How to Screen Stocks with the moomoo app

A tutorial on how to use the stock screener within the moomoo app. Don’t have trading app? You can get it for free and get some stocks while you do it.

Today i’m going to show you how to screen a stock with almost any parameter that you can think of within the moomoo app sometimes you have a stock and it has a really high pe like tesla which hovers around 100. you start to wonder how come it has such a high p i wonder which other stocks has such a high pe as well or maybe you’re wondering about warren buffett’s

Berkshire hathaway portfolio and what it’s currently holding what it’s buying at the time this video is brought to you by the moomoo app i know you guys might have too many stocks trading apps already maybe you have robin hood weeble etrade ameritrade bank of america merrell i actually have all of these if they give me some free stock i’m willing to sign up for it

There’s no annual fee you sign up you get a free stock you open up this moomoo account you get one free stock you deposit one dollar or more you get five free stocks at the highest tier if you deposit two thousand dollars you can get up to ten free stocks worth up to 25 000 referral link down below keep in mind that this video and the moomoo stock screener is not

A recommendation to buy a stock or a security i stalked the eye cover in this video may go up in value or down in value with that said let’s cover the stock screener this is my moomoo account i currently have about 5 177 dollars i got one share of apple one share of general motor and one share of vo so i have five thousand dollars waiting to pounce on the market

If the market dips even lower the s p 500 has already dropped about 20 from its peak i’m thinking if it drops another 10 i’m going to dollar cost average the rest of this money in my moomoo account into vo go to quotes and on the top click markets and towards the top you have things called paper folio heat map shareholding stock screener earnings season before

Looking at the stock screener let’s look at the heat map oh red is like oh hurt so you got this heat map of all this red minus 1.13 software instruction minus 3.51 you just know it’s doing really bad just by one quick glance at this if you look down a little bit further you’ll see institutional tracking they track berkshire hathaway soros capital management and arc

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Investment management warren buffett drives most of the investment inside berkshire hathaway so let’s take a look at that kind of look at the top buys they recently purchased citigroup which is only point seven percent of their portfolio so all of this relatively a small movement compared to their entire portfolio but the interesting thing is to see what they’re

Actually holding you go down a little bit further and you see the holdings list there’s the price the percentage change in price holdings market value 155 billion dollars of apple that they’re holding 5.5 of all of app apple that they’re holding the most interesting criteria is the percentage of portfolio look at this they’re holding an enormous 41.69 percent of

Apple you might as well call them apple pathway or something instead long time ago warren buffett was quoted saying that he doesn’t invest in apple because he doesn’t understand it because it’s in the tech sector but now look at it they invest so heavily in it now the only thing i wish they have as a metric inside all of this would be their cash holdings this is

Something that is not shown here which in q4 of 2021 they hold 146 billion dollars now how much cash they hold is very important to kind of gauge what they’re thinking is the market expensive is the market cheap when they’re holding close to 30 percent in cash it means they think the market is kind of expensive so they can’t really deploy all that much money in q1

2022 they reduce their cash holding from 146 billion to 106 billion they just spent 40 billion dollars on whatever on all that stuff that they said they bought over here if you look at top buys they have been buying citigroup paramount and then you go back you have soros capital which i don’t look at too much and then you have arc investment management you click in

There and then you can click on ark-k you go down a little and then you can see how much they’re holding 9.3 percent of their holdings is in zoom 8.35 is in tesla arc invest is divided across a bunch of different etfs so it includes arkk a car k g a r k w etc if you look at all of their holdings they’re holding 6.13 of tesla so that is their top holdings now let’s

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Go back to the stock screener we create a new strategy this is just basically trying to look for a stock within a certain criteria that you have in mind if you look at all this different criteria it’s it’s a lot of different things that you can look through regional you want to look at u.s hong kong canada australia which sector nasdaq new york stock exchange you

Want to look at all stocks or just within your stock list what is the price that you want to look at sometimes maybe you want to look at let’s say a stock that is over one thousand dollars let’s put that in there over one thousand dollars i click on the black part of the screen to get out of that entry mode check results 18 stocks are over one thousand dollars

This is kind of good to know let’s sort them by price first and then you can see berkshire hathaway is right up there at 416 000 close to half a million dollars per share google is way up there chipotle surprisingly why is their stock so expensive the important thing to know about stock price is that it doesn’t really matter how much per share it is it matters

How much they earn per share they can split their stock as much as they want to add adjust their price close to a hundred dollars but usually it’s more friendly to everyday investors if their stock price is a little bit lower because not everyone has a thousand dollars or more it’s just to invest in one share and not every single investment platform allows you to

Buy fractional shares now tesla would have been on this list but they’re no longer here anymore now let’s go back to the price and i say i want it to be at least one dollar so anything that jumped up 25 percent and is worth more than one dollar per share here they are there’s only eight of them today and 25 percent it’s like some crazy crazy amount of jumping i

Don’t know any of these regional target hospitality this is not target the normal target place that you go shop at now let’s do something more interesting which is looking at the technical aspect of a stock i’m going to clear out all these things and i’m gonna look at price that is over one dollar click under the technical over here and let’s look under rsi which

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Is the relative strength index if you look at the formula on how to calculate relative strength index it depends on the time frame that you’re looking at the relative strength is average gains divided by average loss and then rsi is calculated by 100 minus 100 divided by one plus rs so you know a complicated formula we don’t actually have to calculate all this

All we need to know is that the relative strength ranges from 0 to 100 and when it’s at 50 there is no gain or loss so the mid-level is when it’s not doing anything and when it’s very very strongly going up it’s over 50 so like if it’s 70 80 90 then you know that oh there’s a lot of strength a lot of momentum going higher under technical you have a lot of other

Technical indicators mamma kdj rsi macd all this other stuff but we’re going to look at rsi relative strength index and we’re going to customize it i’m going to put in a relative strength index of greater than 70 i’m going to go done check results there’s 25 of them there’s a lot of them that increased in price just today when you filter them by rsl you got to

Prepare to see some stocks that you’re not familiar with now they do have other things that you can filter by such as earnings per share diluted earnings per share profitability operating margin operating profits if you’re interested in a company that makes a lot of profit that that’s one way to do it let’s say their profits is over 1 billion it would be kind of

Like blue chip companies right and you can easily recognize which companies these are berkshire hathaway and vr alphabet autozone booking holdings broadcom so on and so forth i hope this video helps adds to the tools that you can use for your investing don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching thank you thank you

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How to Screen Stocks with the moomoo app By BeatTheBush

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