hard

After earnings so starting friday and throughout next week i am going to be buying hedges against a drop in the market and in today’s video i’m going to show you what those hedges are and what you can do to also prepare yourself for a drop in the market that may be coming up all right let’s get into today’s stock picks for those of you who are new to this channel

My name is scott curry i used to work as an analyst for some large investment banks and now i analyze stock picks from the top 10 youtubers every day i watch hours of youtube videos from the top 10 youtubers and then it consolidate all of their stock picks into a single video and i give you the cliff notes and all those top picks as well as my analysis on their

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Stock banks now all i ask for putting all of this together for you guys is that you hit that like button subscribe click the bell icon and then click all so that you can get notified when i release my next video if you’re watching on facebook go ahead and follow the page also in fact i’ll give you guys five seconds to do all of that right now all right before

We get into today’s stock pick so just want to remind everyone that i am not a financial advisor and none of the youtubers i analyze are financial advisors either nothing i talk about today is a recommendation to buy sell or hold these are just my opinions which may or may not be accurate please do your own research before investing in any assets now if you’re

Wondering what you’re looking at right now this is the weeble desktop app weeble is the app that is for my trading and it is also the app that i use in all of my videos all right let’s get into today’s stock picks and first up is aapl this is apple stock mode listed aapl is one of the five best non-ev stocks to buy now it should be noted that stockmo purchased

Aapl earlier in the year and he is currently just holding he does have a one-year 225 dollar price target on aapl in the short term aapl remains overbought and i do expect a pullback soon next up is a bnb this is airbnb stock mode listed a b and b is one of the 5 best non-ev stocks to buy now he thinks as people start to get out more and travel that using

Airbnb will become a norm in the future stockmo likes a b and b as a long-term hold he said he really likes buying stocks near the 12-month lows for long-term holds i will tell you that technically a b and b remains quite bearish i would not be comfortable buying in yet i would wait for a sign that a b b is bottomed out before buying in and next we have amc

This is amc movie theaters keenan grace discussed amc’s failure to deliver or ftd data the ftd data for the second half of june came out today and wow these numbers are huge now keep in mind when you’re looking at these numbers that these are rolling numbers meaning you can’t just add up all of these numbers together the values of the total failures to deliver

Shares represent the aggregate net balance of shares that failed to be delivered at a particular settlement date fails to deliver on a given day are cumulative numbers of all failures outstanding until that day plus new fails that occur that day less fails that settle that day the figure is not a daily amount of fails but a combined figure that includes both

New fails on the reporting day as well as existing fails it’s also important to note that the age of the fails cannot be determined by looking at these numbers okay now that you understand how the failure to deliver numbers are reported let’s talk about how these failure to deliver numbers are proof of massive market manipulation on amc if you correspond these

Numbers to the stock prices each day what you will notice is that anytime the stock price got above 60 we saw a massive number of failures to deliver for example back on june 3rd when we had over 5 million failures to deliver the stock price was at 62.55 it then went quiet for a while and then on june 18th the ftd shot up to over 2 million all of a sudden the

Stock price rose from 55 the day prior to 60.73 on june 18th the spike in ftds perfectly matches up with the share price the lower the share price the less ftds we see the higher the share price the more ftds we see so why does this matter because failure to delivers means a market maker accepts your money for a stock but does not actually buy that stock on the

Open market instead they give you an iou for the shares and it gets recorded as a feeler to deliver the reason market makers do this is to keep the share price down by not buying the shares on the open market there is less buying pressure on the market and then there are fewer buyers than the price goes down the market makers then continue to fail to deliver the

Shares to you until the price drops and then they can buy the shares in the open market at a much lower price than what you paid not only does this greatly increase profits for market makers it also manipulates the markets by artificially keeping the price down now to correspond that with a chart let’s take a look at what happened on june 3rd and june 18th now

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Just keep in mind that the failure to delivers are reported for the day after so what we really have to do is we have to go back and look at what happened on june 2nd to see that huge spike in failure to deliver us on june 3rd and then we have to look at what happened on june 17th to see that huge spike in feelers on june 18th now i’ve added another horizontal

Bar in purple here so that you can see what happens every time the price gets above 60 dollars on amc so here we are on june 2nd and the stock price rose above 60 for the first time and then on june 3rd we see the massive spike in failure to delivers as market makers try to push the price down and in fact we can see that they were successful in doing that on

June 3rd the price then stayed below 60 all the way up until june 17th on june 17th it rose above 60 again and sure enough the next day on june 18th we see a massive spike in the failure to delivers once again market makers try to push the price below 60 on june 18th and they were successful in doing that by using failure to delivers this was all an attempt to

Keep the price below sixty dollars so that market makers would not have to have a huge gamma squeeze on their sixty dollar and above call options so you can see the stock price you can see the failure to delivers and you can see the massive correlation between a spike in amc above 60 dollars and a spike in feeler to deliver is the very next day it is a sign of

Massive market manipulation and there’s no other way of looking at it now the one good news we have is that because amc had these massive failure to delivers for more than five days in a row it actually ended up on the sho restriction list and so this is actually going to be investigated by the sec and hopefully we see some change or some fines or something that

