How to Reclaim Time and Energy for Yourself

Ever notice how you are tired most of the work week and have no time to do anything nor pursue your interests? Or do you realize your 3 days weekend somehow seems like twice as long as a 2 day weekend? All this life energy is being consumed for your trade of your time for money. Reclaim your TIME and ENERGY back with the methods I outline in this video.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about reclaiming some of your time back from your day job we all know that a full-time job will cost you about 40 hours or more per week on top of this you have the lunch hour that you have at work you also have the commuting time and also the physical toll that you get even if you don’t work at

A physical ly required job such as a cubicle job or whatnot you just sit there and it just physically tires you out and by the time you get home you don’t have much energy to do much else other than vegetate in front of a tv or just do anything else just to recuperate by the time you’re done recuperating you roughly have only one day left to yourself per week this

Is why sometimes when you have a three-day weekend it feels twice as long although it’s only really one day longer than your typical two-day weekend now most people don’t have the luxury of tossing away their full-time job because they need this money to sustain their livelihood unless you’re talking about someone that is retiring early they can just completely not

Go to work and just have the full week to themselves but for someone that needs to keep on working i’m gonna talk about some tricks tips and tricks that you can use to try to kind of push back this amount of physical toll and mental toll that has on your body so that you can sort of reclaim more than one day a week to yourself now your body and mind sort of works

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In different ways your physical body gets tired really easily however your mental brain capacity can run for really long durations and not fatigue out too easily now in order to get around the mental and physical fatigue of your day to day life you could consider waking up earlier and just kind of time shifting everything so that you wake up you do a whole bunch

Of stuff for yourself this is when you’re most aware and most awake and you have most of your brain capacity you’re not tired at all in the morning because you just physically rested then you can go about doing whatever you need and then you go to work and then you can apply yourself there when you do your stuff first in the morning which i consider is probably

More important to you than going to your day job you can then use the best of what you got in the morning and apply all of this physical and mental capacity to whatever that you really really do care about now personally i’m a night owl so every single minute i have to wake up earlier i prefer not to do if it’s just waking up one hour earlier it feels to me like

It cost a lot more but this is something that could be changed because yes it’s gonna be hard waking up earlier in the beginning however once you’ve time shifted your schedule there’s no physical difference between you waking up earlier because you’re just gonna go to this bed a little bit earlier now if someone explained to this long ago that i could do this and

Wake up earlier to apply myself to some project that i really wanted to work on if you want whatever side project to succeed that badly you will make the effort to wake up earlier and apply yourself in the morning after being told this i’m just a little regretful that i did not realize this myself earlier because all this time i’ve been trying to work on things

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After work and after work i do these videos and i’m just like oh my gosh i’m so tired i could have just really just done all of this in the morning instead now if you wake up just one hour earlier every single day you’re gonna have five full hours of your fullest potential to put to whatever that you want imagine how much you can do in the full year of doing this

Thing of course you can push it a little bit further wake up two hours earlier wake up three hours earlier you can just do whatever you want and then you can just basically apply yourself for one hour two hour three hour and then you go to your job and then you come back and then you have to eat and then you just go to sleep really tired this is a really good time

To keep your full-time job and take back some of this energy back from your work so that you can apply all this energy towards the goals that you have whatever that you’re interested in now another way to multiplex your mind and your physical self is that whenever you’re tired you need to have something in mind to think about while you’re commuting while you’re

Idling somewhere maybe drinking something you know standing at a park or what not if you’re not trying to just you know take it all in and not thinking about anything then you can always jot down something that you need to think about put it in your phone notes write it in a notepad or whatnot and never you have some idle time a lot of times i do have like 30

Minutes one hour i don’t mind waiting 30 minutes one hour at any given moment because i always have something to think about once i realize that i have something like this i would pull out my notebook pull out my phone and just reread some of the stuff that i need to think about and i go okay it’s something and then i just you know put put it away and then i start

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Thinking about it and i stare into space and go hmm and then all this stuff goes through my mind and if i think of something great i’m gonna tape my phone back out and then enter in whatever results i have the same thing with when you start your commute you can’t really look at your phone while you’re commuting so what i often do is i take out my phone before i get

In the car and go okay i have this or this to think about okay i’m just gonna you know just kind of keep that in mind and while i’m driving i would ponder about that this whole time and this is not time wasted because i would be driving at the same time and pondering about something that i want to think about i hope this video is i open it for you because if you do

This you’re going to essentially get a lot of your time back and be able to apply yourself to something that you’re interested in this is not to say that you’re not applying yourself on your work but everybody always have some sort of ambition some sort of side thing that they like to think about or do and this is a really great way to apply yourself that’s all i

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