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How to fold a chopstick holder in increasing difficulty. Start with level 1 and keep on adding features until you get the ultimate chopstick holder stand. Its easy!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna show you how to make some chopstick holder like this one there are varying types of chopsticks here and the cheaper one tends to have this thinner piece of paper and we’ll start with this one first so go ahead and remove the chopstick flatten it out first and you fold it in at force and then you just

Fold that in half that’s the simplest you can do really and that will hold your chopsticks just fine the next thing you can do is put a detent in the middle so you just open it up and put your finger behind and your thumb on there and you just kind of push down in the middle like this you dip to both sides and just kind of shape it back you can see here there’s a

Little dent inside here for the chopsticks ago and that will rest your chopstick a little bit better because then when you put your chopstick on they won’t try to slide off it would actually try to go towards the center the next fancy thing you can do is fold in the corner so just fold it in like this into our triangle on each corner just fold it in so you make a

Nice triangle on all the corners and then you do the same détente thing in the middle now it looks even fancier and when you put the chopstick it would also make the chopstick gravitate towards the center and not fall off now an additional thing that i rarely do is this final fancy step which is to fold in this edge here this makes it seem like it’s levitated let’s


Just fold it in you have it folded a little bit here and it gradually goes to a point towards the end like that and then you do the same thing you kind of opened this up and you do the same thing for the sides too so now you have this arc looking chopstick holder once again it works just the same now the next level of coolness is if they have custom chopstick with

Their logo on it you position the logo right in the center of your chopstick holder so you open up your chopstick let’s just say this bird is the logo that we want to show so we’re gonna try to fold it so that it appears in the center here like that and you’ll have a little bit left over here just fold that over it doesn’t really matter that you have x-ray you know

You don’t really want to pull it off because it’ll make too much of a mess and you just kind of fold that over in like this so that your bird appears here and you do the same thing you fold it in now you see you’ve got the bird nicely right in the middle so i’m just gonna do the super fancy method fold the corners like this fold the other corner and then you flip

It open put your finger behind the back push with your thumb towards the center and you can do that on both side push it in and then just kind of shape it so that it looks like it’s kind of like an inverted boat now you can go ahead and do the super fancy method i only do this method if i have a lot of time to kill or if the food is taking way too long and i would

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End up doing this method so you just kind of fold this piece in and kind of gradually come to a tip on the edge you’re folding it in on the long side but you fold it outwards on the on the edges here and you just close it up fold it up a little bit and close it up just kind of massage everything to make it look nice so i would consider this my final product and

Here i put my chopsticks on i can kind of drop them on there it kind of tries to get in the middle so thanks for watching i hope you can go make your chopstick holder and keep your chopsticks from touching the dirty table don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below let me know if you make your own chopstick holder as well and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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