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We may all have at some point meet a creepy person that seems to rub us the wrong way. But have you thought about what exactly makes such a person come off this way? Is it the various social cues that are missed? Is it their looks or how they dress? Things they say? Here I break it down in to what can be done about this behavior so hopefully there will be less creepiness around.

How’s it goin everybody does this beats bush today i’m going to talk about a somewhat sensitive topic on how to not be a creepy guy now this is a really delicate social interaction thing that just takes a lot of practice and also interacting with other people and being able to read social cues go to a bar where it’s a group setting and you meet a lot of different

New people you’re likely going to encounter some creepers out there by far the majority of these creepers are guys but there could be girls are creepers as well these are the people that no one wants to hang around and people are actively avoiding these type of people for the most part if you go to something like a meet-up or something you tend to see a recurring

Creeper that always just creeps around all the time to me i think these people just do not know any better and are just wondering why people are actually avoiding them let alone they’re not going to come and search for a youtube video on how to not be a creeper because this word creeper they might not even have heard of it not to understand all of this i think

Girls are actively trying to avoid creepers just for their safety sake so this video is kind of for those creepers out there that actually realize maybe after watching this video that go oh yeah maybe i was doing something like that and perhaps the majority of these creepers actually have really good intentions they never have intention to harm anyone and yet they

Come off as a little bit too harsh when they talk to the opposite sex so please allow me to make this video and allow the creepers to find this video and hopefully help themselves out and not be as creepy it’s kind of best for guys and girls let me just start by saying that not one specific trait makes a creeper a creeper you can do everything right and yet your

Intentions that are in your mind could come off as being creepy as well first thing you want to do is you never want to be too direct when you’re talking to someone if you face them directly head-on like i am with the camera it might be very threatening for most people so in order to be not as intense you may want to face i decide for example like this just casually

Look over once in a while and you’re just kind of talking outside over here the second thing is to not stare at the person that you’re talking to like i am to you because i’m looking at the camera of course i’m staring at you but if you’re talking to a live person whenever you’re making a point you go okay yeah i’m making up and then you like look somewhere else

But the timing is actually really hard to describe here because it’s a matter of a split second sometimes you want to look maybe a split second longer or maybe you want to look a split second shorter if you really don’t know that person all that well we just go you know you know just kind of like a casual look the third thing is never ever make physical contact

With someone that you just met you just met this person why would they want you to you know pat them on the back even or like touch their hair or something this is completely unacceptable and i’d say for the first couple of contacts you don’t even want to get anywhere near physical contact with that person that you’re talking to as a general rule even if you’re

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Talking to them and they’re talking to you back you want to say maybe about you know one and a half to two feet apart from the person that you’re talking to because you want to leave people to have their personal space you don’t want to get into their personal space if their head is right there you don’t want to like lean in there all these rules are not actual

Rules and it really depends on your interaction with the person some people depending on the time of the day where you’re at the mood may have their preferences adjusted for example if you’re walking through some sort of haunted house and it’s very narrow then yeah people are going to expect that you’re going to be squashed together and this is okay so when you’re

In some sort of haunted house you’re not going to go oh yeah you know always say this far away from me so depending on the situation depending on the mood so this is the social cue i’m talking about where you really got to read what is going on in order to adjust yourself and your distance to the person and how you not interact with the other person sometimes the

Person that you’re talking to might step back a little bit because you got a little bit too close everybody has their comfort level of how close they want to talk to someone maybe if you’re transferring a secret or something then yeah maybe momentarily you want to like whisper but then right afterwards you might want to bounce back to you know this one and a half

To two feet things if that person steps back you really definitely do not want to step forward just so that you maintain same distance it really just means that they say oh my gosh you’re like freaking me out or whatever you say is too creepy so then you stepping back you really don’t want to like force it and like follow them in this person goes back like six

Inches and here you go forward six inches this is really really creepy to do is like the follow up super creepy thing if you step forward when they step back additionally if you find yourself ending in conversation and if they leave to go somewhere you really really don’t want to go follow them maybe they want to get a drink and then you go okay i’m thirsty too

Let me go get a drink this is a really creepy thing to do unless you both agreed yeah we’re both are so let’s go get a drink then of course yeah you go to get drinks together but like if they left to go somewhere else really refrain from following them around or like hovering by passing by and all that if whoever you’re talking to left to do something else really

