How to Not Buy Trash Bags

Does the idea of buying trash bags to throw away ever bother you? Not only can using the compost bin more effectively help you buy less trash bags and save you more money, it can also help you save the environment as well.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna show you a way on how to process your kitchen trash so that you no longer have to buy kitchen trash bags now kitchen trash packs might run you about five six dollars every two months or so you see there’s a 55 count maybe you use one uh trash bag a day or maybe one a week or something but it may add

Up to be i don’t know 20 30 a year and if you never ever have to buy these trash bags at all then that means you’re going to save yourself 20 30 every single year this is a really really good way to save more money not buy as much stuff at all and you know it’s kind of good for the environment if you have less plastic trash bags out in the landfill now in my area

We have three different kinds of trash cans one recyclable one landfill and one compostable basically a lot of your food scrap is compostable however you cannot use a plastic bag and put it in the compost bin because the plastic bags are not compostable yes you can go to the store and buy a compostable bag so that you can put your compost in it and then throw it

Into the compost bin however this whole buy trash bags thing and then throw it in the trash can it’s kind of backwards to me because you’re buying something that has a value to it this is i don’t know 10 cents or something and you’re essentially using these bags so that you throw it in the trash can so you’re essentially throwing your money away so what you can do

In your kitchen is have a smallish bucket that has all the compostable stuff in it now there’s no lining there’s no trash bag on it it’s just a bucket and then on a different bucket you will have a plastic bag and these plastic bags can be a lot smaller and you can essentially use the same one from your groceries such as the bags that you get with your vegetables

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You’ll find that the stuff that’s not compostable essentially you can just leave right there for many many weeks and it will not smell at all so you just have a tiny bag of little plastic scraps little pieces of paper that does not have food scraps all of this stuff goes into the landfill and essentially you can have this sit there for a really long time now we

Still have the problem of emptying all these food scraps into the compost bin most companies they don’t like you just directly pouring all these food scraps because once they empty into their cart maybe it might get everywhere you have little pieces everywhere they really want you to package it up so the thing to do is you can use newspaper ads all those ads and

Junk mail that you get in the mail you can use this to wrap your trash your compostable trash into a little packet thing and then you can throw that in your compost bin since i’ve done this i’ve canceled my landfill service saved about 50 on my trash service and the rest of the compostable stuff i put most of my trash into the compost bin now let me just show you

How to wrap all these food scraps with the ads and junk mail that you get in the mail there are some ads that i just got in the mail they’re not sorted in any order i just grabbed a whole bunch of them like this so what you do is take one of the bigger pliers okay that are double pages long like this and what i do is just layer some on top because if you put wet

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Compostable stuff on there it’s gonna try to break through so what you really want is several layers of this stuff i’d say about three or four layers depending on how wet it is if it’s very very wet then you know maybe you just want more as you do this you kind of get an idea of how many layers you need and i’d say you know like like this is pretty good this is

Typical about three or four layers but if you want more you can put more and anyway this is about good and then i just kind of spread it out like this sometimes if you have a lot of scraps then you might have to kind of spread it out a little bit more but i’m going to do it for the basic case here since i don’t really want to mess with food scrap here and get

Everything all wet and smelly on the table here i’m using these cones as an example of food scraps so then you basically put it in the middle like this and you wrap it like a fast food burger you basically take one side like this go around everything okay and then you just kind of push it back without touching it so you don’t have to touch that yucky stuff and

You kind of make it a little bit long and you fold it over over here and you fold it over on this other side and because you want this edge straight this is going to flare out a little bit so what i do is i fold in a little bit on both sides like this and then now you can fold this back over and tuck it into here like this and then after you do this you just kind

Of press it close a little bit and then it’s gonna be in one little packet like this all without using any plastic bags just toss this right into the compost bin directly all this newspaper is going to get composted because it is made out of paper and at the same time this paper that was going to get thrown away anyway well basically gets reused as your trash bags

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I hope you enjoyed this way of reducing your impact on the environment did you know that if you use plastic bags and put all your food scraps inside these plastic bags and then it goes in the landfill it’s essentially going to be deprived of oxygen and then it would create methane gas which is a greenhouse gas so if you employ this method you’ll kind of help out

The planet a little bit and at the same time you don’t have to buy any more of these guys don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re going to give this method a try it’s really going to save you a lot of money and it would help the environment too if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out

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