How to Set Up Webull for Trading Success ● Webull Setup Tutorial for EMA, RSI, and MACD

In this Webull setup tutorial, I show you how to setup Webull for trading success. I show you how to setup your charts and how to add Exponential Moving Averages (Webull EMA Line Setup), Relative Strength Index (Webull RSI setup), and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (Webull MACD Setup).

Hi guys it’s back curry and today i’m going to show you how to set up your weebles for successful online trading now if you don’t currently have a weeble account i suggest you sign up i have a link to weeble in the description of this video when you sign up using my link and deposit just 100 weeble’s gonna send you two free stocks worth up hundred to 1850

Dollars so let’s talk about what we’re going to set up today there are three things that we’re going to use number one is something called exponential moving averages or emas the reason we’re going to set these up is because very often stocks will follow the emas and they’ll bounce off of certain ema lines such as a 21-day ema 50-day ema 100-day ema etc the

Second thing that we are going to set up today is something called rsi or relative strength index this is an oscillator and when the number drops below 30 it can indicate that a stock is oversold and about to turn around and start going back up when the number gets over 70 that can indicate that a stock is overbought and will turn around and start coming back

Down the third thing that we are going to set up today is something called a macd or moving average convergence divergence and this has three parts to it it has a histogram which are some bars it has two lines which is a short term line a long term line and the macd can give us a very early indication as to whether or not a stock might be starting to turn


Around you can very often see it turn around on the macd histogram before it ever even shows up on the chart and so we are going to use these three indicators and typically when you’re trading you want all three indicators to be in agreement before you buy or sell a stock so let me show you how to set all three of those up on weeble all right the first thing

That i want to do is show you guys how to make changes on the market screen this is the little globe with a circle around it and some of you guys have asked how to change some of these out now first of all if your screen isn’t big enough you’re not going to see all of this but for whatever you do see all you have to do is click on any widget and then click add a

Widget and then select whatever it is that you want to add once you’ve done that the next step is you’re going to select what you want and then whatever you don’t want just right click on here and then come down to remove whatever the widget is in this case options so that’s how we add or remove widgets from the main market screen you can also move these around

And drag them up and down and you know however you want to lay this out it’s entirely up to you all right let’s get into the stock side of things now on stocks there are three different things we’re adding the first is going to be called exponential moving averages if you don’t see ema up here go to all indicators and then go down to ema and click it the next

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Thing you need to do is we need to set it up to get our lines correct so you’re going to come over to you see your ema here you’re going to click this little icon right here and then what you want to do is you want to change your inputs to 5 10 21 50 100 200. the next thing you need to do is you’re going to come over to style and when you first get in here the

Only thing checked is going to be ema five so what you wanna do is you wanna uncheck that and you wanna check 10 21 50 100 200. so it should look like this if i’m going too fast for you feel free to pause this video at any time to review what i just said okay once that’s all set up you click done and you’ll have your emas the next thing we need to do is add our

Rsi now the rsi is very easy you just click rsi by the way you need to be on this indicators right here in order to see this if you’re starting on a drawings you’re not going to see any of this so make sure you are on indicators the next thing we need to add is the macd all we have to do is come up here and click macd now again if you’re not seeing any of this

Just click all indicators and scroll through and just add whatever it is that you’re missing okay the next thing is sometimes these will be too big too small you can just kind of adjust this down and up if you want to see more of the chart less of the indicators however you want to do it the last thing is also sometimes you’re going to start out with the lines

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And so you want to make sure you’re on candles so you can clearly see candles so what you want to do is you want to click line style and then go over to candle and that’s how you’ll get that set up like this so if you follow that we have line style candle and then we have our indicators and we have our ema rsi and macd and then of course you just have to change

The ema to do 510 21 5100 200 and then the style select these five and that’s it you are set up and ready to go for trading it is literally that easy like i said weeble is very easy to use it’s very easy to set up if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and i hope you have a lot of success trading so so you

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How to Set Up Webull for Trading Success ● Webull Setup Tutorial for EMA, RSI, and MACD By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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