Really do try to go somewhere else and mind your own business talk to someone else first the fifth thing is when you’re talking to someone you really want it to be a conversation not you making a spew a speech or something where you’re the only one talking and they’re like uh-huh uh-huh like that you really want the other person to talk to you instead of just saying

Yes or no if you find yourself making a speech or something you really have to engage the other person and ask them questions and have them have their own opinion told to you the sixth thing might sound a little bit ridiculous but you really do not want to send 10 page love letters to the person that you actually like in fact do not do things that are extraordinary

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For the person that you’re interested in this may constitute as trying way too hard it may be good if they like you in the same way but most likely this is the stuff that girls talk about when the guy’s not around and they go oh my gosh that creeper guy sent me censored in such letter and they just talk about it amongst themselves and they just have a good laugh

About it because it’s just such a creepy thing that they received when i say extraordinary things is like if you have couple of people meeting at a bar or something right and maybe the girl mentioned oh yeah i like such-and-such from maybe a city that’s an hour away and then you purposely go to that city okay and you pick up whatever she he says she liked and

Then you come back and you bring it to her this is a really sweet intention but this is most likely really really weird and creepy if you only met this person these are actual examples i have heard of creepy people actually do so it’s more like when i hear these things these people actually do not understand that these things are going way too far the seventh thing

Should be obvious which is do not stop people online do not try to cross platforms between one platform and another for example if you know someone on facebook do not go and search up their linkedin and then go call their company or something like that do not go find their yelp account and message them through that do not even try to pull their phone numbers off of

Facebook and then try to text them off of that crossing platforms or googling them on the internet it’s called stalking don’t do that at all remain on whatever platform that you first met them in and just keep it there until you know they actually give you their email or they say oh yeah look for me on linkedin etc the nice thing is depending on how well you know

This person do not comment on their facebook yes maybe you are on their facebook but there you do not know these people well enough in order to comment on their facebook posts this is sort of an etiquette and i have my friends who are girls tell me that they have the stalker dude that always comments on their facebook posts and then they’re uncomfortable about this

But then there’s nothing else they could do they’re not going to delete it but then they know this is something that’s uncomfortable for them and it constitutes a type of creeper behavior the tenth thing to not be a creeper is don’t say creepy things for example if you just met someone a few times you should not say hey you look really pretty with that hat on you

Look really pretty with that dress on i like the way you look in this dress so things like that just refrain from commenting on their looks or their body figure or anything like that you should also not ask where people live if there is no reason for it they’re likely not going to give it to you anyway but a more safe thing to do is if you really want to know which

Area they live in you ask oh what city do you then not where do you live because why don’t you know where you live i’m going to come and get you like that type of thing if you just met someone you really should not offer to buy them dinner really really quickly this of course can or cannot be a creepy thing to do because maybe if a girl really really likes some

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Guy you can actually ask the girl to dinner because you would actually be really happy about it however if she does not like this guy and this guy is actually a big creeper that exact same question could be a creeper move this really just depends on the social interaction and sometimes when you’re interacting with someone you should already know how well you’re

Doing if there’s a good rapport between you and the person that you’re talking to that might be a good indicator that yes that might be something that you might want to ask for but i believe asking someone out on a dinner on the first time that you met them immediately is a little too strong you might want to exchange contacts and kind of work this on later on

When you exchanging messages or something on text because you do not want to put whoever you’re talking to on the spot and then go oh yeah you know let’s have dinner most likely to go oh yeah sure you know but then it doesn’t really mean anything because they can just go yeah sure but then later on they’re not really going to go to dinner with you or anything

These kind of tips actually goes on and on it’s not just these you can’t just take all of this and go oh yeah i did this check check check check check if you do all of this you can still be a creeper if you have the mentality of a creeper what constitute a creeper i think really comes from the mentality of high expectations of whoever you just met you just met

This person and then you go oh yeah this person is like so great this is perfect for me you just want to like immediately do everything with this person most people do not think the same so you really just have to kind of slowly go into this slowly meet the person you know just jump in and then go haha hey you know let’s have a life together forever and get married

Or something so hope you creep yourself there enjoyed this video and hopefully kind of lower and tone down your creepiness for the benefit of everybody basically don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below we know if these tips actually help you actually people don’t want to really admit that they’re creeper so you know feel free to just watch

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