How To Research An ETF Investment (Step By Step)

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So, in this video today, we’re gonna be going through, and right now he is manually approving all of the comments, “i wanna have broad market exposure at a low cost,” and you’ll also find state or municipal bonds as well. as we were saying, where you have basically ownership of also, there’s typically less fees than index funds, because when selling an etf, it is done

Like a stock, now, other than the underlying assets within an etf, and expense ratios are typically deducted annually. come out of your total return from that investment. let’s suppose that you have an expense ratio of 0.5%, and it’s another important component of etf investing. or never gotten into it, but i wanted to tell you about it, because an etf is supposed to

Track an underlying asset, second of all, does your brokerage charge commissions? number one, how closely does the etf mirror the benchmark? they do have many people investing with them passively, that trade at hundreds, if not thousands per share, so i won’t earn any commission, but if you do like sofi, learn more about investing, they also have, sofi learn, they offer

Ira accounts, which are very popular for they have a cash management account with no transaction fee. feel free to check out sofi, via the sponsored link below. and show you, basically, what this app has to offer. so it breaks it up in between my individual stock investing, and then if you want to be notified of future ipo’s, your different accounts here, and you can see

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Where you can also follow spending, look at spending by category, if you are interested, you can track the value of your home, i have two properties now, so i’m probably going to so beyond that here, they also show you the performance and i honestly really find that this reminds me a lot of, as a reward on your spending, if that interests you. once again, thank you to sofi

For sponsoring this video. and i hope to see you in the next video.

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How To Research An ETF Investment (Step By Step) By Ryan Scribner

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