How to Not Get Slapped as a Millionaire

How to make your first moves and not get slapped! (As a millionaire)

How’s it going everybody this is bt bush today we’re going to talk about not getting slapped as a millionaire now you might ask why would anyone get slapped out of the blue just because you’re a millionaire this of course has to do with opposite sex in dating i can think of two particular surefire ways to get slapped one is to say something very degrading to

The other person or two if you happen to violate their personal space this includes getting a little bit too close or kissing someone without their permission today i’m going to talk about what you should do to not get slapped in these particular instances this video is brought to you by weeble you can help out this channel just for signing up and depositing any

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The promotion check out my referral link down in the video description below why should you listen to me for dating advice what makes me such an authority in this particular subject after all i am 41 years old i am unmarried i do have a girlfriend right now though last time i said i was single not in terms of in a relationship single but really in terms of the irs

Single when i file taxes i’m single but i do have a masters in debate enough of my qualifications here is a graph of chances of getting slapped versus the number of drinks the girl drinks for a very polite type of girl that is sort of reserved and is not going to slap you no matter how many drinks they have they’re just not going to do slapping it’s just not within

Their vocabulary some girls would just like to slap around even with one single drink and other girls would be a little bit nutty they would slap even without drinking anything and even when they do drink they just keep on slapping how do i know this here is a funny story from my college times where i had like a little mini party with a whole bunch of other people

And there was this one particular girl who i wasn’t interested in or anything but it was just like a very friendly friend who is a girl she tends to be the more aggressive type but after one single drink man she’s just like oh you do want to slap and just you know just slapping all over the place so this is more of a kidding type of slap it wasn’t in aggression

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Or in response to some kind of insult but seriously i’ve avoided getting slapped all this time because i don’t overstep any boundaries and the surefire way to not get slapped if you are kind of afraid of this is that when you’re on your date and you’re trying to do something you should just go slowly maybe you’re nervous you never held hands or anything higher

Possibility of getting slapped is let’s say at the end of the day you have no idea how the whole date went and then you just go in for a kiss you just kind of go like that and let’s say you aim correctly she wasn’t paying attention and you just like went and smooched her on the lips this might come as a shock and i would peg this as maybe like a 50 50 chance that

You might get slapped because you know you didn’t give her any kind of warning sign i’m gonna use this i bat for a lack of better dummy figure to demonstrate this on but if you’re on a date let’s say this is the girl right maybe you want to touch the shoulder first you might want to touch the hip after that in this order and then maybe you want to hold the hand

The hand tends to be a little bit more personal than you know you’re just walking along and you are touching the hip and then of course at the very end then you touch the lips with your lips well i feel a little bit strange demonstrating on this ice bat because in particular in my mind ice bat is like around three year old so it’s like a child boy baby it’s always

Been male and also t-rex has always been male so you know just just ignore this this is just a dummy for now it’s a little weird for me so when you’re on a date and you walk around you get to know the girl and maybe at some point you feel a little bit closer then yeah maybe you should put your hand on her shoulder this is kind of like a body language type of thing

Where you can get a little bit of response get a little bit of feedback on how well the date is going if you rest your hand on her shoulder and she doesn’t like suddenly you know go oh my gosh it just might be a little bit too soon maybe you finish having dinner first get to know the person a little bit better you try again later you put your hands on her shoulder

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And then see if she reacts it’s like a kind of progressing type of step where she’s more and more comfortable with you if there’s no retraction possibly later on when you’re walking around you can put your hand on the hip over here it’s slightly more intimate than putting on the shoulder of course sometimes if you’re on a first date you don’t want to prematurely

Touch the other person you want to just sort of get to know each other a little bit at least right you don’t go hey my name is blah blah blah and then you just met you just talked one or two sentences and then you walk her and then you you know just touch her shoulder touch her hip and stuff this might be okay for some but it might be also a little bit dangerous if

You do things a little bit too premature you can actually derail the whole day because if they’re not ready for any kind of touching it’s just gonna set off all kinds of things for the entirety of the rest of the day so you really should probably go slower rather than faster as low as you can just based on your reading of the cues now chatting shoulder and touching

Hip i do not think is actually an absolute prerequisite for holding the hands sometimes maybe you never touch the shoulder or the hip and you’ve had the majority of the date and then maybe you’re walking towards ice cream or something then you know you’re walking side by side maybe you want to go for the hand the hand is less intimate the girl has an ability to

Pull away the hand pretty easily if you grab hold of the hand and then she’s just kind of like you know pull pull it out then you would know that oh okay she’s not even ready for hand-holding of course she’s not gonna be ready for kissing now on the other hand if you hold on to the hand and she does nothing this is a good sign maybe she’s just a little bit too

Nervous so you just keep on holding the hand something even better let’s say if you are at a movie theater and you hold on to the hand and then there goes some like hand fondling right like you know can following like if there’s lots of hand falling that means um a kiss is imminent right it’s basically asking to be kissed right if there’s um her funneling your

Hand back i definitely think without any prior touching you definitely want to go for the hands first before kissing you don’t like go zero touching and all of a sudden jump in for the kiss when you do kiss right even if there is like hand fondling or like not pulling away their hand when you’re holding on to the hand let’s say you’re at a spot for kissing maybe

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You’re in the car maybe you walked her back to the house or something and you’re in front of the door and you’re about to lean in for the kiss you don’t want to like bolt at it all right you don’t want to go like that like this type of speed i’m going to put this this way because i don’t want to kiss ice bat right you want to kind of do it like one inch per second

Type of speed so when you’re ready to do the kissing right you want to go at roughly one inch per second like this i’ll demonstrate like that like that right not too slow you know what too slow is you’re like like this it might come out as kind of creepy right you’re like right so you want to go like this you know don’t don’t make like like kind of grin right

You got to like have have like a serious face not smiling less emotional looking type of face so kind of like like this you know no no emotion and then you just kind of lean in if you’re leaning in at that speed this gives them some warning she’s gonna be like oh gosh this guy is leaning in for a kiss so if she happens to not want something like that right then

She’s just going to be like whoa whoa whoa you know get back if there is no movement at all then of course you just keep on going in and go for the smooch if her eyes closes this is like hand fondling but one step higher right because you’re at the lips now then it’s kind of like saying oh yeah come kiss me you know do some frenching or something if she closes her

Eyes you know what’s up and this is kind of like saying we should go somewhere together but this is all the time we have for now i don’t know what kind of kids are watching this video over here i’ll end it there let me know if you guys want to know more leave a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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