How To Profit From The Great Reset

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So before we talk about different ways to profit from the great reset let’s take a step back and talk about what exactly that is so for those who aren’t familiar the great reset is a term that has been tossed around over the last few years now as far as the origin it actually came from the 50th annual meeting of the world economic forum in 2020. essentially this

Is a large group of thought leaders and different individuals in charge of large countries coming together to figure out how to navigate the new normal now there is an official plan for the great reset which you can look at yourself but it basically breaks it down into three different components number one is to create more of a stakeholder economy number two

Is emphasis on esg going forward with our investments and then number three is harnessing innovations from the fourth industrial revolution if you guys don’t know what some or any of that is don’t worry we’re going to cover all of it in just a little bit for now we’ll just explain the fourth industrial revolution what that means is the rapid changes in technology

Industry as well as societal patterns due to increasing interconnectivity and smart automation so now you understand what the great reset is it’s basically this big economic plan where there are tons of very large countries involved now let’s talk about how you could potentially profit from the great reset now real quick guys i just have to make a quick disclaimer

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Six million people who know it’s never too early to invest in yourself click the link in my description below or visit stash to redeem this fifty dollar bonus offer once again thank you stash for sponsoring that portion of today’s video so the very first investment vehicle to potentially profit from the great reset is called i bonds now you may

Have never heard of these before and that’s because inflation isn’t really something we’ve had to combat in the past but now that inflation is so high a lot of people are looking for ways to essentially protect their savings in the buying power of their money so one thing that you could do here is put your cash reserve on ice or at least some of it allowing you to

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Hopefully outpace inflation essentially earmarking those funds for a later date now that could mean investing in stocks crypto real estate all sorts of different things but if you don’t plan on investing just yet putting your money on ice and making sure you’re outpacing inflation could be a very solid choice now if you’re anything like me you probably have the

Tendency to buy the dip a little bit too quickly on different investments so this could also be an option to essentially protect you from you and make it so you can’t just throw your money right back into the market and with inflation running above eight percent as we mentioned people are very worried about this deterioration of their buying power so what a lot of

People have done is just blindly thrown their money into the stock or crypto market to try to outpace inflation but if you look at the year-to-date performance on both that would have lost you a lot more money than the simple loss from inflation so since blindly throwing your money into the market isn’t a great strategy this could be a solid alternative keeping

Your money on ice so the full name of this investment vehicle is the series i savings bond and there’s two different rates that are important to be familiar with the first one is the fixed rate which stays the same for the life of the bond the important one is the second rate which is the inflation rate which is set two times annually and it’s based on the cpi or

Consumer price index aka the indicator we use to track inflation right now that six month rate is at 9.62 percent yes you heard that correctly nine point six two percent on a bond guaranteed by the us government now this certainly sounds like a great deal but there are a few caveats to be aware of before you get super excited about this first of all you can only

Invest ten thousand dollars per year in ibonds per social security number so if you have 10 000 or less of an emergency fund or money that you’re earmarking for later investment you could be in good shape here to utilize these i bonds if you have two hundred thousand dollars in cash you know putting ten thousand dollars into this uh product really might not be

Worth it for you in terms of the fact that the other 190 000 that you have is still sitting in a bank account or somewhere where it’s not keeping up with inflation the second thing to be aware of here is that you can hold on to these i bonds until maturity or you can sell them early in the secondary market the only thing is if you do sell them early before maturity

You do forfeit the last three months of interest that you earned so let’s say for example you didn’t want to put your money into the markets right now but you wanted to protect yourself from from inflation you could theoretically put ten thousand into the i bonds fully maxing it out for the year and then over the next 12 months earned that interest rate and it’s

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Going to be right now 9.62 and then it’s going to be recalculated later on this year assuming one year later you decided to redeem those bonds you would basically lose three months of that interest so you would have earned nine months instead of 12 full months of that interest even so this is still the best place to park ten thousand dollars right now fully insured

And backed by the us government however it just might not be worthwhile for those that have a gigantic cash nest egg that they’re looking to protect the buying power of so strategy number one just to recap is protecting yourself from inflation via i bonds while you essentially let the great reset play out which could lead to tremendous buying opportunities across

Different financial assets so the second idea to profit from the great reset that is to invest in innovation now hold on a second guys before you go out there and start blindly throwing your money into crypto and innovation stocks just like crashy wood you know pump the brakes here for a minute because obviously doing this without a defined strategy or doing it too

Early could have disastrous results so before we talk about innovation we need to recap here and talk about the last economic crisis in 2020. the 2020 stock market crash ended up being a flash in the pan with an abrupt v-shaped recovery largely based on record monetary policy and as we now know this in turn set off the great reset now based on this current record

Inflation we are seeing the fed is expected to aggressively tighten interest rates for the rest of 2020. this among other factors has caused the biggest crypto drawdown in recent memory as well as a nasty sell-off in both growth and speculative stock now all that being said it’s important to keep in mind that apple and amazon stock both crashed during

Bubble in the early 2000s however if you somehow had the insight to buy those stocks at that time you did return you would have had would have been absolutely unbelievable so if you have a defined process for researching investments and finding value coming up in the next 12 to 24 months let’s say could be one of the biggest opportunities to invest in innovation

At some of the best prices in the last few decades that being said we are going to see a lot of companies get completely washed out because they were probably operating businesses that would never ordinarily be sustainable in a higher interest rate environment you could even invest in cryptocurrencies as a method of investing in future innovation however just bear

In mind right now that the very use case for most cryptocurrencies is being challenged right now for example over the last few years i don’t know how many different times i heard people say that bitcoin was a logical hedge against inflation well if we’ve learned anything in 2022 it is that that is one hundred percent not the case but that being said investing in

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Innovation slowly and with a defined strategy could be a way to capitalize on one of the goals of the great reset my advice is simply to be patient learn and move slowly because although innovation happens quickly people tend to very much over price these things today and like for example if you were fomoing into crypto in 2021 had you held off you would be getting

Much better prices today now the third and final way to profit from the great reset is to start a business i think one of the biggest lessons that the last few years has taught all of us is that certainty has gone completely out of the window in the past most people stick with the job that they may not like for whatever reason for that stability however a lot of

Young people people are learning that that stability is just not guaranteed or something that could be relied on today so instead of working in a job that you don’t like without stability a lot of people are making the decision to start a side hustle and then maybe even transition into that as a full-time business once things are getting off the ground in this 1099

Revolution or work from home movement has essentially opened up an entirely different category for savvy individuals who want to make money without working in a traditional job and so what i have found so far over my short time on this earth is that times of disruption are usually the best times looking back to have started a business and that is largely because

Everything around you is changing largely at the same time with so much changing quickly and all of these new resources available it’s possible to build and scale a business very quickly in 2022 so perhaps this may be the time to make that investment in yourself and potentially long punch that side hustle or business idea and if you don’t quite know what you want

To do yet well study those very people who have figured out how to work from home or start their own 1099 business and then you can simply mirror those same strategies anyways guys that is going to wrap up today’s video i hope you enjoyed it let me know what you think in the comment section below about these different ideas for profiting from the great reset if

You enjoyed this video and made it all the way to the end make sure you drop a like hit subscribe as well as that bell for future notifications and as always i hope to see you guys in the next video

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How To Profit From "The Great Reset" By Ryan Scribner

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