How to Spot a FAKE 0 BILL

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re looking at a $20 bill and we’re going to learn how to spot a $20 fate guide so i’m the king of cash i worked in the convenience store industry for several several years and not just the convenience store industry i worked at super high

Volume stores in which my hands would directly touch $50,000 plus of cash per week i worked as a manager for a company named quick trip at kwik trip the managers actually run the register which is different for pretty much every other retailer in the world so i was directly touching ridiculous amounts of cash on a weekly basis tens of thousands of dollars what

They gave me is ability like no other to be able to spot a fake 20 a fake any type of bill and the amount of funny money i’ve spotted over time is absolutely ridiculous now it’s very important in this day and age that you guys know how to spot fake bills because it’s never been easier to spot fake bills because of some of the advances in technology and some of

The price point people can get at things like that and the fact that nowadays we have apps like whatsapp craigslist website some of these places where you’re going to sell stuff private party to somebody else and they’re going to bring you some cash over and you got to know is this real or not you’re something you should absolutely pay attention to before you ever

Get that transaction done because i’ve known people that have done transactions on craigslist you know sold a flat-screen tv for 300 bucks they get the 300 dollars worth of 20s in their hand they go to the bank they go to cash them in and the teller tells them hey these are all fake these aren’t even real enough one no way then they’re out the money because they

Don’t need to have any clue whether personal lives or whatever so you give very important to spot fake 20 state fake anything guys so let’s run through this today and then at the end i’m actually going to show you guys also how to count money fast because it’s funny the way most people count money it’s kind of hilarious to me there’s such an easier way and i’ll

Show you guys that as far as 20 go at least so the first thing i’m looking at is a 20 we got a front and we got a back both sides are equally as important and i would say the back sides even more important the reason being is most counterfeiters they’re going to think to mainly pay attention to the front because guess what happens when you give money to somebody

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Else usually give it front face and usually don’t give a 20 to somebody with the back facing like this usually give it with the front facing like this and then they look at it or whatever maybe they don’t even look at it maybe they just put in their register maybe they just take it for the transaction you’re doing with them whatever but the bottom line is you’re

Going to get that 20 so a lot of counterfeiters pay attention to the front but it’s also important we pay attention a front so the first thing i look for out of everything the first thing out of everything is right here right here under mr. jackson shirt is jackson a 20 i don’t even know who’s on the bills honestly i know a lot about cash brown knows who’s on the

Build who the heck is on the 20 i don’t know might be jackson i’m not even sure so anyways right here along the shirt line is a textured part who’s very very hard to fake i’ve never seen a fake fake dollar bill $5 bill $10 bill $20 bill whatever i’ve never seen a fake that has has this part textured never ever guys never ever so that’s the first thing i want to take

Take your fingernail even if the i have hardly any fingernails it doesn’t matter you can just scrape this if you do not feel the textured feel it’s probably a fake i mean i guarantee you with a fake if you’d all over here it’s just a paper feel there’s no texture at all but when you go to the shirt all over here all over here this is all textured stuff so you’re

Going to want to take your fingernail do that you don’t feel that texture is a fake i can guarantee you that there’s no twenty or ten or five or whatever that doesn’t have that textured feel especially the 20 so that’s going to be the first move you want to make the next move here i want to make then you’re going to want to put it up to a light and this part i’ll

Probably show you guys a picture of oh one you’ll see in the background on the left-hand side a spot this is twenty usa twenty twenty twenty twenty a line that goes through it this almost impossible for counterfeiters to fake it’s almost unrealistic for them to have this type of ability this is basically in actually the bill and you could only see it in a light

If you hold a twenty like this i can’t see that twenty marking anywhere if i look like this i can’t see it but as soon as you put it up to light there it is right on the left-hand side twenty twenty twenty usa it is extremely hard to fake if you’re at our feder so that’s the next thing i looked at the next thing i am looking at it’s just basically the overall