Comes out of this whole fiasco so that this sort of thing never happens again okay next up is dis and this is disney stock mode listed dis as one of the five best non-ev stocks to buy now stockmo likes dis as a long-term hold stock mode just got back from vacation to disney world and he said the parks were packed and he thinks the parks are doing just fine he

Also likes the fact that black widow came out and had the highest grossing opening of any movie in 2021 a large portion of disney’s black widow revenue came from disney plus and stockmo likes everything about dis and thinks it will continue to go higher i agree the dis should be a great long-term hold stock it was a little overbought a few months ago but it has

Since come back down to a reasonable price a few months ago i had given a dollar by ender price and a 180 ideal buy in price we are in that range now so i think now is a great time to buy dis next up is dkng this is draftkings and they’re an online sports betting company stockmo bought more dkng today he thinks dkng might have bottomed out stockmo likes dkng for

A long term hold he thinks dkng is going to be the leader in online gambling and dkmg should also perform well as more and more states legalize online gambling now technically dkng is showing signs of being oversold the candles have closed below the 300 day ema twice now and the rsi is very near oversold so i agree with stock mode that this one does look like dkng

Is near a bottom and it might rebound soon next up is gs and this is goldman sachs you can see on this chart how goldman sachs was rising up and then it sold off after earnings despite the fact that they blew earnings out of the water stogmo listed gs as one of the five best non-ev stocks to buy now gs is a banking stock and a great hedge against higher interest

Rates it’s also cheap right now with a p e ratio of only 6.82 and a forward p e ratio of only 7.87 at the current p e ratio gs is a solid value stock stock mode likes gs as a long-term hold and i also like gs and this is actually one of the stocks that i own next up is nio this is neo in their chinese ev manufacturer stockmo bought more in io yesterday he thought

It might have bottomed out with today’s bounce it does look like there’s a chance that wednesday was the bottom nio could be bouncing off of the 100-day ema but we’ll have to wait until monday or tuesday before we get confirmation of a bounce to confirm a bounce we’ll need to see nio stay above the 100 day ema and we’ll need to see the macd histogram continue to

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Rise next up is stem this is stem and they use ai to optimize energy usage by automatically switching between battery power on-site generation such as solar and grid power stock mode listed stem as one of the five best non-eb stocks to buy now stock mode thinks stem can take advantage of some of the clean energy spending that is part of the infrastructure bill and

He also thinks stem will continue to do well in the future as more and more money is invested into renewable energy stock mo bought more stem on thursday stem has been in a downtrend for the past few weeks but it does look like it might be close to bottoming out stem is approaching the 200-day ema which has historically been a level of support for stem stem is

Also nearly oversold on the rsi for a long term hold i think you are fine buying sdem at the current price i do see the bottom it’s somewhere around 25 dollars okay i want to finish my video with some ways that you can hedge against a stock market crash or stock market correction and the first one is spxu this is a three times leveraged inverse s p etf so if you

Think the s p is going to go down then you can buy spxu which will go up when the s p goes down now the one thing i need to warn you about is that these three times leveraged inverse etfs are designed to go down over time the way these work they are very very expensive to maintain and so they lose a lot of money over the long run so you should only buy spxu as

A very short-term trade usually i do not like investing in this for more than one week at a time and sqq is very similar to spxu except it’s an inverse etf on the nasdaq instead of the s p and so if you think the nasdaq is going to go down you can buy sqqq again this is designed to go down over time so i do not recommend holding this for longer than one week at a

Time and the last stock market crash or correction heads that i want to talk to you guys about is uvxy you could also mix this in with vxx which is very similar like our other hedges this is designed to go down over time so i do not recommend holding this longer than a week uv xy is a little bit different from spxu and sqqq because this one goes up when the vix

Goes up vixx is a volatility indicator and the vix goes up whenever the stock market goes down you cannot trade the actual vix but you can buy ubxy and uvxy will go up if the market overall goes down so unlike spxu which is a play on the s p and s q q which is a play on the nasdaq uv xy is a play on the overall market altogether all right i hope you enjoyed

This video and got a lot out of it comment down below if you think a market correction is coming soon and what you are doing to prepare and if you’re looking for a broker to trade with you can sign up for weeble using my link in the description below when you sign up using my link in the description below and deposit just five dollars weeble’s gonna send you

Two free stocks worth up to two thousand three hundred dollars and if you’re not a us resident or if you’re looking to trade otc penny stocks then i recommend interactive brokers interactive brokers is an incredible platform they have commission free trading in the united states and highly discounted trading throughout the rest of the world and both weibo and

Interactive bookers offer the full pre-market and after hours trading from 4 am all the way to 8 pm eastern time now i do have material connections with both weeble and interactive brokers so when you sign up using my link in the description below not only are you getting a great brokerage or trade with you’re also helping me to continue to produce these great

Videos now don’t forget to hit that like button subscribe and click the bell icon to follow the page if you haven’t already i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you tomorrow you

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