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10 things you should know to Minimize caner risks. Some things pretty obvious as pointed out by the Wolrd Health Organization others are based on your actions rather than direct exposure to cancerous elements. .

How’s it going everybody this is feed the bush today i’m gonna go over 10 things that you may or may not know that’s highly cancers these days you might notice that almost everything is cancerous but it’s still good to find out the things that are highly cancers and kind of avoid those a little bit more to me this is all kind of like a probabilities game because yes

You can do everything to avoid cancer being very healthy and stuff but at the end you might still get cancer really early what the heck is up with that but you can still minimize your risk by not eating the most cancer stuff and avoiding the most cancerous activities it goes well to just skim over the world health organization’s most cancer substances if you just

Kind of know a bottom you know you’ll just avoid them a little bit more the first thing is alcohol and consuming alcohol can increase your chances of getting cancer personally i do socially check but i’m surprised how alcohol is so easily obtainable even though is such a high risk for cancer just keep that in mind when you’re consuming alcohol because that could

Lead you to drink a little bit less the second thing is red meats such as beef lamb pork even i’m deeply saddened that beef is actually cancer-causing i even have a t-bone steak right here because i like beef pretty much i like steak but lately as i’m older when i eat it i can actually feel the effects of redne if i eat too much red meat i can feel like heartburn

Or something just your body does not feel very well after having too much red meat however if you eat a whole bunch of vegetables there’s something somehow how come you don’t feel very bad if you eat a bunch of vegetables but if you eat a bunch of red meat you do feel bad so your body is trying to tell you something and my body these days tells me that not to eat as

Much red meat and it turns out that yeah your body is kind of on to something here because it is cancer-causing number three is any kind of exhaust fumes especially diesel fumes now if you live in a big city you’re gonna have a higher risk of cancer anyway because you’re surrounded by smog so it goes well to not purposely jog around highly congested roads just so

That you won’t breathe in as much exhaust fumes number four is canned goods i used to eat a lot more canned goods treating it as of their food well yes they are food but then you shouldn’t be using it as a staple every single day because the can leaks you know various chemicals whenever you put stuff in okay it’s line by like a plastic film and if there’s a siddik

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Content inside the can it’s going to leach into your food okay if the acid that’s gonna digest the the lining and it’s gonna go into your food so that when you pop open your can you eat it you’re gonna eat all those chemicals so it goes well to not always have canned foods and well maybe save it just for those emergency days if there’s any kind of emergency yes of

Course go ahead and eat because you need to eat food in an emergency but i find to not use canned foods as a daily basis like canned corn or whatever as as a good rule of thumb sometimes it’s a little difficult to eat say tomato paste because if i want to make tomato paste i gotta get a whole bunch of tomatoes and actually make it myself it takes a really long time

So sometimes yes i would use a little can of tomato paste and because it’s acidic you shouldn’t have it sit there for too long before consuming it just knowing canned goods can give you an elevated chance of getting cancer you’ll start to think about having as many canned foods and maybe you can cut out some more of that and purposely go for fresher ingredients

Number five is microwave popcorn luckily i don’t like popcorn too much and so i haven’t been eating so much microwave popcorn but the thing is the thing with the microwave popcorn is this paper with the wax lining that plastic lining inside has your popcorn in there and you’re just microwaving the whole thing it goes in there all flat comes out all poufy but then

It gets so hot in there it’s basically melting all that cleaning off and you’re just eating one big bag of cancer so there’s not much you can do about microwave popcorn because they are prepackaged for microwaving but you just got to know any kind of plastic lining that your microwaving no no don’t touch food with any kind of plastic lining when your microwave

Things because the plastic gets melted in your food so i guess if you really like popcorn you can actually just make it on the pot instead the sixth thing is meat such as bacon which i really like but i have personally consumed less of it these days salami bologna those sandwich meats and stuff that you just buy that’s pre-prepared it has a lot of preservatives

