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Salvatore Calabrese, ‘the maestro’ of the Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel in London’s Mayfair, Monica Berg, co-owner and bartender at Tayēr + Elementary on Old Street, and Alessandro Palazzi, head bartender at Duke’s London in St James’s, mix their

I’m so happy that santa’s on his way hi welcome to the donovan bar at the bronze hotel in london my name is salvatore calabrese known all throughout the industry as the maestro today i’m going to do a very special cocktail for christmas it is a version of an eggnog a twist on the tom and jerry this is called john and jerry after my two son this is my younger

Version for anyone who wants to know federico pavan incredible barton thank you and he’s my right hand man so i’m going to put a 30 milliliter of rum hoxton banana rum cognac 30 milliliter of cognac any cognac anything that you have in your house it would be fantastic even brandy 45 milliliter of this almond milk this gives it a bit of a richness 20 milliliter

Of tonga beans syrup so how you make a tonka bean syrup fresh tonka beans you’re grated on the sugar and then you with an equal part of water you boil it away dilute it and you have tonka beans sugar very simple to do and the egg maestro why you put the egg on the last ingredient because if i would have done that at the beginning the alcohol would cook the

Egg otherwise you’re going to have a frittata you’re going to have a frittata we don’t want to do that what we’re going to do now music i love that there you go a little bit of a flare you like that don’t you wow beautiful and creamy wow what are we going to use for garnish we can grate a little bit of nutmeg on the top to give you an extra aroma salute

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Christmas in a glass hi my name is monica berg and we are here at tyre elementary which is my bar in old street and we are going to make a christmasy version of a sazerac so a sausage is classically a bourbon or rye cocktail mixed with cognac but i’m going to use aquavet which is the national spirit of norway which is home for me and then also going to add

A little bit more of the christmas kind of spices so this is a stirred cocktail so we have our mixing glass and our spoon 35 mils of brandy 30 mils of aquarium christmas is always the high season for accurate consumption in norway ninety percent is drunk in the leading up to christmas then we’re going to use pacquiao hand mills a czech bitter that has all of

These kind of warm christmasy cinnamon cloves kind of flavors then a little bit of sugar just to kind of round off all of the flavors a couple of milks traditionally a salsarac would have a coated glass of absinthe i prefer to put it into the cocktails because then you know that it’s evenly distributed then some petrol bitters just gives it a little bit of

Fruitiness add our ice two thirds filled then we stir we want it as cold as possible some of the water from the ice will release into the cocktail it essentially works as a the kind of glue that keeps the ingredients together i always keep my glass in the freezer so anytime you know that you’re going to have a pretty for a cocktail just pop your glasses into

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The freezer 15 minutes before strain the drink and voila we are ready to serve so the reason why i love this uh version of the south rack is because it does bring a lot of the warm spices but it also is quite dry so you could definitely sip and savor this drink for quite a while without getting overwhelmingly sweet of course it reminds me of home with the

Aquavit it kind of have those flavors from all the christmas pastries cookies the gingerbread house it’s just a drink that can be served before the meal after the meal or just if you want to chill back and have a drink and just do nothing chips hello my name is alessandro palazzi i’m the bar manager here at jukes by london in san james and i’m just going

To show you my christmas cocktail and i call it the christmas pudding martini the christmas pudding gin from sacred this is a limited edition over the christmas period make sure the glass is cold icing the cocktail shaker i’m going to put 50 ml of the gin a little bit of cane sugar few drop 30 ml of coffee cold brew and then 10 ml of nochello very similar

To amaretto but made it with eso math four drops of the bitter this is made by a lovely lady in canada but very much available here in uk the ice is in the cockpit we’re just gonna discharge the water let’s make some noise cream put a little bit of cognac float the cream on top and the last thing we’re going to just put a little bit of chocolate on top this


Is an after dinner all in the afternoon while you go your fire on now just for fun i’m just going to put some of this raisin because obviously in a christmas pudding eraser they will go right at the bottom it’s for you to eat at the end of your cocktail three is enough so this is my christmas pudding martini wish you all the best for the knowing festivity might see him on his way

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