HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH STOCKS AND CRYPTO RIGHT NOW – Top 10 YouTuber Stock Picks for Wed, July 14

HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH STOCKS AND CRYPTO RIGHT NOW – Top 10 YouTuber Stock Picks for Wed, July 14

Hi guys it’s stock curry and i’m back from vacation so today i’m going to talk about the inflation numbers that just came out we’re going to talk about the stock market overall and why is it going down i also want to give you a cryptocurrency market update and i want to tell you how to make money right now so let’s get into it okay the first thing we’re going to talk

About is the stock market now everybody knows the stock market has been going down the question is is the stock market about to crash now i know i covered this a little bit on my video on friday but i just want to give you a quick update and take a look at this chiller p e ratio which a lot of people have been talking about because we take a look at the shiller p

E ratio it is now the second highest it’s ever been in fact the only time it was ever higher than this was during the dot-com bubble right at the end of 1999 right before the entire market crashed in 2000 and so a lot of people think the stock market is about to crash again so do i think the stock market is about to crash again yes yes i do however not yet not

Right now uh one thing i’ve learned through my decades of trading is that the stock market always goes through a correction or crash way later than anybody think it is going to and so right now there are a couple things that are propping up the stock market but one of those being that the government continues to spend money we have this huge infrastructure

Bill that’s coming out that is going to put trillions of dollars into the economy we also have the fact that interest rates remain extremely low now what will trigger an actual stock market crash would have to be that the government would stop spending money we get no more stimulus bills we get no more infrastructure spending nothing like that at the same time

Interest rates would have to rise and the fed would have to stop buying bonds and so all of those combined could cause the market overall to finally go through the crash and stop being artificially pumped up by the government like it is right now but it’s not happening yet so right now i don’t think there’s anything to worry about but it is something to keep

On your radar because i do think it will happen soon possibly by the end of this year or early next year we’ll just have to wait and see and figure out when the government’s going to stop spending money and stop propping up the market now one thing i did notice as i was going through the markets today just trying to get caught up for my vacation is that the feng

Stocks that is your large cap tech stocks the apple amazon microsoft stocks like those they continue to rise and they’re rising going into earnings now they also remain overbought i do not think that these stocks will continue to rise after earnings i really think that earnings are going to come out and these stocks are going to start coming back down and so i

I were you i mean personally i would not invest in these stocks right now i am staying away from them i’m actually thinking about possibly doing some put options on them or some covered calls maybe some bearish vertical call spreads something like that i’m really looking at a way of somehow shorting these stocks because i do think that they are overbought and

They’re going to come back down if i don’t think they’re overbought they are overbought just go look at the rsi you’ll see it so i am expecting those stocks to come down i would not be investing in the stocks at this time okay before we get into the inflation numbers i just want to give you a quick update on weibull and what’s happening with that as you guys know

Weibo has had a promotion for the past few weeks where if you sign up using my link in the description or first comment below and you deposit just five dollars weeble’s gonna send you two free stocks worth up to two thousand three hundred dollars but that promotion is ending on july 20th so you only have about one week left to actually take advantage of that the

Entire promotion was put together because weeble introduced fractional share trading uh fractional shares is where you can buy shares at a very expensive company say something like tesla or amazon or something like that and you could buy a fraction of a share for as little as five dollars and so to go along with that whole uh thing that weeble brought out the whole

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Fractional share trading weeble decided to do a promotion where if you deposit five dollars then you would get two free stocks worth up to two thousand three hundred dollars now if you are one of the hundreds of people that have signed up using my link but you never actually made your deposit go ahead and deposit five dollars now so that you can take advantage of

The promotion that weeble has going on right now and if you haven’t signed up yet well go ahead and sign up using my link and then deposit five bucks and do all of that by july 20th again you got one week left for that okay let’s talk about the inflation numbers that came out today now as you might have heard the consumer price index or cpi inflation numbers came

Out today and they were hotter than expected the cpi overall came in at 5.4 and the core cpi came in at 4.5 that is the highest inflation that we have seen since 1991. the stock market did sell off today on the news but the 10-year treasury yield also went down and i find that kind of interesting i think it really shows how a lot of people at least the bond

