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How do you save money that is a question millions of people ask themselves all the time how do i manage to put 10 to 20 dollars a week away towards savings i’m gonna share with you guys a few tips on how you can be successful with that today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today i did a two-for-one

I posted two videos on personal finance friday and that’s because i was slacking earlier in the week and i didn’t post that many videos unfortunately because i was so busy with work in my business and whatnot so two-for-one today i did the video earlier i posted which was how to negotiate at car dealerships and you’re gonna save a lot of money over the course your

Life by watching that video now we’re doing a video on how to save money and what i’m gonna focus on for this one on how to save money is i’m gonna focus on the little expenses all those things that slowly cut you cut you so you never have money left over because your money comes in here you get your check or you’ve paid from you know your job you have or whatnot

And it goes straight out toward the expenses and your bills and whatnot and it’s gone and there’s nothing left over at than done the day we don’t want that to happen we always want something left over that you can put towards savings so before i focused on your big bills and i did a video about living on your means and cutting out you know mortgage and rent in

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Cars and things like that living a lifestyle less than what you can really afford that was big expenses but today we’re talking about those little things you can cut up and i’m gonna give you a few examples and they’ll set your mind on the right track on to focus on things that you spend on personally and how you can cut those things out but not just cut them out

So your lifestyle get war it gets worse but make it in a way that your lifestyle gets better you save time and you save money i’ll give you an example i used to spend over a thousand dollars a year on starbucks over a thousand dollars a year on starbucks what i did is i went and now i bought an espresso maker this is maybe six months ago i bought the syrups for

And all that fun stuff it was an investment of 150 200 bucks and i save a lot of money by doing that i save eight hundred nine hundred dollars a year not only that but my lifestyle is better now because of it because guess what i can make the lattes how i want to make the lattes i can put as much chocolate syrup or caramel as i want to i can control where i can put

Out in as much expresso as i want to all that fun stuff and i save time cuz it takes me two or three minutes to make that i usually spend five or ten minutes waiting in a line at starbucks another five or ten minutes waiting for my drink so i spent 10 20 minutes it cost me so much money it cost me so much time and it provided a worse lifestyle than what i have now

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So that’s just one big expense in my life i looked at think about your life now where some of the expenses that you have money going toward that you can make a better lifestyle what not another one a lot of people buy these prepared foods so meaning foods that are already prepared for you or chicken that’s already cooked those kinds of things well sometimes lose

That chicken that’s already cooked it’s maybe three dollars four dollars a pound whereas you could buy fresh chicken breasts for a dollar fifty seven dollar seventy seven a pound you get buy a fresh make it fresh it’s gonna taste a hell of a lot better than what you’re getting in those frozen bags and you’re gonna save money it’s a magical thing your lifestyle

Gets better and you save money yes if it can happen another thing a lot of you guys purchase in small quantities so you purchase you know little four pack of toilet paper or three pack of paper towels or one box of tissues at a time instead of going to a place like sam’s club or costco or one of those places and buying in bulk buying in bulk is gonna save you a

Lot of money because the expense is gonna be a lot less per item yes you’re gonna have to dish out 15 or 20 dollars for that jumbo pack of paper towels or toilet paper or whatever but on a per roll basis you’re going to be paying 40 50 cents cheaper than what you’re buying on a per week basis at your food store or at the pharmacy or those kinds of things so those

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Are just a couple examples i’m giving you guys today think about your own life think about the ways money is leaving you in these small expenses and find a way to cut them out but improve your lifestyle still think about it guys thanks for watching this subscribers i appreciate you if you haven’t subscribed you may want to i talk a ton about personal finance and

Helping you save money and make it money things like that fun stuff have a great day

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How to SAVE MONEY By Financial Education

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