How to Save Money with a Coway Bidetmega

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush remember that cheapy bday i reviewed last year it didn’t have any heating function so i used it all throughout winter well it turns out i was able to withstand it however using this really cold water in the winter it really does kind of numb you up a little bit but i sort of got used to it right it’s not the most

Comfortable but you know it will do so today it’s kind of like a weird thing me reviewing the days of all things right you expect a toilet channel if there is such a thing or a bidet channel to review something like this in this case it’s more like kind of increasing your standard of living type of things so anyway you guys don’t have to worry this is brand new

It didn’t touch any toilet stuff that’s why i’m able to put it around to your ex if i ever installed it even just once right even if i clean it i’m not going to put it back on this couch over here this is completely brand new so the whole premise of me switching from using toilet paper to using a bidet was really to cut down on using toilet paper and it did to

Me it felt like i used about half as much and the amount of toilet paper i use drastically reduced now this one’s called the bidet omega i will be installing it in this video and also testing it up it’s like this fancy one much more fancier than the one i already installed now aside from saving money and all that i did notice something that’s very important with

Using this thing because if you use if you go number two or whatever right it’s actually really dirty if you do not use any water some people actually prefer that after you go to number two you use soap and water to get it you know squeaky clean like you took a shower but the dave just spray some water is at least better than just using toilet paper now in order

To illustrate this let me use some peanut butter okay this is not real poo or anything let me show you guys what i mean okay i got some peanut butter over here i’m gonna put some on to my skin over here just cutting out all over i know peanut butter alright peanut butter and so i’m gonna split this off into two sides like this and this side is your butt we’re

Gonna wipe it clean and this side we’re gonna spray with some water now it’s hard to see on the surface the difference over here but if i use my finger i can feel there’s an oily residue over here whereas if i use another finger and touch this it feels very soft and smooth and not oily if i go back over here i can definitely feel there’s an there’s something oily

Yeah see look there’s a little bit of stuff left here so this is realistically what’s on your butt and generally this is full of bacteria whereas at least on this side it’s a little bit cleaner i know it’s a little weird to talk about number two hygiene but when i first started using this bidet thing it felt so i don’t know invasive it felt really really weird


But you get used to it and then you start to realize wow this is this really is cleaner and what i noticed before is if you only use toilet paper you might start to get irritated right whereas with a bidet where you spray water and stuff it gets a lot cleaner and there’s no issue of this irritation everybody has to do this kind of stuff and unfortunately in your

Intestines right there’s a lot of bacteria going on and if it lands on your skin and may cause irritation so with that’s it i actually have not tried this one out i have a cheaper version that only sprays cold water this one is going to spray some warm water so let me install this first and then i’m gonna come back and talk about what i think about this thing first

Thing you got to do uninstall the old one i really don’t like to touch the toilet so i’m gonna use these gloves i just removed the hose two bolts on these things this comes right off on the back of this thing there’s this bracket it seems and it locks into place with these little hook things there’s this button here push it in and it locks in place and i need to

Install this plate onto the toilet first and then slide this thing on there it’s like this i don’t know quite yet how far in this should go so i’m just going to eyeball it and then snap it into place make the supply line a little bit there’s also this one that’s coming from the wall into the tank and then i have this t thing that’s previously installed so put this

In here turn the water back on they also had all these other connector things for different supplies so now we have the problem of trying to connect this into the wall if your bathroom is prepared for a bidet it’s gonna have like a little socket near your bathroom but mine doesn’t have something like this so i got a find a way to connect this so i’m gonna snakes

Down there connect it to this extension cord here is the front panel rear front for ladies soothing wash i don’t know what that means child rinse nozzle nozzle position water pressure water temperature seat temperature ooh drying this might reduce your toilet paper usage even more by not having any toilet paper move it eco mode extract nozzle power oh i can

Power it off so it won’t be using the heater i think so i don’t like my electronics to consume a lot of electricity while it’s not being used so i’m gonna plug it into this kilowatt clean it’s hard for you guys to see but i can’t i can’t read it from over here wow zero watts what’s going on here this is me this is less than 1/10 of a watt the leds are on so it’s