And things like that all those processed meats while the red meat itself already gives you some cancer risk the processed meats adds an additional risk of cancer so it goes well to avoid those as well number seven is barbecued or grilled meats whenever you grill something you kind of look towards having like a grill line these little black charred things the black

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Charred things is what you don’t want to eat sometimes you want to go oh yeah i want some black char on it just a little bit you know adds that little bit of flavor a little bit of bitterness well the thing is the more of that you have the more carcinogenic it is whenever you grill meats the carbons inside your meat forms a circle okay the six carbons together i

Think they call a cyclo butane or something like that the more charred inist you have two more cancer it is so it goes well – whenever you grill something grill it to a light char okay don’t don’t put like thick black lines on it just lightly grill is fine and of course to not always have barbecue all the time in fact i read somewhere in an article that japanese

Really like barbecue foods such as like gassy niku stuff like that they always grill stuff and they have a higher rate of having ulcers mainly because of the acidity inside the barbecue means number eight is hot foods inside a styrofoam cup now i did not read this inside the world health organization list of cancerous stuff but it makes sense to me whenever you put

Really hot foods such as hot soups or something in a styrofoam container and if it’s too hot it starts to melt okay i’ve gotten to go food like this before and they basically pour in boiling hot soup into a container that is styrofoam and you can start to see like the top edge of the styrofoam cup it kind of got melted a little bit has this little pattern on it

Not that it’s so melted that the structure is gone but like on the surface you can see kind of like it the it’s bent out of shape a little bit now you’re just eating that styrofoam okay and i’m sure it’s not good to eat that so you shouldn’t be microwaving your food inside the styrofoam cup you gotta remove anything because if there’s any oils on the top it tends

To bubble on top of the styrofoam melts your styrofoam and then you end up eating it you just gotta use a regular bowl not plastic and reheat your stuff don’t use chinese takeout boxes don’t use so styrofoam containers don’t use plastic containers don’t use those paper containers with the wax lining people don’t really warn anyone about this but you just kind of

See this done through friends and family so in this sense there’s a certain risk whenever you get to go food whenever they put really hot foods in a to-go container it’s inadvertently melting the container and you’re eating part of that so do try to avoid that or you might have to wait until the food is a little bit cooler before putting it in the to-go container

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Number nine is actually eating really hot foods you might not think of it why would the temperature cause you to get cancer well whenever you have really hot coffee or something if you drink really really hot coffee so that it burns you if it goes into your throat and it burns you maybe you’ll like the feeling of that you like the burning sensation because maybe

Your it throw it feels itchy or something you drink it it goes in the in the back of the throat it’s actually destroying the cells through the heat so it goes want to wait for your drink or food to cool a little bit even if you can handle the heat number 10 is saran wrap risks a lot of times we wrap our foods in saran wrap and i’ve seen some recommendations where

People like to cook corn in saran wrap you you open up your corn you wrap the saran wrap around and then you microwave nuke your corn for a couple minutes and tada open it’s done you just peel off the saran wrap well this thing cook this okay i see a lot of people stick this in the microwave and i’ve actually done it myself shame on me because i didn’t know that

You’re not supposed to do this actually i saw a science fair project long time ago where they were testing if saran wrap is cancer-causing so they wrap saran wrap around various foods and then microwaved and then fed it to mice or something and eventually yes the mice that kept on eating the saran wrap foods and then microwaved yes they did get cancers so it’s

Like a theme here do not ever microwave your food whenever it’s touching any kind of plastic okay no plastic spoons no saran wrap no styrofoam cup no plastic blind paper boxes or chinese to-go boxes i know this live sounds a little crazy because by the time you abide every little thing it’s a lot of stuff that you have to avoid it’s like what no bacon no no beef

I think if you’re having these things such as bacon or beef or alcohol vary periodically and infrequently which means you can still indulge yourself in some of these things but it greatly reduces your cancer risk and knowing that they give you cancer kinda makes you want to avoid them a little bit more so i hope this helps don’t forget to give me a like on this

Video comment down below let me know if you’re already avoiding these things and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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