How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage

Lowering your mobile data usage can save you a lot of money. This is even better when you lower it without sacrificing what you actually use. I’m talking about cutting out data used that you never know about. Watch to find out more.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to show you the tips and tricks that i use to reduce the data usage on your cell phone plan why should you reduce your data usage is because it’s cheaper you can then get a lower price plan and pay less every single month now you really think about it the core information that you get from data the

Actual data bits itself it’s very very minimal for example texts uses very very little in terms of data a voice data call uses very little if you’re getting certain emails that has critical information that also costs you very very little data what costs the most data is generally picture files video files and generally if you surf the web or something on your

Phone then it’s gonna suck down a lot of data the problem i have with consuming a lot of data is because most of time you’re actually not really consuming that particular data at all it could be data that just kind of loads in that background you never see it it just kind of buffers and so you’re paying for something even though you do not actually use it so if you

Restrict yourself to only paying for data that you actually use the data that comes through that you actually see that you actually handle and not data that just kind of swings by and you never see again for example if an app gets updated ok and you never even use that app until it gets updated again it means that whole update file in between was actually never

Used now the first thing that you can do is turn off automatic application updates and only update the application on wi-fi if you’re trying to get sub 1 gigabyte every single month like i do try not to watch a whole bunch of youtube videos while you’re on the go watch it only when you’re back home most of time you don’t need to watch youtube videos when i’m hanging


Out with other people most of time my phone is in my pocket i talked to the person instead rather than you know bring up a cell phone while i’m eating with them and watching videos that makes no sense now i know some of you do not have wi-fi at home and you only solely use the data on your phone in which case using less data on your phone might not make as much

Sense because maybe you have unlimited data already still really low cost unlimited data is not going to keep on going on forever so at some point it would be a good to reduce the amount of data that you consume on a mobile device on the other hand if you have wi-fi at home or at work you can of course try to turn on wi-fi all the time only use those exclusively

When you’re at those locations which is most of time but when you go on to a mobile situation when you’re in a car when you’re at a restaurant then sure you can use your mobile data at that case now i know how annoying it might be if you go to certain places and you always have to keep on asking for their wi-fi password so most of time i don’t even personally do

That i usually don’t even ask for i just use my mobile data and i still am able to get under one gigabyte a month now what applications are critical might differ from person to person but generally to me email is pretty critical if i need to check certain emails if i’m waiting for something if i do not have a dedicated gps turning maps on and using mobile data

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Is also could be considered pretty critical now facebook and other social media applications with pictures or video consumes a lot of data so you might want to consider not having them on all the time only turn them on momentarily to check whenever you have a need to check for and then turn off data after you use it now if you normally consume 5 gigabytes data

10 gigabytes 60 gigabytes it might be a stretch to say ok you’re gonna move down to one gigabyte now so one of the ways to reduce your data greatly is basically to turn off data to every single application and then when you’re in the mobile situation you have something that you absolutely want to use and then you can specifically turn on data on that particular

Application and you just keep on doing this for a few days you’re gonna start to notice that there are certain applications that you always use you absolutely need data on you’re gonna turn them on really quickly because you use those applications but over time you’re gonna realize that you keep on turning on more and more and then you’re gonna consume more and

More data so just doing this will allow you to just kind of get a feel for how much data you actually used now if you’re trying to reduce the amount of data that you use every few days three days to seven days or something you can always go back and turn off all the data to all the applications and then you can manually turn each one on as needed in order to gauge

How much you actually use this is really just a practice run just to figure out how much you actually use and which one are critical to you then you can kind of size up well how much data do you really need every single month if you’re trying to use lower amounts of mobile data i hope these tips and tricks help the point here is not to restrict the services that you

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Actually use you should still be able to use all the services that you want such as maybe for me i like using yelp to find out restaurants that’s nearby that is good so then i would actually turn on mobile data for yelp so keep in mind that these tips and tricks is really to restrict the data on applications that you do not actually use some of your applications

Just sits in the background and they pull their servers and they consume a bunch of data and you don’t even see that this is happening i hope you enjoyed this video and this helps you reduce the amount of data that you use and in turn reduce the amount of monthly service that you have to pay thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment

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