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Proportion of the bill poor counterfeiters you’ll be surprised some of them don’t even make the bills long enough i’ve seen people unfortunately takes take 25 to whatever we’re actually the bill is like this big it’s not even the proper size so you don’t want to look at it does a bill look like a proper sized bill pay attention to that how is the framing around the

Bill things like that sloppy counterfeiters will sure are a lot of sloppy counterfeiters they will they will not even do that properly so now i pay attention to the backside now what i’m looking for on the backside is on say the back of the 20 there’s and you guys probably won’t be able to see this but using if you have a 20 at home you can take a look there’s tons

Of little yellow 20s located all over the bill on the backside little yellow 20s all over the bill that’s what i like to look at on the back side another thing that’s ridiculously hard to fake but some people do fake it but it’s very few and far between a ton of yellow 20s all over the back just randomly if there’s no little yellow twenties in the back it’s probably

A fake guys and last thing i’m looking for on the back of the build at this point is just just the proportions on the white house and things like that you know is it centered properly you’d be surprised some people you know have a little teeny picture to played out like over here at the side is really pathetic so just pay attention to the proportions and things

Like that one last thing i like to look down the 20 is actually on the front and basically here you have a 20 20 20 here this 20 down here and the right bottom this is not a blank 20 like these other ones this is actually multicolored and this one is once again textured so you can once again do the fingernail thing if someone ever was to fake all these things it

Would be impossible i’ve never ever seen it i mean maybe it’s possible i highly definitely possible for any faker to ever fake those type of things guys it’s i mean unless there was a you they have like an in with the us government or something and have like the same technology the us government has maybe they could do it like that i was almost impossible so that’s

How you say that’s how you see if you have a fake 20 generally right off the bat the textured feel it’s going to 99% of states don’t have that so that’s going to that you’re going to be able to say that’s not real right off the bat step number two is the twenty usa going down the back if it doesn’t have that then it’s fake so now if somebody fakes the texture or

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The state 20 in there that’s like less than point zero zero zero zero or one percent of face out there then when i go to the backside and the chances they’re going to have all those little yellow 20s in there very slim the chances all the proportions are going to be in there almost impossible and the last part is the multicolor 20 in the bottom right hand corner

So that’s how you spot a big 20 now let’s talk about how to count cash and kind of fast because this is how i see most people count 20 40 they lick their fingers which is disgusting who the freak lifts their fingers and talking kappa cast 60 80 $100 $120 $140 $160 $180 it’s like holy smokes come on now so there’s a much easier way of doing it one it’s not normal

To count 20 40 60 80 100 hundred twenty hundred forty eight so on and so forth that’s an unnatural thing to do we’re used to counting things like 1 2 3 4 5 right so that’s exactly what we do so what i like to do is i have to go 1 2 3 4 5 down this is my pile 1 2 3 4 5 down 1 2 3 4 5 down 1 2 3 4 5 down so i’m basically making piles piles of hundreds right so let’s

Just count all this up and we’ll see i have no clue how much minuses we’ll count it up and we’ll see we get at the end of it and we’ll count the piles and we’ll go through the whole process okay 24 well i just made us mistake 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 this one goes over here because this is not a complete

It 1 so 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 and $40 nine hundred and forty dollars here random amount and that’s how you count money fast guys that is how you do it that’s how you do it now let’s see if i was accurate i’ll count it up again will count it slow just to see you know maybe you guys don’t think i was accurate there or maybe i screwed up along the way this

Will be just approved you and once again i’ve never ever count this money i’ve no clue how much was here until right now so it’s kind of slow one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five and

40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 40 that’s how you count money fast is how you spot a ton a big 20 guys i hope you enjoyed this today it’s important just to know this because you don’t want to get scammed out there you don’t want to get ripped off with someone’s trying to give you cash and you know you get a bunch of fake money that’s not even real guys so i hope you enjoyed

This today hit a thumbs up if you did and you know what guys have a great day

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How to Spot a FAKE $20 BILL By Financial Education

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