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Consuming something but just less than 0.1 of a watt which is the resolution of my kilowatt i’m gonna turn it off anyway press and hold power to three seconds it turned off it consumed about point three watts for a split second and then it went to zero so i’m gonna turn it on it consumed point three watts for a while so this is really great this is something that

I did not expect this thing to do which is consume less than a watt because generally consumer electronics they just kind of go oh a lot that’s nothing but being under point one watt is is a huge deal for me because this means that i will leave this thing plugged in and i don’t have to keep on plugging in in and unplugging it every single time i want to use this

Thing this is this is this is great so now i’m gonna sit on this thing i turned on the seat temperature and it suddenly drew 53 watts when i can press it again for harder okay it looks like there’s a lot of functions on this thing i actually need to use it a little bit so i can talk more intelligently about my cancer on this seat so i’m gonna use it and then get

Back to you guys one moment i’m going to not use it on camera this time i had this plastic one on there already this tea join this thing didn’t mesh too well with this plastic ones so i had to put in this chi connector that came with this today may god okay so i’ve got the clear plastic over here so it won’t screw it up i learned last time now you don’t push

These buttons unless you got some shielding or going on or else you’re gonna have a magic fountain in your face so i’m gonna turn this on and then this thing has a sensor so it won’t turn on unless you know you’re sitting on it so i’m pretending to sit on it now we see there’s some sort of water going on inside i guess it’s flushing it a little bit i’m gonna push

The rear button oh there we go okay we see there’s like a stainless steel thing over there i’m gonna change the nozzle position you can see how it changes position when i go do that and then i can change the pressure this is the lowest two three four five stop it i’m gonna do the soothing wash so i’m not sure what its gonna do here all right it looks like it’s

Varying the pressure but not necessarily moving it up and down okay if you push it too fast it’s not gonna do anything so i’m gonna do the rear and if i push move okay it goes up and down like about one position i’m gonna stop it the move it’s kind of like doing this up down up down like that okay let’s see what the front does doing the front oh okay so it looks

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Like it’s extending i don’t know that shoots it a little bit more forward i’m gonna stop it so i’m gonna push clean nozzle now i don’t know what its gonna do it’s cleaning itself basically what if i push cleans the dig it looks like it’s doing something internally i can’t see what it’s doing right now so i’m gonna push dry now it’s like this air it’s not quite as

Strong as a hairdryer you can use that to kind of dry the rest of the way if i turn on the rear it’s doing five point five watts and then if i want it warm see temperature you can see over here on the lower left my kilowatt says fifty-three watts i’m gonna turn on the water temperature it’s gonna be warm now it has quite a bit eight hundred twenty seven watts so

It’s heating the water it’s using a lot of electricity to heat the water over here and it’s gonna be warm when it comes out so there’s a bidet mega for you and most of the time whenever i review these products i’m kind of hesitant i am not sure if it’s going to satisfy my strict requirements of being very low power and i’m just kind of blown away that this product

Will actually consume very very little it’s not even registered on my kilowatt so therefore i feel very good by just leaving this plugged in all the time it’s not gonna go around heating the water all the time and losing electricity and just kind of costing a lot every single year just to maintain if you guys are interested in this product i’ll leave the product

Link down in the video description below don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of using the days do you think it’s kind of gross because i know some people just absolutely refuse to use these things but i think it’s kind of like the way of the future you gotta accept it it kind of feels weird but then once you start using

You’re like oh my gosh it’s it’s so clean why haven’t i had done this before this is exactly how i think about it because before using it i was like oh my gosh it’s weird i tried it out once right and i’m like i’m never doing that again and then it took like many years before i could actually go back and sort of like say hey you know this is not bad i’m gonna you

Know keep on trying it you know kind of be accepting to it it’s actually a lot cleaner and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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How to Save Money with a Coway Bidetmega By BeatTheBush

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