How to Save Money While Dating

Is your significant other a rabid spender? Do you wish to reduce expenses together and ensure both of your prosperity? There are various ways to go about this but it is in no way guaranteed. Let me offer a way to convince your significant other to become more frugal.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today i’m gonna talk about how you can save money while having a girlfriend see i did my fair share of dating had a few girlfriends before so i’m speaking from experience here the point i want to get across here is if you wanna date you basically cannot save money because you always have to do something you always have to

End up spending something there’s transportation costs you have to buy dinner flowers if you’re starting from scratch there’s two different routes here the first route is much easier where you’re trying to find a frugal girl to begin with this is pretty rare and if you want to find some girl that is financially independent that’s all that much harder now i don’t want

To just talk about girls here frugal guys are pretty rare as well the second route here which is more likely that you’re already dating some girl that is somewhat spendy this is a spending type of girl that has a lot of shoes a lot of everything and likes to shop at the mall now if you want to save money while dating her it really depends on your current arrangement

On how much percentage of the activities that you pay for are you splitting it 50/50 are you paying everything if you are paying for everything then there’s very little incentive for the girl to save you on that money however let’s say the guy pays for about 75% of all dating costs and then the girl pays a little bit then there’s a little bit better chance for the

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Girl to cooperate with you in order to save more money as a couple not to me i think it’s pretty rare to convert a spending person into a frugal person now how would you go about this i would start introducing the girl to financial independence and what this means and how you achieve something like this you basically need to cut back on your expenses and increase

Your income at the same time if you lay out in such a way where it makes it seem plausible that you can actually achieve this within ten years let’s say then it becomes a realistic goal and not just saving just for the heck of saving you can lay out how much better your quality of life can become after you retire early and you no longer work you no longer have

To do your commute you no longer have to go in and listen to your boss now even with all these really good arguments and probably because you’re watching this channel you kind of you know not and say yes however there’s a great majority out there that’s so plugged into keeping up with others that they plainly flat-out refuse to spend frugally and not buy those

Expensive brand-name purses buy the latest and greatest of everything i cannot stress how strong the psychological effect is basically i think most of time when someone believes on something it’s really hard to change someone people do not change unless they want to change so you can nudge them in the correct direction and if they don’t take it then there’s no

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Way of forcing people to become more frugal to try to spend less now if the person that you’re dating still does not buy into this and you try to cheap out on dates basically what i’ve seen happen and i’ve heard girls tell me this before that initially the spending on dates is a bit higher and then as time progresses maybe the relationship it’s just kind of going

Downhill you can kind of see that the spending on dates sort of dwindle you know like less and less spending is applied to dates i think whatever amount that you spend on they should really be kept constant and if you find yourself spending a lot more on initial dates this is a bad sign because you’re essentially trying to impress a girl with fancy dates in the

Beginning and then when you try to taper off later on she’s gonna go wait a minute this is not what i bought into and then she’s gonna dump you so the initial dates are kind of setting the expectation for the rest of the dates and if you’re able to keep it constant relatively constant over you know years then this is a pretty good time because if your spending is

Not tapering off your effort it’s not tapering off now it’s a different story if you’re able to convert your girlfriend or boyfriend to a more frugal style of living sometimes it might get out of hand because you might end up just watching netflix every single week and never ever going out i think it’s important that if you replace a lot of going out with staying

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In instead you still should go out maybe at least once every two weeks once a month or something whatever schedule that you have you need a constant schedule go out on a recurring basis and don’t go to the same place all the time you should just switch it up see different things go to different restaurants so let me wrap up by saying that if you really really want

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