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TAP Mold Resistant Caulk and Edgers:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush this is my very very dirty bathroom and i’m almost embarrassed to show you this but i decided to show you this even before i washed it a little bit even if you clean this up a lot of times the edges will still be dark and ugly and sometimes on the market they sell these little strips that you can just put on top

It’s kind of like a tape that you put along the edges i find that like disgusting because you’re just covering things up and underneath it’s still kind of moldy and mildewy so you don’t want to do that i’m going to show you an easy way to properly do it basically you might be tempted to just get the clock and then somehow use some other tool use a screwdriver or

Something to to remove all that out but really you really really need this tool to remove it this at the end is not really like a razor blade but it’s kind of like a piece of sheet metal that allows you to kind of cut through everything and remove the moldy clock that’s in there the other thing you really need are these little spreader things because once you

Reapply this clock on there you want to spread it out evenly and very very smoothly because the smoother it is the less crevices there will be for water to get trapped and causes more mildew so don’t try to attempt to use your finger because i’ve done that before as well use your finger and then and then you think it looks kind of okay but but it’s not it’s kind

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Of like really rough around the edges you when you use your finger so you’ve got to use one of these let me clean this up and show you how this looks like and the process of doing it the edges here are still a little dark so i’m gonna use this tool and remove some of it you can see if i just kind of push this along here although this is get cut out and then at the

Edge here there’s a little thicker thing you can just go like that and i can do the same along this edge you look at this whole thing it just comes right off so you just take some of this dap click seal and may come in this smaller container or it comes in a bigger tube with a dispenser this the one is mold and mildew resistant you just take some of this and

Make a bead a long edge here and it’s not gonna look too pretty at first because we’re gonna come back and use the applicator and smooth it out so i got these edging tools and i guess i’m just going to use this srd one just pull it along the edge like this and it looks like i might need a little bit more and then you notice before i had some mildew that i had to

Scrape off that was because i left a layer of this on there so this time i’m going to try to remove as much as i can when it’s not completely in the corner over here just using a tissue paper here be careful not to ruin your nice edge as you’re cleaning this up so just like that it’s all new again don’t forget to wait 2 hours before you go and paint on top of it

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If you are gonna do that or you need to wait 36 hours before you can expose it to moisture so if you have another bathroom use that one for a couple days and then come back to this one this really only took me about 15 minutes to do even with the camera turned on if you’re interested in these products this little spreader thingy or this little remover thingy i’ll

Leave a link down below in the video description this is pete the bush i hope you go and tackle your own recopying your bathroom corner edges don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know this is your first time redoing a caulking in your bathroom and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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