Markets are expecting the high inflation to be temporary or transitory the inflation was mostly due to travel industries things like used car sales gasoline prices airline prices and hotel prices those were the main things that went up in fact used cars were by far the biggest portion of it the used car prices were up 10 month over month and 45 year-over-year it

Was a massive massive jump the thing is the stock market didn’t really sell off as much as it probably could have because the used cars are something that you just don’t buy that often right i mean how often do you go out and buy a new car it’s just not very often that you’re going out and buying a new or used car you know once every couple years maybe and so it

Doesn’t really affect consumers on a day-to-day basis say had food gone up ten percent it’s a lot less of an impact and so i think that’s why the bond market especially just kind of shrugged off the inflation numbers this time is because the bulk of it was in used cars so overall the market does see the inflation numbers as transitory still but this will continue

To hurt growth stocks in the short term because gross stocks are continuing to be hurt by high inflation which makes the cost of borrowing more expensive and it makes profit margins lower so growth stocks are definitely going to continue to suffer if you have a lot of high growth stocks in your portfolio you’re probably going to continue to see some difficulties

With those stocks in fact me personally i went on vacation and when i left pretty much my entire portfolio was green when i came back pretty much my entire portfolio was read the only thing that was up were my inflation hedges that is my energy stock was up my morgan stanley banking stock was up and my pharmaceutical stocks were up everything else was down and so

There you go banking energy pharmaceuticals your three inflation hedges uh those were all up and then everything else was down so i do recommend that if you’re concerned about inflation and you have a lot of high growth stocks uh maybe start thinking about the high inflation hedges which would be your banking your energy and your pharmaceuticals okay let’s talk

About our cryptocurrencies and get into our stock picks for those of you guys who are new to this channel my name is stock curry i used to work as an analyst for some pretty large investment banks and now i analyze stock picks from the top 10 youtubers every day i watch hours of videos from the top 10 youtubers and then i consolidate all of their stock picks into

A single video i give you both the cliff notes on their stock picks as well as my analysis on their stock picks if anything i talk about today piques your interest make sure you listen to who i say talked about that stock and they go watch their video to get the full details on what they said now all i ask for putting all of this together for you guys is that you

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Hit that like button subscribe and click the bell icon and then click all so that you can get notified when i release my next video and if you’re watching this on facebook go ahead and follow the page also in fact i’ll give you guys five seconds to do that right now all right before we get into today’s stock pick so just want to remind everyone that i’m not a

Financial advisor and none of the youtubers i analyze are financial advisors either nothing i talk about today is a recommendation to buy sell or hold these are just my opinions which may or may not be accurate please do your own research before investing in any assets if you’re wondering what you’re looking at right now this is the weeble desktop app weeble is

The app that i use for my trading and it’s also the app that i use in all of my videos all right let’s get into today’s stock picks okay let’s start with a cryptocurrency update because i’ve been on vacation for the past few days and crypto markets have really been going down i’m going to use ethereum for this discussion but what i’m about to talk about applies

To pretty much all cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies continue to drop in price the rebound that we saw a few weeks ago failed to hold ethereum is now back below the 200-day ema on its way down to the 300-day ema the macd also just formed a death cross and the macd histogram is falling as well the rsi is also dropping all signs point to crypto continuing to fall

In the short term i do think that we’ll see eth get back down to one thousand seven hundred dollars this week but if it drops below one thousand seven hundred dollars and it very well might then there’s no telling how low eth will go and with bitcoin you can see that it was right at a critical level of support if this drops below 32 000 and stays there then btc

Could drop all the way down to 12 500 over the next few weeks okay now on to our stock picks and first up is amc this is amc movie theaters as you can see amc continues to drop in price at the same time strange trading activity also continues to increase as keenan grace pointed out between the 15th and 30th of june an additional 8 million shares of amc were

Borrowed and yet the number of shares being shorted dropped by 10 million the fact is you just don’t borrow shares unless you plan to short a stock the reason is because you have to pay borrow fees on those shares so why would you pay borrow fees if you’re not actually shorting the stock it’s very strange and is another sign of the massive market manipulation

