How to Rock Engineering School

Engineering school is hard. Harder for those who do not have a keen interest in it. Harder for those who are not as well prepared. With the right attitude and knowing where you put your efforts, you can make it easier for yourself and get good grades. This in turn allows you to get a good job easily and earn higher pay.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about how to rock engineering school i’m gonna talk about my experiences on how i did well myself as you know i worked as an engineer by day and by night i make these youtube videos now i’ve attained at least a bachelor of science already with honors so it’s you know i got really good grades i

Graduated within four years and my last quarter was a little bit of a freebie because i was a little bit ahead and so at the last quarter i took you know several classes that i don’t really need the main points that got me through school mainly was a math class in high school where my math teacher actually taught really advanced stuff and she taught it really really

Well i have to credit a lot of my math knowledge at least the beginning stuff to her in order to have a really good solid foundation it really helps you learn everything afterwards like calculus one two three volumetric calculus you know all the way up matrices differential equations and on and on and on i’ll have to say at least about 80% of the skills i’m using

Day-to-day was learned on the job you don’t always go around using volumetric calculus or anything like that because there’s you know things are never that nice things are not in a nice equation where you can just integrate over sistex however is much more important than calculus i think and perhaps that should be placed as a priority over learning calculus now what

I’m saying here is in order to get good grades easily succeed in college is to have a solid foundation so you really need to start all the way back i don’t know in grade school so that you never fall behind because once you fall behind a little bit then everything else that you learn afterwards it’s just gonna be kind of like a puzzle so if you’re on the ball you

Need to be on the ball you know basically the whole time so that you don’t miss any material as it comes in so that you know it very well for programming classes and i did several of those you generally make a project you program something and then you haven’t executable or whatnot and then the ta they would execute it and see if the output is correct this includes


Perhaps making like assembly games you if you’re learning assembly or you know whatever transfer file or something over the internet programming stuff like that i went to a university and i was quite shocked that some programming classes you can actually still pass even if your program or several of them do not actually run they might look at your program and go

Okay you know you have a printout of the program however it does not run in real life your program must absolutely run if you want to get a paycheck if your program keeps on failing and never runs well you’re never gonna get your paycheck you’re gonna get fired pretty quickly i went to a university college and i have to note that some people who went to a community

College i’ll have to say those community colleges that teaches you know the prerequisites and things like that generally what i found through the people i know they actually did not perform as well or that right when they entered into university they have a hard time catching up so it probably is a universal fact that if you go to a community college to take those

Courses that you know maybe for one reason or another you don’t want to pay the university tuition you just want to go to a community college i feel that it does not prepare you well enough to just switch over to a university level classes at right afterwards it is absolutely doable because i know people that have graduated but they were actually struggling a

Little bit they have to spend you know two three times as much effort in order to catch up for example if you took you know calculus 1 or 2 and then suddenly you went to university and then you took the 3rd calculus then the 3rd one might assume that you know a lot of all the material in calculus 1 & 2 and perhaps the community college level is a little bit

More relaxed so then you might not learn everything you need to know in the third level university class so me being a nerd and getting honors in my degree sometimes when i’m taking physics classes i would be well kind of way up on the curve it wasn’t intentional i did not actually study very very hard i was just very very interested in the material which was i

Think physics 1a 1b 1c or something the first three classes of physics i was just super interested in and i’m like wow this is great you know i can do this the point with doing well to me is that you have to really like the subject for me in engineering i kind of decided that i wanted to be an engineer way really really early on i think probably fifth grade sixth

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Grade i’m like man i’m gonna be an engineer that’s what i’m gonna be because even back then you know i like assemble stuff with batteries and fans and i bring it to school and show people so i was completing circuits already you know at that young age why do i mention if you’re passionate about it or not because i do have friends that we’re not passionate about

Engineering and because of this okay this is a very core value if you’re not interested in it then when you pick up the books you’re not going to absorb the material as well unless you have really really good willpower you’re like yeah i’m going to force myself to learn this and yet it doesn’t flow as well for me i’m like yeah i really like this stuff so you know i’m

Just reading it i’m just you know i wouldn’t say like when i read a calculus i’m like entertained by it but i was interested in it enough like for example when i took electrical classes i was interested in it enough that i’m like oh okay things just get absorbed very easily i personally am not good at every single subject there is so every single person have their

Strong points right so my weak points would be i don’t know the english courses that i took the econ economics classes that i took when i took those courses i didn’t do too well my type of attributes is probably not the best in memorizing things so i know right off top if i try to be a doctor i’m not gonna be so good at it because doctors tend to need to memorize

A lot more stuff than an engineering does an engineer what you need to do is understand processes when you go look at the material when you read it a lot of times you don’t have to memorize anything at all you just have to understand it once you understand it it just kind of gets stored in your brain and it’s very very compact you you have an understanding of it

Once you understand it you don’t really have to memorize anything and you can just perhaps in a test you just derive it you go oh yeah point a goes to point b in such a way point b goes to point c in this other way so it’s basically understanding how it works and that’s basically all of engineering i have to say most of time whenever you’re studying for a class

If you’re studying several chapters sometimes they would have multiple equations that you’re supposed to memorize or something like that maybe they give you a cheat sheet and write it all down yeah i write lots of cheat sheet and you have to write very tiny and and make sure everything fits however many many times if they do not allow you a cheat sheet most of

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Time these equations and things can be sort of condensed into a handful of equations for example like three or four of them every single test so it becomes a lot easier to just memorize those and then for every single equation you just kind of know okay in order to get from here to this other equation that you know you just kind of memorize the process on how to

Convert it from one thing to another and if you’re singing it in a test and you go oh i need that equation and you’re like oh i don’t know that one but i know the first one and you can just write there yes it takes a little bit of time if you forgot the the other equation but it for me it takes a lot longer to try and memorize dry memorize each and everything and

Plus if you drive memorize things you you know do not absorb it as well i know this is kind of vague and it’s on purpose because it’s meant to cover every single class there is just kind of a philosophy on how to study and how to succeed well in engineering in general i really hope these tips help you enter into the engineering field or if your student already it

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