Taking place another possibility could be that the shares were borrowed to change naked short positions into legal short positions in other words shares were borrowed for shares that had already been previously shorted that actually makes more sense to me given the fact that amc was on the sho threshold list now that the stock price is going down some hedge

Funds are closing their short positions and taking profits that is freeing up shares and making more shares available to borrow other hedge funds are borrowing those shares to convert their naked short positions into legal short positions at least that’s what i think is happening based upon my years of experience in securities lending i could be wrong though nobody

Knows for sure outside of the hedge funds or actually borrowing the shares now keenan grace went over some other thoughts on the amc manipulation that is happening so if you want to know more about amc then i encourage you to go watch keenan griez’s video that he uploaded tuesday next up is inio this is neo and their chinese ev manufacturer stokmo got back from

Vacation and uploaded a video discussing nao and why it dropped i had told you that i expected a pullback on nio so the recent drop was not unexpected when discussing why nao dropped first stock mode discussed an article saying that large institutions were closing out their nio positions now if we look at fintel to get the bigger picture we can see that yes one

Institution closed out their position but every other institution either opened new positions or bought more so be careful with these fudd articles they only report what they want you to hear and they always leave out the bigger picture the next thing stockmo covered was the vie issue when most foreign companies list on the u.s stock market they do so through an

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Adr or american depository receipt that basically means that shares are held at a u.s bank and then u.s investors can buy the adrs on the open market but chinese stocks can’t use the adr business model instead they use a variable interest entity or vie structure this is true for all chinese companies including alibaba dd and neo a vie is another company usually

Established in the cayman islands with multiple contractual obligations that almost perfectly mimic owning stock in the chinese company american investors then own shares in the cayman islands shell company all of that is fine and gives american investors a chance to profit off of chinese companies or at least it was fine until a bloomberg article came out saying

That china plans to tighten restrictions on overseas listings of chinese companies nobody is really sure what that means yet but the news created enough fud or fear uncertainty and doubt to cause chinese stocks to drop right now it looks like china plans to require approval for the use of vis there are some who think that certain companies might be delisted by

China if they do not get approval to use a vie but this could also be a good thing because it could create a level of legitimacy on the vie structure since companies will have to be vetted by china before being listed in the united states the third thing that stockmo covered was what nio announced on battery day if you want to know more about nio’s battery day

Announcements then i recommend you go watch stockholm’s video that he uploaded tuesday morning okay last we’re going to talk about snpr this is the spac they’re merging with voltage charging which is a manufacturer of ev charging stations not to be confused with voltage charger which is a manufacturer of magnetic charging cables for phones volta charging has

Over 1 500 charging stations nationwide with another 1 100 contracted to be installed and another 10 000 in the pipeline larry jones likes volta charging because their charging stations display ads which increases their revenue each charging station has two screens the more people who use voltage charging stations the more advertisers they can work with which

In turn means more revenue for volta volta encourages drivers to charge with them by offering drivers their first 15 minutes of charging for free volta is a small player right now but they are expected to grow rapidly if you want to know more about snpr then i encourage you to go watch larry jones video that he uploaded tuesday all right i hope you enjoyed this

Video and get a lot out of it comment down below what your favorite stock pick is and if you’re looking for a broker to trade with you can sign up for weeble using my link in the description below when you sign up for weeble using my link in the description or first comment below and deposit just five dollars weeble’s gonna send you two free stocks worth up to

Two thousand three hundred 300 now if you’re not a us resident or if you’re looking to trade otc penny stocks then i recommend interactive brokers interactive brokers is a great trading platform they have commission free trading in the united states and highly discounted trading everywhere else in the world with commissions starting at just one canadian dollar

Four euros or six australian dollars depending upon where you live and both weibo and interactive brokers have full pre-market and after hours trading from four a.m eastern all the way up to 8pm eastern and i do have material connections with both weeble and interactive brokers so when you sign up not only are you getting a great broker to trade with you’re also

Helping me to continue to produce these great videos now don’t forget to hit that like button subscribe and click the bell icon if you haven’t already if you’re following us on facebook go ahead and click that follow button right now if you’re not currently following the page i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you tomorrow you

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH STOCKS AND CRYPTO RIGHT NOW – Top 10 YouTuber Stock Picks for Wed, July 14 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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